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MJ-SB04/2014 – Home alone 3: re-enacting Inspiring Images (part one)
Some forum regulars will recall that certain images inspire my self-bondage sessions, they can either be true self-bondage, or just a general bondage scene that looks like it could be converted to a self-bondage one. The following describes the first part of a double session where I attempted to see if I could reproduce a self-bondage scene from such an image

20den control top pantyhose
Black Zentai suit
cock butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
head harness gag and ring gag

The session:
This session was all about trying to recreate some of my most inspirational images, the ones I sometimes use to really get me going for a self-bondage session. I had no intention of doing any proper self-bondage, forcing an HFO or anything else like that – just wanted to see how close to the scene in the image I could get.

Zentai on a stool

1 source pose.jpg thumbnail   

The first image is a classic Zentai and white rope one (I think from Devonshire Productions, but stand to be corrected). So obviously I would wear my own Zentai suit, but I couldn’t resist slipping in a butt-plug first, followed by an old pair of control top pantyhose to keep everything in place.
2a sitting.JPG thumbnail    3a sitting.JPG thumbnail   
The tricky thing here was to get the ropes right – so difficult when tying yourself up and not being tied by someone who can see what they’re doing and also can move around their ‘victim’.
4a sitting.JPG thumbnail    5a sitting.JPG thumbnail   
It’s not the most strenuous tie I’ve ever endured, but finding something low enough to reproduce the pose (actually an old ice-bucket!) did add a certain something to the position.
1 source pose.jpg thumbnail    or 4a sitting.JPG thumbnail   
I couldn’t quite get the body ropes right (a lack of breast didn’t help) and my head harness was anywhere near as good as the one in the original image, but I think I came very close – don’t you?

Jiga photo manipulation
6 source pose.jpg thumbnail   
Now, Jiga’s work is a big favourite of mine – I love the way he/she takes an already good bandage scene and then encases the delightful damsel in black sheer nylon. They are an EOTD for me every time.

I don’t have black sheer tights in my collection (you wouldn’t like my hairy legs) but I thought the Zentai suit would be ideal as an alternative… and as I was already wearing it from the first shoot why wouldn’t I carry on? Another challenge was the white knickers – should I be as true to the image as possible or not? I opted for the ‘true to life’ approach and raided my girlfriend’s underwear drawer (for the first time in years – I’d stopped ‘borrowing’ and simply brought my own, it is a lot less risky and easier than trying to explain laddered tights or stretched lingerie).
Everything was set and off I went, I even found a way to replicate the chest rope to the ceiling (quite please about that – must note for future re-use)

I couldn’t quite get the angle I wanted for the video and as I was actually doing this between conference calls everything was slightly rushed (yes – I did chair a call clad a Zentai suit, high-heels pantyhose and with a butt-pug up my ass… obviously without the gag… duh!).
7 bed.JPG thumbnail    6a bed.JPG thumbnail   
First realisation was that there would be no way I could spread my legs as wide as the model did (I guess if you’re female or a male who regularly does yoga this would be achievable), so that was a compromise.
7 bed.JPG thumbnail    8 bed cinched legs.JPG thumbnail    9 bed.JPG thumbnail   

10 bed is it on.png thumbnail    - couldn't resist sharing this one! I was checking the video was still on Big Grin

Next I couldn’t get the chest ropes to work properly without breasts (again!), but this time I tried stuffing multiple pairs of pantyhose in the appropriate spots and sort of got the look I wanted (still flat chested compared to the lady in the photo!)
11 bed.JPG thumbnail    12 bed.JPG thumbnail   

I did have a moment of near panic when I was testing the wrist ropes and discovered a new way to place myself in real bondage without any hope of escape. Fortunately I was sensible and had tried one wrist first, only to find it was impossible to undo a very simple loop with one hand. A close call if I’d charged ahead and tied both wrists apart with that method!
13 bed.JPG thumbnail    14 bed.JPG thumbnail    15 bed.JPG thumbnail   
Again, with the obvious exception of spreading my legs, I think I got quite close to the original and am pleased with the results.
6 source pose.jpg thumbnail    or this one 16 bed.JPG thumbnail   

What went well?
Pretty much everything – I achieved what I’d set out to do and, I think, got very close the poses I wanted to copy

Discovered a new wrist bondage method – Ok, so I did come close to making a stupid, stupid mistake, but because I always test out my plans I avoided a potentially painful/embarrassing/fatal situation. However I did discover a new and very effective way to tie my wrists in a spread-eagle type scenario. I will be testing this further and figuring out a reliable release method – there are still a couple of safety issue I need to check out. I will post my findings.

What could be improved?
More images to work from – sounds like an easy thing doesn’t it? I’ve got 100’s if not 1000’s of superb bondage images and there are probably millions more on the web, but not all of them are right for self-bondage. Remember, what I’m trying to do is recreate the image in a self-bondage session – ultra-tight hogties with elbows touching and ankles up to the neck are super-erotic but practically impossible for a self-bondager to achieve. So any images you think might work, please feel free to post and I might (just might) try them out

Breasts – Tits, boobs, bazoomers, cans, etc., etc – whatever you call them I haven’t got any! This does make some of the bondage I love to see very difficult to translate from a female body (the model in the photo) to a male (me in the real world).
This immediately raises a few questions all of its own: Why do I want breasts? Do I want to be a woman? Do I want to feel like a woman? Do I want to know what it is like to feel like a woman? And on, and on, and on…
I can quickly answer some of these: Do I want to be a woman? No – I’m very happy as a man. Do I want to feel like a woman? Not especially – I like dressing in clothing that is stereotyped as female, and I only do that for sexual pleasure. Do I want to know what it feels like to be a woman? Ah, now that’s where it gets interesting; I really would love to experience the feelings my girlfriend describes she has when we’re making love. I’m very jealous of all those ‘extra’ areas a woman can be stimulated in/by/with. So I guess the answer is ‘yes’ but only if I could step in/out of it as I wish. And I guess I’d also be a lesbian when I was ‘in’ because I simply don’t find men sexy. (This leads onto all the areas like Femskin – which is a topic on its own)
So what can I do? The first and maybe most obvious choice is to do what I did – stuff a few handfuls of material (socks, tissues, tights, scarves, etc) down your top and way you go. OK, it works, sort of. But it is unsatisfactory to me and I’m thinking about what else I could try. Artificial breasts, decent ones, are expensive and way too sophisticated for what I need. So what else is there I could try that will give me the right shape to fulfil my desire to do proper bondage over my upper body - any suggestions?

Turn one of these into a real session – Of either pose I think I would only consider the ‘Jiga’ one as a suitable for a proper session with timed release. I’ve moved it onto my ‘to-do’ list

Once again I hope you enjoy the re-telling and photos of my session as much as I enjoyed doing it.
Play safe

You're a star MJ!

Very interesting approach - to get as close to a favourite photo as possible. And the first photo is one of my favourites as well Wink
You know, for years I wanted boobs. Still do. Not the watermelon size( that would be hard to explain, and I would tip over unless I had a fat rump), but a B or C size.
But what I did find at a toy store, were these squishy type balls that can mold to your bra, and give you tits. With a pair of these, I can fill a 40-C and D cup.
Self bondage is more fun in you have boobs.

As for what a female feels and experiences as your rock hard pecker is slipping inside her, I can only dream about.

As for becoming a female, I am not going through that again.

But as I find some women very sexy, I also see some men as very sexy. And that is, at times, why I want a pussy and boobs. Just to see and feel this hunk of a man shoving his pulsing throbing rock hard cock into my body and let him squirt a white milky load deep inside me, all the while holding me down so I can't get away. "sigh"

Oh well, dreams.
Just in case, this is the thread Tinker D is talking about: (sex change)

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