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[DISABLED] New feature: existing link warning and link search
I'm testing a new plugin, which shows warning when a link posted in a new thread, and this link is aeady mentioned somewhere. You can click "ignore" or check the posts containing this link.

Also, you can search the forum for links now - it was not possible before.

Let me know if you think this feature is useful. Or annoying 😉
Looks like this plugin causes delays when making a post with external link(s). Apparently related to adding the new link (or all links???) to the database and recalculation(?). So, if this plugin will not be used/useful - I'll remove it.
Disabled for the time being. Slows posting down and I do not see any real benefit, besides the possibility to run some SQL queries to get some not very useful statistics 😁
Testing a new version with link preview.

EDIT: Disabled again ☹
Aaaaand testing the latest version again.

EDIT: Guess what? Disabled! 😆

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