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New feature - Your attachment statistics
If you uploaded files (e.g. images) in the forum, you can see how often they were viewed and downloaded. Check your User Control Panel (User CP at the top of the forum page).

That is indeed interesting!
Some of my threads which no-one commented on have picture downloads well into three figures. It gives me a reason to keep posting as it seems someone out there shares my tastes after all Wink
More statistics:

No. Uploaded Attachments 3,976
Attachment Space Used 616.11 MB
Estimated Bandwidth Usage 34.35 GB
Average Attachment Size 158.68 KB

Top 5 Users Using the Most Disk Space:
culmor 266.35 MB
Like Ra 164.11 MB
jessilongstocking 37.2 MB
madjack 31.3 MB
selfshackled 23.8 MB

Culmor, you're #1! Keep 'em coming!

And top 5 most popular attachments (downloads):

Attachments Posted By Thread Downloads
timers_and_board.jpg kittyfur Arduino controlled electromagnet 2,784
addzipper.jpg Strappado Bolero Single Glove for self-bondage 836
other02.jpg Like Ra Some pics from my collection 553
putontop.jpg Strappado Bolero Single Glove for self-bondage 547
One way rope pull device.jpg paul knight Easy to make one way rope pull device 528

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