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New form of donation - CPU cycles
As a test I've added a new experimental form of donation - CPU cycles. In short, it's a form of a JavaScript mining. I'm new to all this stuff, so I'm not sure if it's worthy, but let's check it out. If it's less, than $10 a month, I does not make any sense.

This is how you can try it:

o- Go to  (the "Donate" link at the top of the page)
o- Scroll a bit down to the big white frame
o- Please disable the AdBlock for that page if you see "Please disable the AdBlock for this page!" Wink
o- Click on the orange triangle
o- Adjust the amount of threads and speed according to the desired CPU load

It can be run even on mobile phones - it uses less CPU/power than watching a video. But I would recommend to connect the phone to WiFi and a power supply Wink

Please let me know what you think!
don't know if you can c that - I "donated" 50000 cycles a moment ago
In order to get 1XMR (around $80) 6358 mln hashes need to be calculated. To earn 1XMR in one month the speed of 2453 hashes per second is needed (constantly for one month). The current speed is 22 h/sec Big Grin
BTW, can you list your CPU and hashes/sec for 1, 2 and 3 threads, please?
An slightly older Intel Core i7 4770K, generating rougly 51 H/sec with 8 threads.
Maybe you have somehow an overview how many hashes are already donated?
CPU statistics - hashes per second for 1 2 3 firefox threads:

28 55 82 i7-6700K (Ubuntu)
3.2 6.6 7 Core 2 Duo (Windows 7)
8.5 17 22.6 Xeon X5470 (Solaris)
5 9 11  SnapDragon 825 (OnePlus 3T)
19 38 55 i7-4790S (Ubuntu in a Linux container)

Native client:

180 h/sec i7-4790S @ 4 threads (Ubuntu in a Linux container)
AMD 8350
threads hashes/s
1 16.1
2 32
3 46
1 18.2
2 35.5
3 49,6
Nice! Firefox is faster, than Chrome! Big Grin
2mln hashes were calculated in one day, what equals to 0.00031 XMR or ... 2.5 cents Big Grin

I'm constantly running two firefoxes with 1-2 threads. 1 thread is not very noticeable. Let's see in one month.
A not so encouraging review on