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Picture library ?
Is there a picture library section on this site?
There is the blog, but I think, pictures uploaded by individual members of the forum are not to be shown anywhere else than in their original place.
That's what I thought.
(22 Jun 2015, 15:44 )Tinker D Wrote: Is there a picture library section on this site?
Exactly like Strappado said. But what is your idea of a picture library? To access all pictures at once? To get them properly tagged, like on various "boru"s? Currently they are grouped under a general themes, aka thread names. I think it's easier to maintain, then to manage proper tagging or just create one huge trash bin fr everything.
Well, not like a trash can or a dump, but something like a location within each section. An example would be " Interesting Lycra on eBay : Pictures"
That's where all the pictures would me stored.
Then a viewer can scan through all the pictures without all the comments. But, click on the picture, and a small box comes up directing the viewer to the thread of the picture and what others commented about the picture.

I think I'm saying this right.

Could this work? Maybe a section on spandex, latex, pantyhose, bondage, ect....
Basically, this is how it works now. You click on a thread, then on a picture, then simply keep clicking on the > sign. The only limitation is that it works within one page (10 posts) only.
Yes, that is how it works now. I understand that.

Maybe it can't be done.

My so called smart phone has an album that all my pictures in it.
I scroll through my pictures, choose one, and if I like it, I click on the link below
and presto, I'm at the site and the thread.

I just thought that would be a great feature.
There are some gallery plugins, but they are completely unrelated to forum threads, purely picture galleries. It should not be very difficult to write a plugin that goes through the whole library. Possibly someone has already created it Wink But I could not find any. And writing one from scratch requires time I do not have at the moment.

So, if you find anything - I'm all ears.
I'll check, but I'm old and technology is growing faster than I can keep up with.

By the way, I don't know if others are using that little box with the [^], but I wse it every time I visit this great site of yours.
Speaking of galleries again. Do we need any of these functionalities: