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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rather than post these on the main forum, here's Akiho Licia in his 'Plugsuit' (although it looks more like a leotard and tights to me)...
Hentai of Asuka in various forms of bondage.
For no better reason than I love red-heads, here's a mega-post of Asuka cosplayers:

OK, so one or two aren't red-heads but they were too cute to leave out. So too is this cosplayer in an odd Asuka-based costume but the high-cut swimsuit/plugsuit worn (unless I'm mistaken) with ultrasheer tights is a great look:

A rather fun video. I think this 'Fira' and the 'phaira' who's deviantart pics are on the blog thread are one and the same person.


Then there are people into 'kigurumi', which in this sense means wearing a female character's costume over a skin-coloured full zentai suit with a doll mask. I think most of the people who do this are male though I've heard claims some are real women. Kigurumi fans also usually claim there's no sexual element to the activity.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt...
Rather lovely...


Neon Genesis is actually my favorite Anime 😁
I think Asuka is the only anime character I can recognize (I do not watch anime at all 😁 ) Ah, probably there is another one - Hatsune Miku.
If anyone knows who this characher is and what anime they're from please let me know!



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