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Mission suspension step 1: trying out the pulley system
The goal is to have a selfbondage session where I tie myself up, pull a string and get hoisted in the air and be suspended completely helpless.

This is me trying out some things and first I wanted to know if the pulley system for doing the actual suspension works. I did a few runs before this and hit a few kinks but now I have reliably done this a couple of times and decided to film it.

I secure the harness to the carabiner that will pull me up, then I pull a rope that releases the counter weights. I use a 2:1 ratio with 60kg of weights so it has no problems lifting me and overcoming the drag that's always there with ropes. When I want out I have to start swinging to be able to reach another rope that I can pull that will release the anchor point for the counter weights, this drops me back to the floor. My backup is a knife attached above me with a string that I can pull to get it.

here are some video stills, the actual video is coming soon.

 first_pulley_test-f000590.png     first_pulley_test-f000770.png     first_pulley_test-f001270.png     first_pulley_test-f001800.png     first_pulley_test-f002087.png     first_pulley_test-f002838.png     first_pulley_test-f003167.png     first_pulley_test-f003251.png     first_pulley_test-f003483.png     first_pulley_test-f003674.png     first_pulley_test-f005112.png     first_pulley_test-f005841.png   

Edit: Video is up:

And in ballet boots. How nice, good way to practice in them. Any bondage ideas for the new suspension
WOW! That's my dream!

And ... you can stand and walk in ballet boots... !WOW
Video is up!

(12 Oct 2023, 15:10 )JackWong25 Wrote: And in ballet boots. How nice, good way to practice in them. Any bondage ideas for the new suspension

For the bondage, legs have to be frog tie or spreader bar. Tying them together will not be comfortable at all in that harness. For my arms I was thinking just a simple wrist bondage with a time lock, but I have to figure out a backup release for that because I won't be able to get to the knife with my hands tied behind my back. Maybe a rope on a timer that swings within reach that I can then pull to get a knife or something. I can also double time lock, but that will be not as restrictive. I'll figure that out in the next tests.

(12 Oct 2023, 15:36 )Like Ra Wrote: WOW! That's my dream!
And ... you can stand and walk in ballet boots... !WOW

Thanks, but it looks less impressive on video πŸ˜‰

I can stand, I can take a few steps, but walking is still too hard. I think I will be able to do it with a bit more practice. I just got these boots, they are smaller than my other ones, so it's a lot easier in these. Ballet boots that are too big are simply impossible to walk in, as the heel will just push behind your heel and you'll fall over. These smaller ones support me just right, I just need to get some practice. Also, the floor in the video is rubber which makes it harder, on a normal floor I'm not as wobbly anymore 😊
Very impressive! Very! That "take off" moment....

And special kudos to the clothing and breast forms! πŸ˜‹
All in good fun but make sure you’re familiar with the risks of suspension trauma. Harnessed in an upright position like this is basically a perfect setup to cause it.
(14 Oct 2023, 15:06 )wolford57 Wrote: suspension trauma

Uhm, yeah, that sounds pretty unpleasant and probably is exacerbated by additional restriction of blood flow by bringing bondage into the mix; especially frogties, where I would assume the blood vessels in the back of the knee are also compressed. Add some excitement/stress/elevated heart rate and this can become unpredictable fairly quick.

That does not look like a solo adventure.
Wikipedia mentions that someone could get in trouble after 30 minutes at the longest(!).
Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
(14 Oct 2023, 15:06 )wolford57 Wrote: All in good fun but make sure you’re familiar with the risks of suspension trauma. Harnessed in an upright position like this is basically a perfect setup to cause it.

From what I can find by googling a little the most pessimistic sources say it can start at around 15 minutes while others say 30 minutes to even 2 hours. My plan was never to be suspended for long periods, I was aiming for 10 minutes in bondage max with trial runs working up to that. I used to box in my twenties, I know how long 3 minutes can be 😁  Working your leg muscles is suggested as a measure to prevent suspension trauma, that won't be an issue. I'll pay attention to any feeling of numbness in my legs or elsewhere and cut the session short if it occurs.
Ok this text:

Is talking about 5 minutes max, now I'm getting scared. I'm going to try it out a few more times and check out how much movement I have left in my legs when suspended. Looking back at the photos it seams I can make the straps on my back tighter as there is a lot of room between my body and the anchor point when I'm suspended. When I fitted the harness I put the anchor point between my shoulder blades as instructed but maybe I didn't pull it tight enough.

Quote:The most common cause is accidents in which the person remains motionless suspended in a harness for longer periods of time.

Ok, I don't plan on being motionless and I expect that I will keep my blood flowing. I'm also not falling but I'm gently raised in the harness, so no shock that can cause trauma.

Quote:Onset of symptoms may be after just a few minutes, but usually occurs after at least 20 minutes of free hanging. Typical symptoms are pallor, sweating, shortness of breath, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, hypotension and numbness of the legs. Eventually it leads to fainting, which may result in death due to oxygen deprivation of the brain

Definitely going for the emergency release as soon as I feel something.

I was still wondering what to wear next tryout and now you got me scared πŸ˜•
(14 Oct 2023, 15:06 )wolford57 Wrote: suspension trauma.
It's called "harness syndrome". We have a thread on that somewhere ....

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