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New feature - ignore forums
I searched for a feature requests topic. I can't find any, sorry, so I'm opening this one.

I'm really not interested in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a turn-off for me. The forum has several topics with this subject and the list of Unread Posts if always full of hypnosis.

Can you please add a feature to allow users to ignore/hide/mask specified forum topics?
Thank you!
Very good suggestion, that might indeed be necessary for big forums with lots of subforums! However, currently this is currently not possible. For example, some subforums can be hidden, but from everybody. Some threads can be hidden from users with less "points". Or access to subforums can be limited to particular groups. You can also ignore specific users.

I'm not even sure if it feasible at all, but I can try to log a feature/plugin request in the developers forum.
I thought you had this feature.
Anyway, to block out this hipo mum no jumbo, all you need to do is to subscribe to the thread and the email will tell you someone responds to that thread.

But maybe there may be a better idea.

How about a way that a user could flag the threads he or she likes and then download the selected threads for viewing. Not the whole thread but something like a preview.
Then the user can just jump to the thread of choice.
I can help with this situation!  😁


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BTW, the hypno stuff is not getting updated that often 😁 And usually it's more about the mind and consciousness. And how it all works in relation to addiction and fetishes. New posts are in the work. Then I will try to restructure them and make the promised (looong time ago) blog series.
For now you can click on the big blue dot to the left of the forum to mark all posts from these forums as read.
Found and installed!

To add a forum or sub-forum to the ignore list, go to the UserCP -> Edit Options -> Ignored Forums

New posts/threads from ignored forums will simply be hidden from the View New/Today's Posts lists (will also work with the View New Subscribed Posts plugin).
@Max515 - please try this feature and let me know if it fits your needs.
Works great. I'm on mobile now, so I can't test everything, but so far, it's great.
Thank you!
No, it doesn't work. Ignored sections of the forum are still visible.

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