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Query and Echo.
In the DC Universe...

Query&Echo1.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo3.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo4.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo5.jpg thumbnail   

...and in real life.

Query&Echo6.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo7.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo8.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo9a.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo10a.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo11.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo12a.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo13a.jpg thumbnail    Query&Echo14.jpg thumbnail   
Love the green, and fishnets.
Like the short one, nice curves.
(28 Dec 2013, 04:29 )Tinker D Wrote: Love the green, and fishnets.
Like the short one, nice curves.

I like Query's curves but Echo has damn fine legs.

Some background:
Quote:Query, real name Diedre Vance, is a recurring henchgirl of the Riddler, forming the duo Query and Echo with Nina Damfino.

Before becoming a henchgirl, Diedre worked as a dominatrix at the club Pandora's Box. She left the club, and joined forces with a biker Nina Damfino ("Echo"), and began robbing convenience stores. It was during one such job that they encountered the Riddler, who was at a low point in his criminal career. The Riddler recognized them as "kindred spirits," and all three began working together.

Quote:The Riddler has mentioned that he recruited Query and Echo from an S&M Club named Pandora's Box

So The Riddler hangs around S&M clubs and (in another story) breaks into Catwoman's hotel room to try on her costume? I think there's more going on here than meets the eye ...

PS, an interesting take on The Riddler...

Riddler_Hughes.jpg thumbnail   
(27 Dec 2013, 14:11 )culmor Wrote: ...and in real life.
Aha, the girls have another layer under the fishnets ...
Quote:Aha, the girls have another layer under the fishnets ...

The only proper way to wear fishnets, I wouldn't have bothered posting the pics if they didn't.

The girls' look wouldn't work without their masks either. Dominoes are surprisingly difficult to get right and nothing spoils a costume so easily as a poor mask (apart from non sheer-to-waist tights worn with a leotard, and, yes, I've actually seen that). See the first 'real life' pic above, while the girls' masks are excellent The Riddler's is (to be frank) rubbish. It took me many hours to make my domino out of aluminium mesh and epoxy putty but at the end of the day it fits properly (and at the risk of blowing my own trumpet) I think it's about a hundred times better than the party-shop version.

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Just stumbled upon this one:

latex-riddler-01.jpg thumbnail   

(29 Dec 2013, 03:35 )culmor Wrote: The only proper way to wear fishnets
Second that Wink