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Ponyboy walking in the forest.
I recently read a lot of ponygirl stories. and I especially liked the stories in which the victims are totally helpless and trained to be good ponies. They keep the hoods, which restrict the field of vision. Armbinder or mittens to make hands useless and the bridle by which you can be escapades. Those stories aroused me so much that I knew that I must try to be ponyboy.

I decided to do outdoor selfbondage session, where I will leave the keys to the handcuffs where I have to walk so that I can free myself. I left the keys to the forest clearing, so I'll have to walk a small distance in open field. I had to walk about 1 km away from the woods, so I can get myself free. I did a session in the secluded woods where the risk of getting caught is small, but still exists. This turned me on so much.

I cut a small vertical eye holes in my rubberhood. I can see only straight ahead, and I do not see at all sites. In addition, I use the posture collar to prevent the turning of the head, so I have to turn the whole body if I want to see the sites. In addition, I put in ear plugs into my ears, so I do not hear anything. I put Buttplug place and I took off myself naked. I used crotchchain which lock the handcuffs so that I do not get stripped out of the hood. Lastly i locked my handcuffs behind my back. Now i am totally helpless ponyboy, just i have fantasied.

I also filmed end of my scenario so you could also enjoyed it.


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