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New feature - tagging
Strappado suggested a new feature for the forum - thread tagging and I found a corresponding plugin.

Now you can add comma separated tags to your threads.

Let's see how it works...
It does not work like I expected. I will try to tweak it.
Instructions? That would be a very good tweak. Wink
When you create a new thread you will see a new field "Tags". If you do not fill it in, the tags will be created automatically. You can see some of them on the forum index page (at the bottom).

However, the tags should be shown below the first post of the thread. I found a couple of errors, but it still does not work. Also the tags are not editable at the moment. It's not in the original plugin, but I think I know how to implement this.
Ha! The tags have finally appeared after the 1st post in each thread. Currently they are editable in the DB only. Next step is to tweak the code to add the editing feature.
I wish I could do code like you can. The programing I know about are Micro-controler with 16K of Eprom, 256 bytes of ram and 4 registers.

A lot can be done with that little, but nothing web base.
OK, the Editing works now. If you Edit the first post of the thread, you will see the Tags: option. However, it does not show the current tags. Will try to fix it later.

But this is a step forward!
Tag editing work fine now! ;-) So, everybody can edit tags of their own threads.

Now, let's make the tag cloud a bit more useful than random.
No, not gonna touch it. The tags are stored in the DB as strings, they do not have a separate table, that can be indexed by tag names.
Fixed another bug (you could not update tags if they did not exist before).

BTW, what is the best place for the tag line? By default under the 1st post? Or somewhere else?

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