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Race Queens.
Lots more can follow if they're popular...Wink

Excellent thread! Why didn't I created it long time ago? Big Grin

Let's see what I have ...

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Excellent, though I've always know them as the 'GT Girls' - unless I'm missing something? (I can be quite dense at times!)

More please

A few more lovelies then...

...and some close-ups...

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I think the second is my favourite, nom nom nom...
It wouldn't be a Culmor thread without a few traps, would it ? Wink

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(04 Sep 2010, 10:22 )culmor Wrote: It wouldn't be a Culmor thread without a few traps, would it ? Wink

not so much traps but '..chaps...' maybe?

Two letters and one chromozone can make all the difference Big Grin

Great stuff

Many more...


Hmm, some interesting leg (and waist) lines on these girls:


I think I'm in love Heart

Simply sensational girls

Yeah, what a view! What a pleasure for the eyes! Wrinklelessly tight swimsuits, heels, mostly shiny tights, beautiful girls (or boys ;-P )... Nice!

I should say I would like to be somewhere in between wearing the same kind of clothes Wink
What can I say?

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