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Leosoxs lingerie
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These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key
These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key

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New feature - multiple attachments
Now instead of adding file-by-file, you can upload multiple images at once:

  1. Click "New Reply"
  2. Click "Select file"
  3. Highlight the files you want to upload
  4. Click "Upload"
  5. Select the files you want to insert in the text using the check-boxes on the right side
  6. Click "Add-editor (Multiple)"

If you do not select and then Add files to the editor, they will appear as Attachments.

Make sure, that:
  • The file name extensions do match the content. For example, if the being uploaded image is a JPEG one, it must have .jpg/.JPG/.jpeg/.JPEG extension and not, say .png.
  • The files must not be bigger than 4MB each.

You will not get any error message for any of the above, but when you try to add the files to the message you will get [attachment=] or [attachment=undefined] instead of the attachment number.

Let me know if you have any problems.
hi Ra

might be having a bad day, but can't get this to work and can't upload any photo right now.

click on 'Select File'
browse to the image I want and select it (usual process)
click on 'open' (only option and the usual process)



(05 Oct 2013, 08:15 )madjack Wrote: click on 'open' (only option and the usual process)

(04 Oct 2013, 14:22 )Like Ra Wrote: 3- Click "Upload"
4- Select the files you want to insert in the text
5- Click "Add-editor (Multiple)"

BTW, I aeady fixed a couple of bugs in this plugin (the developer is notified). And I know of a couple of more. I would like to make it work properly, because the standard one-by-one approach gets on my nervous 😁
Think I've got it now - suspect I was being an idiot and not reading the instructions properly Blush

Yup - all working now, as you will be able to see 😁

Meanwhile I fixed a couple of more things. Now I wonder how to make files automatically upload after you selected them (without pressing "Upload").
I have updated the instruction, since I've found out some "new features".
After many complaints I temporarily disabled this plugin and reverted to the old one-by-one method. I suspect that mod_pagespeed conflicts with some features...
I managed to marry both upload mechanisms: the old (one by one) and the new one (several files at once). Please let me know if it's broken for you (works fine for me 😉
Since this function is implemented in the core (just click on the "Browse..." button in the Full Edit, New Post or New Thread mode and select several files), the dangerous and buggy plugin has been finally disabled. There is one disadvantage, though: the "Select Al" function disappeared. I hope it will be added in new versions.

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