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More flickr madness
I posted this hideously offensive pic:

Balent.jpg thumbnail   

and discovered:

Quote:Staff have decided this should be hidden from public searches

It's a 1990's 'Jim Balent' Catwoman costume laid out on the floor!

I despair.
I don't even think the staff LOOK at what they hide or remove etc. Serious. Like YouTube. Someone whines, they just react. And Yahell wonders why all their "products" are failing?
Madness indeed!

I've set my f##ckr (oh dear! will I get banned for that, it sounds rude!) account to 'restricted' - that will almost certainly get me investigated and shut down... :-(

Ha! Is someone still using Flickr or Photobucket? Or Facebook? Photobucket blocks classic art, like Madonnas, etc. See