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MJ-SB04/2017 – An unexpected adventure
With no real advanced warning I’d got almost a whole weekend home alone and despite the lack of any preparation time I was determined to make the most of the opportunity. Unfortunately I had a number of prior commitments, but once those had been completed I was good to go…

  • 40den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit
  • 40den Mustard tights
  • 20den glossy tan control tights
  • Bodycon Lycra dress.
  • Lycra body
  • Long nylon gloves
  • Rope
  • Butt-plug
  • High-heeled ankle boots
  • Chains
  • Wrist cuffs with d-rings
  • Lace-up hood with penis gag

The session:
I wanted to kick things off with a simple but fun self-bondage session: something sexy, but at the same time I didn’t want to ‘spoil’ things by getting too excited, so I would be ‘tucking’ away my cock and balls.

For this reason my clothing was chosen to keep everything safely in place, including my plug…. Ooooh, so long without that deep inside me! So a bodysuit and two pairs of tights went on then a Lycra body and finally my dress. Boots, of course, on my feet and to top everything off my hood and gag. Rope would bind my legs and wrists, whilst chains attached to the bed would be used to hold me firmly in place.
With all my clothes on the last thing I did was lace up my hood; making sure it was nice and tight with the collar buckled over the laces.
 Capture1a.JPG     Capture2.JPG   

Now, rope cinched tight around my booted feet, ankles, above and below my knees and finally my waist.
 Capture3.JPG     Capture3a.JPG     Capture4.JPG   

Time for my gag – despite the long break it slid in easily and was buckled tightly in place. On a whim I pulled a knee-high over the hood, just to make it that little bit more intense and difficult to escape from.
 Capture4a.JPG     Capture5.JPG     Capture5a.JPG   
I’d aeady fastened 2 chains (actually dog leads – a bargain at £1 each from a discount store) to opposite ends of the bed, with another 2 positioned to provide tether points for my waist and wrists. I fixed one around my ankles, a second to the rope around my waist and, after pulling on my long black gloves, stretched to feed the third one through the D-ring of my hood’s collar, making sure I was securely held tight diagonally across the bed.
 Capture6.JPG     Capture7.JPG     Capture8a.JPG   
Now for the final part of my self-bondage: I used pre-formed coils of rope to secure my wrists behind my back, then I reached for the final length of chain using it to cinch my wrist coils tight. Reaching as far behind me as I could comfortably could I finally secured my arms in a sort of prone strappado position.
Oh bliss – I cannot easily describe how wonderful it felt to be dressed and bound again.
What went well?
I’m going to say ‘everything’ – the whole session went exactly as I had planned and felt so good. My tuck worked well and the bondage was tight but comfortable, with the gag and plug working together to add that extra bit of ‘helplessness’ and ‘vulnerability’ that I was seeking.
Video and photos also went well – now I need time to edit the video so that it can be shared… stay tuned.
What could be improved?
The only regret I had was that I wanted to ‘have’ to stay bound like that for a longer time  and I wished I’d used an ice release – I hadn’t because I was genuinely unsure how I’d feel in bondage after such a long time without playing.
I hope you enjoyed the retelling of my session as much as I did doing it.
Play safe


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