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Really tight hood experience (duct tape adventures)
Today I tried something I have not done before. It was a new experience for me.
Seeing as how I don't have a bondage partner, and I don't foresee ever having one, self-bondage remains the only option.

This time I wanted to try duct-taping my entire head, except without the pesky problem of having hair ripped away when the tape is pulled away. So I took a plastic garbage bag, put it over my head, cut a hole for my face, and then proceeded to wrap duct tape around my head.
When wrapping the tape under my chin, I had to be careful to not make breathing or swallowing difficult.
As the room around my nose grew smaller, I suddenly began getting a claustrophobic sensation. I have never had that before. It was really an interesting feeling. Finally I had my entire head tightly wrapped, with only the nose poking out. There was no way to open the mouth or even move the jaw. This was my initial purpose, too.

I could stop the story there -- but I will tell what I did next.

Next, I took a pair of leggings, inserted my knees into them, and pulled the waist up, and used a tight belt to secure them at the waist. Then I took the roll of duct tape, and put my hands in fists, and wrapped the fists in duct tape in such manner that I could not open the hands. Next, I cascaded my arms together ("box" formation, on the front), and with great effort, wrapped duct tape around the arms through their entire length, securing them together.
After a while, I somehow managed to remove my belt and the leggings, thus freeing my legs for walking, and still blindfolded, I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. In the shower, I tried freeing my hands and arms. With the help of my toes, I could eventually remove the "mittens", freeing my fingers, but for the cylinder of tape that was binding my arms together, I was only able to reduce it into a ring, still forcing my hands into opposite directions. I could not separate my arms nor touch my hands. Eventually went and took a kitchen knife, sit down in the shower, set the knife standing between my knees, and still blindfolded, in the shower, attempted to cut the duct tape. This took quite a long time, much longer than I expected that it would take.

I dried myself up -- still wearing the "helmet", and went for round two. This time I took a pair of children-size pantyhose, inserted my hands in them, pulled the crotch-piece behind my neck, again forming kind of "mittens", though less constrictive ones than the duct tape ones had been. Then I took a zentai suit (shop link), which happened to be inside-out, and dressed in that. Pulling the zentai hood around the already constricted head was an interesting feeling. With some effort, I managed to pull the zipper down. To increase the difficulty of opening the zipper, I put on a tight spandex shirt, and tied the belt again very tight. Then I set down to rest.
Sometimes I have secured the belt with a lock or with a round of duct tape (the latter being considerably more difficult to undo), but I did not do that now. The belt does not really prevent pulling the shirt out from under it, nor does the shirt really prevent manipulating the zipper and removing the zentai suit, but I like to think they do.

After a while of trying to rest, I realized that my nose may get blocked. It sometimes happens, fairly often really. When I lie on my side, the nostril that is on the "down" side usually gets blocked after a while (by mucus). If I turn, both nostrils may momentarily be blocked.
because I could not open my mouth even by a slight amount, let alone breathe through it, if my nose would have gotten blocked and I could therefore not breathe through it, I would have been in real trouble.

I felt a small rush of panic, and I began to untie myself.
Now I had donned the zentai suit inside-out by accident, and as a consequence, the zipper was on the inside rather than on the outside. While this had not posed any problems while tying the zipper, it did cause an extra level of difficulty when attempting to pull the zipper up towards the hood for undressing. My nose didn't seem to be developing any blockage, so I was doing things rather calmly. I did eventually manage to remove all, and I used scissors to cut open the duct-tape hood... Which was rather sweaty from the inside as one might imagine.
Would really like to see some pics Smile I think the forum should establish a password-protected streaming / cam site where we can undergo our sessions and have someone watching over us. I don't have a partner for assisted sessions so it's all solo for me.
(10 Oct 2013, 22:07 )NoDiceSoldier Wrote: I think the forum should establish a password-protected streaming / cam site where we can undergo our sessions and have someone watching over us.
Have a look in this thread: If you have any ideas, suggestions, solutions, do not hesitate to post there.

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