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Part 2: The Gag
Jen's hand comes down and hits the alarm clock and then turns it off.
still troubled by what had happened the day before and still kicking herself for forgetting the enema bag at the warehouse, she gets dressed for work, keeping in mind to dress in something to cover the latex body suit that is locked on to herself.
leaving her house she is wearing a blouse with a collar at the neck and long pants. gets in her car and looks at her house as she drives off to work  house-mortgage.jpg   
she had an average day nothing interesting. getting close to the end of her shift 11:00am she decides to go and see jess so she clocks out and gets on her way.

erica wakes to see her clock  set_me_by_ben63376.gif    she jumps up gets dressed as quick as she could as it was aeady light out and runs in to her kitchen and looks at the clock and stops realigning it is almost time for her to be leaving work 10:30am.
so she decides to go and see how jess is doing but changes clothes first because she could see clearly what she had on under her clothes (she was wearing a short sleeve v neck shirt ans shorts)
still somewhat bothered by the chastity-belt but could not imagine how jen and jess felt, she never really did anything but now that she could not she wanted to badly
she really wanted to talk to jess about what had happened so she went out and got in her car leaving her nice small home  Erica__s_house_by_ben63376.png    when she got to jess's house there was only her car parked out on the street. so she parked behind it and went to the door.  house finished.png   
after waiting for a few minuets she went around the back and tried the back door.
it was unlocked, so she went in and called JESS? ARE YOU HOME?
she was replied with a MHHPPPP!!! from the jess's bedroom, she ran in thinking something had happened and then saw jess alone on her bed still wearing the boots and the gag (was a good thing as she would probably have the cops knocking at the door) jess's face was teary as she looked at her friend and took the gag out of her mouth and said: what are you doing here? dont you have a job or something more important to do!.
erica: i wanted to see how you were and.... jess: how do you think i am you end jen put this thing on me!
erica: you think we had anything to do with all that! we were given a box and same stuff as you were i saw it as i came in, and if we had something to do with it would we have the ones that will last 2 and 3 weeks?. just then jen pulled up behind ericas care and went to the door KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. erica: jen got off work just a bit ago it's probably her do you want me to let her in?
jess: fine but do i have a choice so erica left the still teary jess and opened the front door for jen
jen: erica i thought you were still at work?
erica: the power must have went out over night my alarm clock was flashing when i woke up only a half an hour ago
jen: wow, how is jess? does she think we planned it?
erica: yes i think she does despite what im telling her
so the 2 girls walked back to where jess was and found her gagged again and trying her best not to scream in to the gag as the vibes in the belt shut off just in time to stop her from cuming. now crying again seeing that they her friends were watching her
jen: did you get a look at that man in the suit jess when he came at you?
jess now taking the gag out again said: no i did not why was it someone i know or something
erica: we had nothing to do with it jess cant you believe us?
jess: i saw that truck pull off my street when i was coming home, and the van that followed me was...
jess: oh yea you did not hear me say that trou my gag did you (she said blushing) there was a white van saw me as i crossed the highway and followed me until i ran in to a forest like area and i did not see it again until i got to my house again and it was parked in front.
jen: did you see the license plate jess?
jess: yea it was custom plates said CAM-OP and i think it was new Mexico plates. to bad we cant report this to the police or the man in the suit might kidnap us and put up a ransom or something
erica: he never even said why he was doing this to us, the police wouldn't believe us anyway{sigh}
jess: could you both go to another... room ...for a few minuets..please. she said then the two other girls walked out and shut the door and went to the living room
jen: you know what i really need
erica: what?
jen: do you remember the enema bags from the warehouse?..........well i forgot them i should look for jess's if she got her's i hope.
erica: .... ok ummm what did they look like?
jen explained what it looked like and they started looking for it,
they both say at the same time: found it! jen now looking at both of them gets really mad at jess and flings her door open and says to a frightened jess is who looking at her and moaning in to her gag (and has tears running down her face still): WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!! do you know how hard it is to work when the only thing you want to do is...erica interrupts: STOP IT WILL YOU! just forget it and be glad she had it! jen the walked out giving erica a dirty look.
erica: are you going to be ok jess?
jess: i will live but im not sure if i can last a week of this it gives me about ten minuets after each time it starts
erica: do you need anything do you have food?
jess: i dont need anything and i have food for almost a week
then jen walked in and said: jess im sorry for exploding all over you.
jess : i forgive you.
just then there was a knock at the door
jess: crap!! it's the cleaning service my dad hired uhhg ohh why did it have to start now!! erica go ask them if they can come back latter. erica was on her way to the door when it came open and one of the 3 women walked in and saw her and said: oh im sorry i did not think there was anyone home [erica doubted that as there were 3 cars in the front]
erica: jess wanted me to ask if you could come back later?
woman: no im sorry we have a schedule to go by
erica: well could you just not clean today?
woman we would like to hear that from... jess please
erica: she is indisposed at the moment she asked me to tell you that!
woman: im sorry but it is policy
erica well could you hold on for a minuet please. erica walks back to jess's room to see jess is in no state to talk to them needing to use her ball gag to keep herself quiet so they did not hear her
*is every thing ok back there*
jess now finally recovering says: yes could you please be a bit more patient
she then struggles to find something that will cover the body suit and has jen working on trying to untie her boots she franticly pulls down her shirt and zips and buttons her jeans and runs out to the front room,
the tree girls now all standing just inside the door she says: hi Sarah sorry for that umm we decide we were going to go somewhere so you can clean so if you want you can wait in here we wont take long.
she walks back to her room and says to jen and erica: we need to go grab anything that looks weird and put it in that bag there (she said pointing to a duffel bag on the floor)
so the 3 girls grab the boots and the gags, enema bags, the binder from jess's suit and a few other thing's jess grabbed before they saw them and shoved in to the bag and zipped it shut and said: ok lets go before something else happens.
the tree girls walk out to the front room and jess says: ok were leaving now thanks for waiting. they walk out the front door with jess carrying the duffel and the three girls get in to jens car.
jen: where do you suggest we go now?
jess: well i guess we should go to someones house not anywhere else to go
erica: go to my house its closest to here, and we should get something to eat on the way i dont think any of us have eaten for at least 30 hours
the other two girls agree and stop on the way to ericas house and go thru the drive thru and eat on the way to erica's house.
jess decided that it would be best if she did not stay at her house as the cleaning lady's come every day (it was not her choice her dad controls when they come).
for the next 5 days jess was at ericas house and jen and erica went to work. by day 5 jess stoped talking and just sat there and stared at the wall and only nodded yes or no when talked to. on day 7 erica got a letter in the mail it had no return address and was addressed to herself, jess, and jen, when she opened it she read to the other two:
well i see you are spending a lot of time here.
im glad to see jess has survived so far.

so now down to business seems that jess has only hours left on her chastity belt so it would seem she needs to have a visit leave her at her home tonight and leave the back door unlocked.
then go back to your homes and come see her the tomorrow evening before the cleaning service would be a good thing.

the girls carried jess to ericas car and put her in the back seat (she had no objections) and took her to her house put her in her bed and left her the duffel bag (- one enema bag)
then they went back to ericas and jen drove home from there.

jess starting to become more coherent as the teasing had stoped and hour ago, she heard something in the other room, then a *CLICK* *SPRING* come from under the latex panties the was wearing over the chastity belt. she then jumped up and turned on the light and pulled them down in time to turn around and see the man in the suit standing on the other side of the room.

he was wearing a ski mask again, he said: well well well you sure recovered fast didn't you
jess: ...ahh i umm...
BEN: i know what you were hopeing to do just now but you will have to wait for a while before i let you get off that easy. jess now has a scared look on her face as she almost begins to give way to tears
jess: please sir what did we ever do to you please leave us alone.
BEN: dont think you will get sympathy from me.
jess: but why are you doing this to us
BEN: did you think i needed a reason? jess: ..... BEN: now are you going to listen to me or do i have to re-lock that belt like it was before?
nods her head then he continues: im going to set your belt to a week but theirs a twist this time, the time will only go down while you are bound a specific way with the items i left for you on your table.
and seeing how much your last experience..... affected you it will only tease you while you are bound.
he then instructed her to go in to the kitchen, he folowd her and when there he said: now take the 2 ankle cuffs and put them on and then the wrist cuffs. he continues as she puts them on: now these restraints are more than they seem they can tell what you are using so they will know if you have done it right and start the clock on your belt, they also have a timer on them but i have set these ones for the first time. now set your chastity belt to 4 days and push it shut until it clicks.
the timer lit up to show: 00/00/04/00/00/00/ M W D H M S

BEN: very good, now go in to the other room and get the gag i gave you and set it for 1 week, and dont worry when set fr longer periods of time it will unlock twice daily so you can eat but you only have a limited amount of time if you dont put it back on it will add to the belt time until you do. now get two of the small locks and one of the longer ones.
she does as she was told and was instructed by BEN to go to her bed room and she did as he folowe behind her.

BEN: now lay on your bed and use the large lock to secure your legs together and then lock your wrists to the outer rings on the ankle cuffs one on each side.

she again did as she was told but was having trouble getting the locks at her wrists to lock so the man in the suit (BEN) walked up and clicked them shut for her and said: just so you know these are set to not unlock until someone else touches them. dont worry im sure the cleaning service wont mind, have fun he said (with a smile) as he walked out of her bedroom and shut the door,

then he went out the back door but did not lock it, he then walked out to his truck and drove away towards down town.
he arrived at the warehouse and went to the office thru the outside door and sat in the desk chair and turned on the computer that was in sleep mode, when it came on there were video feeds from jess bedroom where he could see jess struggling as the belt was teasing her, and one from erica's kitchen, she was doing something at her counter, and one from jens living room and she was watching news on TV.

the next day both girls got ready for work and had another normal day at work erica had a slow day and got to leave half an hour early.
so erica called jen and told her that she was off work and they both went to jess's house.
they both arrived at the same time and went in the back door without a word, once in they called: JESS!
they heard a light mmmphh'ing coming from jess's bedroom and opened the door to see jess hogtied on her bed and gagged with the timed gag,
jess now jerking back and forth looking at them trying to get them to help her
jen walks up and says: wow i guess he made you do this? jess nods to her
jen tries to figure out how to unlock the binds but cant find any way to remove them,
then she looks at the bottom of one of the locks and see's a small screen that has only flashing 0's but to her surprise when she pulls on it it opens so she pulls the other two locks and looks at the gag and almost jumps back and says: erica come look at this.
erica walks forward and looks at the gag and says: oh my how..... what.. why...
jess looks away in embarrassment for her condition.
she stood and walked to a desk in a study room and wrote a note that explained what had happened, and that the gag unlocked 2 times so she could eat (and the other new features).
now they packed some things for jess as she could not stay at her home becouse of the cleaning service, they left and locked the door behind them and drove away.


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