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Hello everyone,

What do you think about morphsuits? Its just another name for a lycra zentai, but what I find interesting about them: they seme to be accepted by the public, there are also reports in non-yellow press and there are also morphsuit flash mobs in germany.... I haven't seen one suit in public yet.

If it's another name for a zentai suit, what is the difference between them? And why one is "accepted" and another is not?

I've seen a guy in zentai on a bicycle (with a girl on the "back seat") in Amsterdam.
There is no difference. Morphsuit = Zentai

What I mean by "accepted by the public":
"Oh look. He is wearing a morphsuit. I have seen them on television. Its a new trend."
And not:
"What is this pervert wearing there?"
So if there is a differenze, then only in marketing.
I have some lycra suits. How can I tell, if they are morphsuits or zentai suits? I would like to wear them in public!

( ... Wink ... )

And, are you sure, that there are morphsuit flashmobs in Germany, or was it just one or two? I live here, and never heard of one. People - especially journalists - are easily excited about what others do, but beware if someone of their daily lives knows that they are closely related to one of these "others"!
I know some guys personally who move in groups around here (in the middle of Germany), and they use exactly these "Morphsuits".
Yeah, nice ... If you want something "allowed" or "accepted" what is considered "risky" or even "illegal", just rename it Big Grin

For example, what Wolford did with tights for men. "No, this is not pantyhose, this is WAIST SOCKS!"
Wow, this is a large movement!

"Am 7.4.2012 fand in Stuttgart der grösste Morphsuit-Flashmob der Welt statt, mit ca. 68 Teilnehmenden."
(On 7. April 2012, the largest morphsuit flashmob of the world took place in Stuttgart, with ca. 68 participants.)

No objection to such activities, I am sure, this was great fun for the participiants as well as for the public.

But a few people (68 vs. around 80.000.000 Germans) having fun in morphsuits in public do not make morphsuits "acceptable" at all. Germany is a free country, you can wear publicly whatever you like, except for a few things, like official uniforms, nazi emblems or sexually offensive clothing. Most people keep their mouths shut, except for a few silly teenagers and the like. Nobody will complain, if you repeat the same in scuba gear or in Dirndls (Bavarian female folk dress). But try this at work...
(14 Jun 2012, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: sexually offensive clothing
Problem #2 Where is the line between offensive and not offensive?

(14 Jun 2012, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: except for a few silly teenagers and the like.

Problem #3. Always.

(14 Jun 2012, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: try this at work

Problem #4. Office dress-code.

Oh, yeah, Problem #1 is always in the heads ;-) Regardless the problem Big Grin

(14 Jun 2012, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: But a few people (68 vs. around 80.000.000 Germans) having fun in morphsuits in public do not make morphsuits "acceptable" at all.

Not quite true... Global trends are made by a very few. But usually well-known or famous.
(14 Jun 2012, 20:32 )Strappado Wrote: Dirndls

Search eBay DE: Latex Dirndl

I expected a bit wider choice, to be honest ;-)

Search morphsuit 707 results
Search eBay DE: morphsuit 137 results

Some designs are very funny and not erotic/fetishy at all. Yeah, this very subtle difference between fetish and non-fetish world.