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Rubber Eva Shop
Please share your experience with Rubber Eva shop here. store: Rubber-Eva-Shop
UK Store: Rubber-Eva-Shop
DE Store: Rubber-Eva-Shop

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Just found this (by AlisonRubberland):

I bought my very first made to order catsuit from rubber eva for approx. $500 recently. Upon arrival not only was the catsuit NOT as specified, but it had a small tear in the sleeve. I am sure it happened during shipping, however, they do not insure their mail. I now have a useless piece of latex that will soon rip completely. I contacted them and they insisted that I ripped it. I had never even gotten to wear my catsuit! I WAITED FOR MONTHS! EVERY DAY CHECKING THEIR SITE TO SEE IF IT SHIPPED, BASICALLY HOLDING MY BREATH IN ANTICIPATION. And they treat me like absolute shit. The latex catsuit in my pix is the one. I covered the rip with gloves... I don't really know how to fix this rip on my own. They have not even offered to repair it or anything at all. They are the most rude company I have bee dealt with, and the catsuit is absolute garbage. If you are going to spend the money, dont go to rubber eva. i I wish there was something more i could do to get the word out.
I've never bought from there, but friend did, and had similar. Didn't arrive ripped, but ripped on the first wearing. When contacting them, it was basically a "too bad so sad" response. Not good quality, and obviously horrid customer service.
The thick plottens. Obviously you can't trust all information (e.g. reviews) posted on the Internet, or at least you should take them critically and with a grain of salt. The Internet can praise, the Internet can harm. I understand and feel for both sides. And it always useful to hear both sides.

This is the complaint I received from Rubber Eva shop:

Quote:Hello Like Ra,

I was recently forwarded this link which refers to one of our online

To cut a verrrrry long story short the person who wrote the original text
tried to extort money and blackmail us if we didn't pay up via a vicious
online campaign, the threats and behaviour of this person was deeply
upsetting to all, when she got nowhere with her threat she then broke the
suit and started posting on fet life with her false accusations, 70-80
pages later everyone could see she was lying, fet life left up the pages
after our request to do so, as anyone reading it could see she was a liar.

The second post on this link says "I've never bought from there" a friend?
yeah ok we just know what that is.

So I ask respectfully that you take this thread down as it's inflammatory
remarks are detrimental to our business and we always protect and
vigorously contest any false statement or statements that appear online
and thus may damage our online businesses, I will leave this in your hands
for 48 hrs and hopefully that will see it gone and no further action will
be taken.

If you wish to post any further Rubber Eva Shop information please just
work with us first we can soon tell you if it's true or false.

Best Regards Paul W. (Owner of R. E. Productions and Rubber Eva Brand/Shop)

I asked if I can publish Paul's mail, but leave the original post, but got no response. Instead he escalated the case to the provider.

Quote:Dear Linode,

I would like to report some abuse and totally false claims from a site you
host, the site in question is making false and inflammatory remarks about
my online shop and business which detrimental to our online presence and is being posted by a user who tried to blackmail us for money, with threats that she would blog everywhere thatwe are not to be trusted. We took legal action in the US to get this stopped on Fetlife and other sites but it seems her ugly head has raised itself on one of your hosted sites.
We take a zero tolerance approach to online threats or bulling, or worst
still extortion. Please be aware that we "Do" take legal action and seeing
that the request to take down these false accusations was ignored by the
webmaster we have to bring our attention to you as hosts.
The offending page and remarks are here:

I will give you until close of business on Monday the 7th of July 2014 to
get this removed as they are clearly not listening to us. Can you also
confirm you have received this email and that you are dealing with it so
any legal action is not applied incorrectly. Sorry that we have to do this
but in our experience hosting companies are much more likely to react than
a lazy webmaster, plus suing someone with no money usually ends up costing
us. We thank you in advance for you cooperation.


Paul M.D. Rubber Eva Shop

So, the lazy web-master is publishing both mails and going to send another one back 😁

The bottom line: trust your own experience and publish one here 😉
After seeing this, true or false, I think I'll pass on this Rubber Eve shop.

If it was my shop, I would be happy to have you keep the post. In doing this, I would make sure that my response gets posted as well. Also, I would accept comments from others as well. In this way, I would strive to make my products better and if any problems showed up, see to it that it doesn't happen again.

I repair arcade games. The large coin operated kind. I think I'm pretty good at it, cause I am turning down work every day.

Anyway, that's my opinion.
Keep up the good work, Ra.
The thing is, who usually post comments/reviews? Happy or unhappy customers?

This has also something about expectations. We expect satisfaction. If we are satisfied, we think that this is how it should be. If not - we complain.

I like the eBay approach - if you buy from eBay you are EXPECTED to leave a review. Always. And "the other side" always has the ability to react, so you can somehow distinguish "black mail" from "bad quality".
BTW, here's their eBay shop: store: Rubber-Eva-Shop
UK Store: Rubber-Eva-Shop
DE Store: Rubber-Eva-Shop

99.2% Positive feedback
That's true. In the arcades, nobody tells you if your doing a good job. But you do a crappy job, everyone will know about.

In a resterant, a happy customer says nothing and will come back.
An unhappy customer will tell everyone and never come back.
And, of course, there are the ones that no matter what you do, there is no pleasing them. Even if you give them a full refund and the next meal is free.
Here we go, my point exactly 😉
So far, with over 200+ sales in what, 12 months, only 2 neutral 2 neg.
Not too bad. Pretty darn good if you ask me.

Another seller, has over 60 neg. and form some Reason, is still on eBay. Go figure.

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