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Polka-Dot Pantyhose
Black with micro polka-dots!  Tongue

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[attachment=32909 Wrote:TightSlip pid='33094' dateline='1544158877']Black with micro polka-dots!  Tongue

Lovely polka dot pantyhose these I don't have but would love a pair to wear myself. Have other one's thought I seen them all till these fantastic looking one's. But do have these one's in a lurex look and have to say they look fantastic also here's a photo of mine am wearing.

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Fiore polka dot glitter tights  white mini.JPG thumbnail   
I LOVE polka dot pantyhose and tights!
falke-dot-tights-karen-gillan-selfie.jpg thumbnail    fwpf.png thumbnail    CD polka dots.png thumbnail    Dotted-tights.jpg thumbnail    suspender-tights.jpg thumbnail   
Found a couple in my archives.

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Polka-dot pantyhose you say? I like this thread Tongue

candid_pantyhose_734_polka_dot.jpg thumbnail    candid_pantyhose_846_black_polkadot_with_shorts.jpg thumbnail    candid_pantyhose_847_black_polkadot_with_shorts.jpg thumbnail    candid_pantyhose_950_black_polka-do_shorts.jpg thumbnail   
(heavy breathing)
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candid_pantyhose_1084_black_polka_dot.jpg thumbnail    candid_pantyhose_1144_black_polka_dot.jpg thumbnail   
Found one for our esteemed leader. Blue!

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angelica_in_blue_polka_pantyhose__by_huffler_dcttwre-fullview.jpg thumbnail   
Two black candid polka-dots in return Wink

candid_pantyhose_1115_black.jpg thumbnail    candid_pantyhose_1116_black.jpg thumbnail   
Assorted colors! Yummy!

95EDE4FF-EE8B-4DFB-97C0-8623E60CDF25.jpeg thumbnail    1371A1E3-EC27-4316-8AA9-A8743F1E754D.jpeg thumbnail    0638BA58-D0D6-4453-AAF7-BFAE0E33E9A0.jpeg thumbnail    DEBF4138-0C39-41DD-B336-CAB403FE0811.jpeg thumbnail    D954F6AA-F772-4B74-BD2C-E1981AD85CCF.jpeg thumbnail