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Ponytail and pigtail fetish
Hair fetishism is one of the most common fetishes and it's called tricophilia. Yes, I find long hair beautiful, but this thread is about tails. I love tails!

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Psy knows ... Look at the girls at 1min and at 2min:

I find the tails extremely kawaii/cute:

ponytail-01.png thumbnail    stockings-art-08.jpg thumbnail    stockings-art-41.jpg thumbnail    swimsuit-art-02.jpg thumbnail    ponytail-02.jpg thumbnail   

Especially if combined with stockings, pantyhose, latex, swimsuits... Big Grin
Kodachi Kuno.

01.jpg thumbnail    02.jpg thumbnail    03.jpg thumbnail   
I love pony tails too.
Dark hair, pony tail, short skirt nylons and a cap sleeve top or tank.
So sexy... For me that is.
Ahh, I love this ponytail!

camila_montoya-01-pony-tail_swimsuit.jpg thumbnail   

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