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Penis Enema
Greetings there Folks.

Have a question asked from a fellow and I admitted I know not the answer and further admit to exceedingly limited experience. However, he asked if it is possible with the proper arrangement to give oneself their own urine enema.  The concern has is there enough pressure from the bladder to accomplish such? I know I've seen rubber penis pants with tubing connected to butt plugs and seem to recall they did not work all that well but as I say, I simply do not know.

The idea is that were one to drink enough and introduce the output back into the colon there could be an endless flow and could be added to at anytime. My med sci knowledge does not go that far and not that which I could have talked to any of my profs or teachers about eons ago even I'd have known about the topic (I'm a late bloomer so to say...) though certainly did always have a kink streak that I investigated early on. My other concern has after a point might there be some toxicity buildup as the kidneys would excrete salts and other "waste" fluids and might they have a cumulative effect? And, depending upon temp, humidity and/or what one was wearing (little to say a full catsuit) there would of course be some bodily fluid loss due to perspiration and via the lungs.

So, any have thoughts or perhaps experiences therein? The fellow in question for reasons I've not divined and am not party to declined suggestions to register and post here which I'll respect. Known the chap for a bit, got quite the wit and we've  never shared "experiences" save some brews and verbage though he does appreciate my level of "bizarre" to which I am honoured. And has alluded to a fondness for my knowledge of herbs and their uses (the stuff that grows around the World including in one's backyard and local real-estate.) Not opposed to the psychoactive types but much more interested in the naturals like Burdock Root as that is a natural go flow herb along with Dandelion leaves and a whole host of easy to find and useful plants. Some are rather nutritious and tasty at that.  

Let me know about ideas, opinions, suggestions or anything else nicely demented and/or debauch.

As always, I greatly appreciate your eloquence, but this time, I must confess, I'm lost between the lines. Do I understand correctly, that this is what you and your friend are interested in:

1- the possibility to inject your own urine back into the bowels
2- the effect of using your own urine per-oral and/or per-anal
3- using herbs in order to get some effects via urine

Some comments.

1- I don't think it's possible without decoupling the "penis" tube and the "enema" tube "somewhere". In other words, if you directly connect "your" penis and "your" bowels, it will not work. Under "decoupling" I mean:

o- the penis and the bowels must belong to different persons (The penis must be positioned well above the bowels)
o- use a water-pump, that will move the collected urine upwards where it will be directed to the enema

2- Most likely the only answer from the official medicine is - IT'S BAD! DON'T DO IT! But the "general" experience shows that it's quite possible without any negative effects. But the question is "how much", "how often", etc, and they will not be answered "generally".

My personal answer, based on my personal experience is - you must learn to listen to your own body. There is a plenty of techniques, yoga and qigong are the first in the list. Through the practice you learn to "meditate", so your body will tell you what you can do, what you must do, when , how, etc. Yes, it's difficult, time consuming, requires dedication, concentration, and without any guarantee, yet it's the only more or less healthy way.

For example, you can drink your own urine every second time you have to piss. But it depends on the hydration, food, conditions, and lots of other factors. And sometimes, you even must do it... But not everybody... And not always... You got the idea Big Grin

Some links:

3- No experience, but this subject is VERY interesting.
Penis enema?
If you want to use your own piss to give your buddy an enema, then pee in an enema bag. Or, shove your cock in his ass and piss away.

These two things I'll never do.
Greetings there Like Ra and Tinker.

Apparently the Force does not want me to reply. Lost power due to wind and the last post looks not to have posted.

However, sorry for being confusing.

The chap in question is I'll assume a solo sort. He is reticent and I do know little about him save he does have a kink streak.

Like Ra you echo as I thought that bladder pressure would not overcome gravity nor the constrictive nature of the colon. I'll assume the same holds for an internal cath which was another possibility. Alas, perhaps a nice idea that physics will not support. Intriguing concept perhaps though not my gig.

As to herbs- been into them for eons and grow a few myself (along with "regular veggies- hey, they have to better than the store...) and find many in the wild. Some have different properties like causing water flow with many to have medicinal and nutritional qualities. I am not a "survivalist" though forced to mend my way in the wilds stand a pretty good chance of doing so longer than the average urbanist which without those electronics and drive thru food places would be toast by weeks end. I suspect I'd last at least two.

Anyway, Thanks for the input and per chance this post will make it. Being a cyber clod has both advantages and the converse. As always,


(03 May 2017, 01:49 )Dworkin Wrote: the last post looks not to have posted.
Actually, it was posted, but it was just a full quote of mine, without your words, so I deleted it.
Hi Like Ra.

Thanks Much. As I say, some are cyber clods and others cyber dweebs. Lacking the help pf a six year old to help the old guy out I'm always in straights and as has probably been said before I'm still trying to get the VCR to quit flashing. I do like to say that I'm out of sorts. Please send sorts...

Don't worry about. I'm not great with thin inter-net thingie at all.

Ok, now I get it. I think I understand now, the idea about having a device that you can wear that can give yourself your own piss enema.
The condom pants with buttplug I have, and was very disapointed. After I put it on, and tried in in the shower. I peed ok, but the piss condom just filled up and it dribbled down my leg. Nothing went into my butt.
I was sure glad I was in the shower.
As for using a cath., that would prevent leaking, but the only thing that will get filled is your bladder. God forbid if you cut a fart.

Save the bucks, or your friend is out of luck.
Yep, my experience exactly.
(03 May 2017, 13:20 )Like Ra Wrote: Yep, my experience exactly.

Oh? Did you fart in your penis?
What was that like?
(03 May 2017, 16:16 )Tinker D Wrote: Oh? Did you fart in your penis?
Big Grin Ha! No, I meant this experience:

(03 May 2017, 05:19 )Tinker D Wrote: The condom pants with buttplug I have, and was very disapointed. After I put it on, and tried in in the shower. I peed ok, but the piss condom just filled up and it dribbled down my leg. Nothing went into my butt.
Big Grin