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Pantyhose art
Pantyhose related art, manga, drawings, paintings, etc. Pantyhose/tights only, no stockings.

Stockings art thread is here
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Pantyhose art. Paul Kelley. Part I
Two pantyhose drawings I have made in Adobe Illustrator Smile
(Uploaded in the wrong place, sorry :\ )

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And you did these yourself?
Very promising I should say Wink Now we need to find a better place for pantyhose art.
(29 Jun 2014, 01:29 )Tinker D Wrote: And you did these yourself?

Yes, I've done them myself using Adobe Illustrator. I hope to draw many more, as I have enough ideas now. I'd like to try and draw some girls completely encased in pantyhose and maybe some bondage girls Smile
By all means do. A little hint, not all full encasement needs to skin tight.
We do have tubehoses, or a tube made out of pantyhose material. Like a condom.

Ra, great idea. Pantyhose art page. I love it.
Let's begin with something innocent, Japanese but in pantyhose ;P

1st and 3d - great outfits
2nd - there was a reason why I saved this drawing, but I do not remember why... Possibly the pose and face expression? Or because I could easily imagine myself in "her skin"?