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(07 Oct 2020, 02:36 )Like Ra Wrote: @ltxrob - have you tried a smartphone? Works fine on my Android. Does not work on my iPhone, but I do not have this app installed:

i will test.  😁
On mobile (Samsung s10 & FF) it works ok with the 7sec test clip you linked earlier
Good! Can you navigate through the video? Skipping back and forward?
(07 Oct 2020, 09:10 )Like Ra Wrote: Good! Can you navigate through the video? Skipping back and forward?

yes I can point to a spot on the time line and it will jump there... back or forwards

but not on PC?
(07 Oct 2020, 22:15 )ltxrob Wrote: yes I can point to a spot on the time line and it will jump there... back or forwards
That's my point - it's up to the particular browser version, implementation, plugins and configuration. Generally speaking - it should work by default and right away.

... rant alert ...

However, iDiots from Apple refuse to support standards. Even Microsoft is on the right path nowadays.. Unfortunately, vendors are much more powerful than "standalone webadmins and app developers", who have to bend sidewards and backwards to make sites/apps compatible with clever political and business decisions of effective managers. Next case is big companies with enough resources that can spend millions on myriads of adaptations to effectively sell users to advertisers. And, finally, we have users, who will buy whatever they are told (e.g. by iDiots) and then complain to site/app developers if something is not working. They should complain to the vendors instead! Hey, Apple, I want f@#$%^g MP4 (a standard) support on my iKrap! I'm f$%^&*g pissed off and tired of jumping through the hoops to be able to play a standard MP3 file saved to my iPoop via f*%&^g "non-standard USB" (sic!) connector! Something is not working in Firefox? A bug should be logged for Mozilla! They have a bugtracker! No complains - vendors are happy to continue selling you iShit!

I'm not saying, that web-sites are perfect. I'm just utterly frustrated with not being able to spend 40 hours a day fixing bugs for free, especially those that the vendors call "features" or "interpretations of standards", or hiring a team of developers to rewrite the opensource software.

... rant end ... sorry ...

Saying that, I REALLY appreciate your efforts at noticing and documenting bugs, f%$k-ups, misconfigurations, etc. Without you I wouldn't have noticed a half of them! And, as always, any help and support on fixing bugs, improving, suggesting features, etc is more than greatly appreciated!
A number of years ago a colleague talked me into a fruit laptop, explaining to me how easily I would be able to run my programs on it. Well, it took me weeks before things started working. More or less. I came from linux, and before that I had a NeXT, which was a nice computer.
But one thing is very clear. By the time the current laptop needs to be replaced, I will go back to linux.
I have my own ways to run things, and those fruit vendors make more and more of that impossible. `for security reasons' I cannot run gdb any longer. Now I have to do difficult to get my programs debugged on the servers at my work. And more of those little details.
I hate it when other people determine for me what is handy and desirable.
Maintaining a linux system is a bit more work, but you can control things properly.
Even got Ubuntu to run properly in 64 bits on my Raspberry Pi4. And all my other programs.

Sorry to chime in, but you got me in the mood.
All systems suffer from the same problems: do things that users don't want or need and can't/won't do things user want/need. Linux too, since dbus/systemd/*kit.

That's developer's fault, not the management. They think they know better ('cause they're THE developers). If those developers work for a company, they can veeeery easy sell the ideea to the managers explaining how much money they will save on support for idiot users (yes, there are those kind of users too) and how much money they will get selling proprietary hardware and locked-in-software, or simply selling the users data to marketing.

If you're thinking about those idiot users that break everything because they can, yes, they are a major pain in the a**, but developers are NOT HELPING ANYBODY by making things idiotproof. This will only create more and "better" idiots.
I seriously doubt, that Lightning (this is changing now), single button design, no MP3 support (changed), no MP4 support, no Flash support (it was Apple who killed Flash), everything via iTunes (changing now), etc were developers decision. Jobs explicitly said that "we" are going to tell users what they will like. Yes, Jobs is a genius and a revolutioner, but there must be some common sense...

(08 Oct 2020, 15:45 )Max515 Wrote: Linux too
Yes, but it's free. And most of the stuff is made in free time. That's a huge difference.

(08 Oct 2020, 15:45 )Max515 Wrote: If you're thinking about those idiot users that break everything because they can
In the business world this is supposed to be done by testers. In Linux world - by alpha/beta users.

(08 Oct 2020, 15:45 )Max515 Wrote: developers are NOT HELPING ANYBODY by making things idiotproof.
Yes, they are usually not interested in that. Non-commercial developers create "write-only" programs for themselves. They know how to properly use their own programs or how to fix them if they are not working as expected. In the "paid world" there are managers and support centres what make developers be more user friendly (sometimes feedback really hurts 😁 )

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