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Men in Wet Lycra Zentai: 'The Spurting Man'
One of my favourite fetishes is of a man in a full lycra catsuit/zentai getting wet, so some years ago when I first saw this act: I was not disappointed, and while waiting for him to actually start performing at the event I saw him at (St. Patricks Day Festival in Dublin, 2003), I just couldn't wait to see the first water from his 'fountain' pipes to start pumping.

Basically, it is a comedy act by the theatre performers Avanti Display where the performer wears a white lycra catsuit like a living statue and stands on a plinth. The lycra catsuit has several small plastic pipes sewn into it, with nozzles emerging at certain points around his body and on his head. Once the water starts, his catsuit gets wet very quickly, and you can see if he is wearing anything underneath (He wears a pair of briefs underneath, I am sorry to say); the fact that the catsuit is white makes it go nearly totally transparent, though; the appeal of this act to many forumers should be quite unique; I can think of no other act involving a man getting wet in fullbody lycra like this.

Avanti Display do the Spurting Man and many other performances at many festivals around Britain and abroad every year, so it should be possible to catch an opportunity to see this unique act!Rolleyes

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