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Part: 1 The package
Jess, Jen, and Erica had returned from there day. they had spent the latter half of the day together. each had a package at there front door. They each were surprised by the contents, Jen more than the others. Among them there was a printed letter addressed to each.

It Reads:
Dear Jen, [Jess, Erica]
I hope I'm not interrupting any plans you might have had, but I think you will want to read what I have to say. in this box is a latex body suit, it is made to hold your arms behind your back. The binding portion locks to the collar on the body suit* it uses a timed lock, this is so it may be used with out a second person.
Now, you probably don't remember me but we met recently. Maybe the photos in the bottom of the box will remind you.
If you want these to stay privet, do as I instruct you;
1st Gag your self.
2nd Put on the body suit and lock the collar around your neck.
3rd Put in high heeled shoes, the highest ones you own.
4th Open your back door, as you will not be able to after the next step.
5th Put your arms through the loop's and push it up to lock it, the timer has been set already.
6th walk to this address: 507 Navarino street. don't let the door close behind you if you want to get back in to your house.
Be walking by 2 AM Tonight
Do not tell anyone about this, Or these photos might just end up where you don't want them.

None of them wanted those pictures to be made public and therefore none of them had told anyone not even each other not knowing that the others had got a box and letter as well. They each waited until around 1 PM and got started.
Jen and Erica did not want to go out at night and walk 1/2 a mile gagged. Jen did not even have duct-tape Erica however owns several gags, and Jess wore a BIG red ball gag.
When they put the body suits on they found there to be spots cut out for bodily functions. Jen's was purple, Jess's was blue, Erica's was Bright pink
Erica did not have high heels so she wore a pair of weather boot's that came up almost to her knees in hot pink rubber. Jen wore a pair of green 3 inch heel's, Jess had a pair of 5 inch heavy rubber thigh high boot's with laces up both sides (but she had never tried to walk any distance in them before) they were bright orange with reflective white laces (Jess really did not want those photos out).
Jess and Jen both locked the binders on quick to get it over with before they changed there mind. Erika however being worrisome about bondage ever since her incident just stood there and kept counting to 3 attempting to make herself lock it but couldn't bring herself to do it. Just after she has started to count again her cell phone went off. it scared her half to death but when she went to pick up her phone it hit her
She started to panic and cry and struggled for about ten minuets before she calmed down and gave up. when she looked at the clock it was 10 till 2 so she decided the only way she could get out of it now was to go through with is so she started down the deserted dimly lit streets. as did her two Friends thinking they were going to end up alone with some creep in the warehouse at the address.
the walk went without incident for Jen and Erika but, Jess had to cross the main highway that ran through Algoma. she waited ten minuet's until she saw no headlights or tail lights before she crossed but just as she got across a white conversion van went by without it's lights on and she did not see it until the last minuet. The driver honked the horn at her as he went by. But they turned around and followed her until she found a spot and ran through some trees.

 algoma map +lables.png   


Jen and Erica got to the warehouse at about the same time, but still never saw each other as they arrived at opposite sides of it.
both trying to find a way in walked around the building but the same way and so they still had no idea the other was there.
Erica not wanting to be seen hid in a dark corner near a garage door with a pickup truck parked infront of it. she sat in the corner and saw Jen go by and she was too embarrassed to let her Friend see her like this even though she was bound like her too.
Jess walked by and did not see Erica and walked around the building again. when she got back to Where was Erika she saw the dark spot and the truck, and she didn't want to be seen ether so she walked in to the dark and Erika moved her feet so Jen wouldn't trip. Then Jen turned and put her back to the wall and slid down right next to Erica. Jen looked over and let out a short shriek, Erika jumped and then tried to calm her Friend since they had both not worn a gag it was easy to explain to each other what had happened.
While they sat there they noticed there were several security cameras, one was pointed directly at them. They figured Ben must know they are there. He must have ether decided to make the pictures public cause they did not wear gags, or there was someone else coming. After about ten minuets they saw a dark figure walking down the street towards them. They recognized Jess as she walked under a streetlamp, when she got closer they started trying to get her attention
"Psst, Jess... over here", Jen said quietly but Jess did not respond to her. "JESS!" Erica called to her. "MMHP!" Jess mumbled to them trough her gag. When she got close to them she started to shout at her two friends thinking they had done this, not noticing they were bound themselves
"I just ran a quarter mile from a van that was following me while I wore my FIVE INCH!!!! heel boots not to mention my hands bound behind my back across the highway down the street thru the wood's then got lost for what seemed like"........she stopped all the sudden and realizes all they heard was her mumbling in to the gag.
still quite annoyed she walks over to them and sits on the other side of Erica.

Ben sat at his desk watching the security camera feed on the screen in front of him. he noticed that Jennifer, and Erica were not gagged but decided to ignore it for the time being and deal with them latter. (he is wearing a tan suit with a royal purple shirt, a matching diamond pattern tie, and a Buffalo nickel coin pin on his suit lapel). Ben opens a document on his computer and changes several points in it, and prints a copy from his printer and walks out of the small room adjacent to the floor of the warehouse and looks over the items he had arranged on the table earlier. He replaces the letter on the table with the one he just printed.

Satisfied with his work he continues with his plan. He looks at the remote garage door opener in his hand and presses the second button. He waited for the garage to be fully open before he walked through and turned to see the three girls standing staring towards the open door, they stopped in there tracks when he walked out from the garage. "Why don't you come inside before someone sees you like that?" Ben said to the three bound girls. As Ben walked back inside the door Jen and Erica followed closely behind Jess as she peered around the corner in to the warehouse. But she did not see Ben. When she walked inside she noticed him standing in front of a door to the right, he pointed to the table about 50 feet in front of Jess then turned and walked through the door and close it behind him. Shortly after they walked in the garage door closed behind them

Jess and Erica walked towards the table but Jen having not seen his direction and having other things in mind walked over to where Ben had gone, there was a window next to the door, she had not had a good look at his face in the dark before and only seen his back when she came through the door. When she looked through the window she jumped as Ben stepped forward in to the light but only to his shoulders. He waved her towards the table where Jess was now.

Jess was reading the letter on the table, her eyes got wide as she read the letter, she started to freak out about something, she ran over to the window where Ben was watching, shouting something through her gag, but she was not understandable. She started getting more violent kicking the door and throwing a fit. Jess was in tears. Ben jumped to action and grabbed several items from a shelf in a dark corner and went out the door.
Jess not wanting him to grab her started off away from him, Ben dropped several items by the door but held on to a spreader bar. He ran after Jess who had got half way to the tables on the warehouse floor (10 feet) he caught up with her easily as she was wearing 5" heels. Ben grabbed her from behind and tried to tell her to calm down. Jess stomped on his foot, and kept running. "GAAA! That will leave a mark", Ben said as he resumed chasing Jess. When Jess ran past the tables she knocked in to one of them, knocking the items off the table and bringing Jess to a stop face first on the floor. Ben walked to where she had fallen as she was not moving anymore. When he got there he checked if Jess was ok and satisfied with her condition (out of strength and sobbing on the floor) he proceeded to put the spreader bar on her ankles. The bar had a loop in the middle to attach a chain. Ben walked beck to the items he left by the door, Jen and Erica stayed out of his way, and brought the items to where Jess was trying to get to her feet.
He held a chain, and a remote for the cargo crane. Ben moved the hook of the crane to where he stood and attached the chain to it with a quick-link and left another at the loose end. Moving the crane towards Jess he put it down so the chain lay with slack on the floor. Ben proceeded to attach the chain to the spreader bar with the quick-link and start raising the crane. He stopped when Jess was about to be lifted and turned her over so she lay on her back, when Jess saw she was attached to the crane she started to struggle again. It's a bit late for that Jessica, Ben said to Jess as he pressed the up button on the crane remote. Jess started thrashing back and forth trying in vain to get out of the bondage she got herself in to before so she could rip Ben's head off but she found no escape from the bindings that held her now upside down. She gave up her fight after 30 minuets but only because she had no energy to continue.
Ben walked back past the tables and ripped the letter off the table top as he walked by and returned to his office.
Jen and Erica knowing how short there friends temper was knew they would want to stay away from her despite her being bound and suspended. Ben returned from his office and walked back to the tables and turned the table back upright and taped a new letter on top of the torn edges of the previous. He then walked over to Jess who's head was only 6 inches from the floor (her hair length) he put his hand over her crotch and looked down at her eyes peering up at him. "Don't look at me like that I told you that you would pay, but now you made it worse on yourself with what you just did". He patted her on her crotch and gave her a slow spin as he walked away.
Jess was still unsure what had just happened to her but when Ben put his hand on her crotch she wished he had done more than just pat her and walk away. Jess deep down was enjoying this but she would never show it, not in front of her friends. She in quite the emotional pickle just cried as she hung there. Ben went back to his office and sat down to watch them. Jen and Erica went over to the table and stood next to each other as they read:
Pick from the 3 choices and put what you want on Jess
.1st Is a normal chastity belt with no attachment's only the time lock that is set to 3 week's time.
.2nd This chastity belt has a dildo and butt plug attachment the butt plug has a enema attachment as you will be unable to remove the butt plug to relieve yourself this one is set too 2 week's time.
.3rd The attachments in this chastity belt have built in vibrators, And work on a system that will bring you to the edge of orgasm and then stop, It will work in cycles three times every 2 hours after it activates.
Once you have put the belts you chose on put on one of the 3 gags, Put in a set of ear plugs and set the timers on the bodysuits to 14 hours and go home.
PS: your suit's will unlock 2 hours from when you locked them
They did not want Jess to protest them, they went over to where she hung still spinning slowly and pressed the button to add time to the timer, they were unsure if it would work but to there surprise it did. Jess only hung and cried. They added an hour to her timer to give them time to figure out what to do. They checked each others timers and Jen had 7 minuets left on hers and Erica had 15 left. They started to talk about there choices: "Well" ,Says Jen. "I sure don't want number two do you Erica" ((Erica shakes her head no immediately)) "I don't want Jess to be mad at us so you should get number three." "WHAT!!" says Erica, "I just said I don't want two so why would I agree to take three? Besides I cant wear that I have a job at the health clinic." Jen: "Part time!" Erica: "So what you work part time too!!" Jen: "well I don't want it. Erica: then let's put it on Jess she doesn't have a job she just lives off her parents fortune..."
Both girls look at Jess who Is still crying and spinning but now shaking her head no and can almost understand her saying no no no no no Please! No! through her gag. Just then Jen's lock clicks open and tired and angry she steps closer to Jess and shouts: "BE QUIET!!"
Jen leaves her there quietly sobbing and go's back to Erica and says: "now where were we"
Erica: "she gets number three then?" Jen: "you bet she does!!" Jess quietly whimpers something in to the gag as Jen says that. Erica's lock clicks open and they go back and forth for about 20 minuets about who gets number one but Jen irritated says: "Fine just take it!!!" Erica grinning says: "OK thank you Jen."
Jen not wanting to hurt Erica go's over to Jess and pulls her panties up so she can put the belt on her[since she is upside down]. When that happened Jess's eyes went wide. She started to resist but she was to exhausted to put up much of a fight, Jen however had no dealings with the inserts she had to put in her friend. Erica knew more about the matter than she had been leading on, Jen put the dildo in Jess easily but the plug Jess was resisting and Jen could not do it. Once Jess calmed down Erica stepped up and grabbed the plug from Jen and shoved it in Jess. After a short muffled sequel Jess was left with a dazed confused look on her face, Erica spun Jess around to see her and said with a smile on her face: "feel all better now Jess?"

Erica put on her belt with Jen's help as the belts had a tight fit. Then she saw Jen was being reluctant to put the inserts inside herself, so Erica made a suggestion: "Jen, why don't you put on the gag and lock your arms in the binders on the body suit and I will do that for you and we can get done faster?" Jen agreed with a skeptical "Ok" trusting her usually shy friend. But Erica was not as innocent as she had been leading her friends on. She helped Jen with her gag then pushed the lock in for her when Jen was in position in the bodysuit. Erica put the belt and attachments on the table and asked Jen to stand by the table with her legs a few inches apart, Erica proceeded to pull the panties off a surprised jen who felt as though she had better listen to her friend who has suddenly got more provocative. Erica after setting her friends panties on the table said: ok spread as far as you can, good. *SLAM* Erica pushed Jen down on the table. Jen was worried but went with it still. Erica slowly inserted the dildo in to Jen's vagina, Jen let out a moan in to the gag, she was not perverted at all and is still a virgin. She had used a dildo before but not for a while. She was so hot right now she wanted to finger herself for the first time in months, but her friend had no intention of helping her with that. Erica said to Jen in a soft voice leaning in right to her ear: "you liked that didn't you? Well loosen up or this will hurt." Jen's reaction however was the opposite and she clenched when she felt the cold rubber plug. "Fine!!" Erica started; "you don't want to cooperate I'm not gonna do it for you." Jen surprised started to turn to her friend when suddenly *SHOVE* "MMMMHHHHHPPPPPP!!!!" Jen almost collapsed but was held up by Erica. Now Erica leaned in close to her dazed friend and said in a perky cute little voice: "Feels better now don't it." She slipped the belt around Jen's waist and locked the attachments in place on the crotch band then clicked it shut.

Erica lay her friend down on the floor and noticed an LC display on the front of Jen's gag. It read: "0015:0056:0030 h/m/s" Erica was surprised she had not seen it before. She pulled the latex panties away from the belt and looked at her belt and saw the time on it: "0002/0006/0023/0048/0056 W/D/H/M/S" and almost regretted taking this belt, but she could not pass the opportunity to do what she just did to Jess, and Jen. She looked up at Jess who was sleeping with her arms hanging down, as her binder released almost an hour ago while she was having fun with Jen. She walked over to her and set the binder to 14 hours and closed it back on Jess and removed the gag from her friends mouth and slowly rubbed Jess jaw, but she still did not wake. Erica put one of the new ball gag's in Jess's mouth and closed the locking clip in the back, then she locked Jess's gag around her neck like a necklace so she would not loose it.
Jen finally recovering sat up and heard a sound like tossed keys, a ring with 4 keys landed next to her and slid a few feet away towards Erica and Jess. Shortly after the crane holding Jess lowered her gently to the floor. Jen got to her feet, she could feel the butt plug move around with every move she made. She walked over to where the keys slid to and pushed them with her foot over to where Erica stood over Jess. Erica assumed the keys here for the spreader that held her to the chain, she unlocked the two small pad locks and tried to wake Jess but that never go's well and Jess never woke despite her friends best attempts. Erica remembered they had forgot something, she went over to one of the last items on the floor which was a small box with 6 ear plugs in it. She went over to Jen and put them in for her, then over to Jess and did the same. She proceeded to put her own in and got her gag and locked it in to her mouth. When she got to locking the binder on the body suit how ever she was hesitant to lock it, Jen saw this and decided to help her. Jen walked up behind Erica and put her head on her shoulder fast to scare her, and as she hoped Erica was startled by her and ended up locking herself in. Erica stomped her foot and made some whining muffles in to the gag but Jen had no idea due to the ear plugs.
The warehouse was dimly lit but the girls had adjusted to it but suddenly there was a blinding light, they looked towards it as it there eyes adjusted to the brightness and saw the garage had opened, and IT WAS LIGHT OUT!!

If they hadn't had the ear plugs in they would have heard the traffic going by on Navarino street They saw Ben's truck go by out the door. Jess now finally woke because of the light coming in through the door. struggled to her feet (not easy wearing those 5 inch heels and her arms behind her back) Jess was still mad at Jen and Erica, see's them standing starring with a horrified look on there half covered faces. Jess turns to see what they were looking at and to is shocked by how long they had been there. It must have been around 7 o'clock by the traffic outside. Jen started off for a dark spot over by the office and the other two girls followed her. She found a stair way behind the office that went down a story to a door at the bottom. They cautiously went down the steps and when in the room It appeared to be an old bomb shelter. They all sat against the wall with the door. They stayed close, Jen fell asleep with her head on Jess's shoulder and soon all three were fast asleep


Ben sat in his truck since he saw Erica putting the gag on Jess. In the meantime though he had received a message from his accomplice Mark, he had sent that he had encountered 3 bothersome problems and he needs Ben's assistance. Then he got the signal on the remote that they were all secure and he pushed the garage button and drove off down Navarino street.
Ben parked on Ohio street behind a yellow Honda mini van. As we walked to the front door of Jess's house, the mail slot on the door had JESS engraved on it and a welcome mat shaped like a heart. As he got close to the door Mark opened it and waved him inside. He showed him three girls bound on the living room floor. "Mark?" Ben asks his friend. "Yes Ben?" Mark replied. "What happened here?"
Mark continues: "Well shortly after I got here a cleaning service arrived, I don't know why at this un godly hour but none the less they were here. I told them I was installing some add-ons to her security system, they asked why my van did not have the TDA logo on it, I told them the depot has been over worked for the area and hired me in from new Mexico and did not have a truck for me to use."

"Well mark it seems that should have thrown them off." "Yea that what I thought but it seems they pulled a fast one on me and said a different company name that her security system, they said they would wait until I had finished to clean her house. They sat in the living room here. At one point the short brunet" "MMHH!!"  my_lovely_toy_by_ben63376.png    the girl did not like his analogy. Mark continues: "...started a conversation with me trying to distract me. While the other brunet watched her and the blond who was making a call, I could see her in a mirror and she had just finished dialing a 3 digit number, I was connecting the camera feeds output to the gateway. So I cut the phone line. They regrouped in the living room and I went and put her rather impressively over done for a residential security system on alert and it locked all the exterior doors."
"I pulled out this" (Mark holds up what looks like a gun, but is in fact a lighter) "and told two of them to stand on the other side of the room while I bound the one, and they cooperated, until I gagged them that is." "Let's talk out here for a moment," Ben prompted Mark. "What were you thinking? Making them think you had a gun? And I made you the ID badge for the ACTUAL company that she uses. That would have gotten you through even the police. No point arguing about what is done, I will take care of them." Ben finished his sentence as they walked back inside, the three maids started to struggle at his last words
Ben knelt down next to the blond and she flinched as he cut the zip tie's from her ankles and wrist's. When she was free she jumped up and her back hit Ben's head, Ben cut his hand as she did and she picked up the folding box cutter when he dropped it. She stood on the other side of the room pointing the knife at Ben, she was trying to get the gag off but she could not find the end of the tape. "What is your problem girl!" Ben shouts to the blond while putting pressure on his cut hand. I was freeing you! But the knife down and I will let you and your work mate's go. She was still trying to get the gag off but the circulation in her hands was cut off by the zip ties and she still had no feeling in them. Ben continues: "you really don't want to go against me". She shakes her head no and continues pointing the knife in Ben's direction. Ben: "put the knife down or I will tie you up again". He says as he picks up the bunch of zip tie's on the couch next to him. The blond make's the BRING IT motion with her left hand. Ben pull's out a 3 inch butterfly knife and swings it open and does it back to her. She runs towards him, and Ben kick's the knife from her hand. She fell on the floor in tear's, but quickly went for the knife again. Ben had put his knife away and grabbed her leg's and zip tied them together, when she reached back to try to free them he grabbed both her hand's and again zip ties her wrist's. Then he pulled her legs up to put her back in to the hog tied position she started in.

"Mark I need your key's" "yes chief" Mark replied and tossed his key's to Ben across the room. Ben checked out the window if the side door was open on Mark's van, then he picked up blond and carried her out to the van watching for anyone who might see him. The blond did not cooperate, but in her state she gave little resistance. The other two girls gave no resistance.
He closed the door on the van and drove off down Ohio street. Ben arrived at the warehouse and drove the van in the open garage and closed the door with the opener he had in his pocket. Ben got out and walked to the office and looked at the security camera feed's and saw the three girls were sleeping in the shelter. He walked down the step's and grabbed the door pulling it shut then locking it quietly. He returned to the main floor and walked to the van. When he opened the back door's the blond fell out, but Ben caught her. She did not show any gratitude for his help. He sat her down on the cold floor and decided to untie her last. He went for the reddish brunet. He took his box knife and cut the zip tie's from her wrist's.

She quickly went for the gag while she sat up. Ben went over to the other brunet and did the same for her, But to his surprise she did not try to get the gag off right away. He thought that was odd but she went and helped her co worker with her gag. When she got the gag off she turned and started to work on her own. The first girl pulled out a pair of Jess's pantie's from her mouth. "I'm sorry about my friend." Ben started, "I'm Ben may I ask your name's?" "I'm Sharon that's Sarah, and the blond is Joan." "Well, Sharon would you mind cutting Joan loose for me?" Ben asked Sharon handing her the closed knife. "If you tell me what you and the other guy are doing at Jess's house." She replied. "I Don't think Joan like's having pantie's in her mouth do you?" Ben said offering her the knife again. "Crap sorry Joan" she said as she took the knife and jumped out and started to help Joan. Ben walked over to Sarah and said: "you on the other hand I'm not sure" "MHHP?" Sarah had not heard him as she sat and day dreamed while she looked for the end of the tape, but having passed over it several time's. "let me help you with that." Ben offered, Sarah nodded and turned towards him. He pulled the tape off in several layers. Once all the tape was removed she too pulled a pair of pantie's from her mouth and toss them on the floor of the conversion van.

Ben exited the van and saw Joan fighting Sharon for his knife, Ben walked up behind Sharon and took it from her when she held it up to keep Joan from it. "I will take that thank you." Ben said as he put his knife in his upper suit pocket. "Now if you would all please sit down on the back of the van I will explain. If anyone does not I will tie them back up and gag them with the pantie's again." With that they all sat on the bumper of the van including Joan however pouty she was about it.

Ben started: "I work for Jessica's father. He asked me to watch her to keep her out of trouble. Mark tends to over react as I'm sure you are aware. He does not want Jessica to know he is watching. I know he pays your checks and the huge tip's. You make more to clean her house than you do all week. If you speak a word to this you know he will find out and he will sue you blind." The women agreed to the terms. "Now come back to her house and clean up like you always do." Joan never stopped glaring and never said a word. Ben quickly went down the stairs and opened the door and was pleased to see they were still sleeping, Ben went back up the stairs then They got in the van, Joan and Sharon got in the back but Sarah got in the front passenger seat. She stared at Ben while they drove. She acted like she wanted to say something several times but instead turned away and bit her lower lip.


The three bound girls slept until 5pm they walked up the stairs and saw that the sun is starting to set but knew they wont be leaving for quite a while yet.
When the time neared twelve AM they left each other on there ways home. Jess saw a truck turn off her street. And there was a van like had followed her before. It was idling in front of her house. She saw the license plate: CAM-OP. Then the van started off down her street. She went inside and collapsed on her couch. Erica got home and went to the bath room and then waited until almost 4 AM so she could sleep without the arm binder on.
Jen got home and got the binder off, but then starts to panic and get angry when she realizes "how do get the body suit off!! and i need to go to the bathroom" her eyes get wide when she remembered she had forgot the enema bag at the warehouse. so with lack of Patience she grabbed her keys and drove to the warehouse and looked around for ten minuets to try to find the enema bags but they were nowhere in sight. so she left disappointed and constipated.
Jess woke up when her arms fell free. She had to use the bathroom. She picked up one of the two enema bags she brought home thinking "oopsy" figuring out how to use it with the attached instructions went to bed probably wanting to stay there until Monday she lay there and just when she got comfortable and closed her eyes she woke to a familiar vibration in her vagina. She realized what was happening moments later and started screaming and crying in to the gag.
(20 Sep 2010, 05:10 )ben63376 Wrote: in this box is a latex body suit, it is made to hold your arms behind your back. The binding portion locks to the collar on the body suit* it uses a timed lock, this is so it may be used with out a second person.

Now you're talking! 😋
(20 Sep 2010, 12:02 )Like Ra Wrote:
(20 Sep 2010, 05:10 )ben63376 Wrote: in this box is a latex body suit, it is made to hold your arms behind your back. The binding portion locks to the collar on the body suit* it uses a timed lock, this is so it may be used with out a second person.

Now you're talking! 😋

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heres the body suit:
Attaching the pictures just in case:

 Random_OC_With_Stockings_by_Goldsickle.jpg    - Jess

 Random_Sheet_04_by_Goldsickle.jpg    - Jen

 Erika_05_by_Goldsickle.jpg     Erika_01_by_Goldsickle.jpg    - Erica

 self-bondage-leotard-03.jpg    - Latex selfbondage leotard

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