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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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MJ-SB04/2010 Quick Kneeling Tie
MJ-SB04/2010 Quick Kneeling Tie

Leg Avenue long sleeved body stocking (Nude - Plus size)
Black lycra body
Black Aristoc 40den pantyhose
2 pairs Tan 20den pantyhose
7 Tan 15den knee-highs
High-heeled ankle boots
Large butt-plug
50mm ball (for gag)
Nipple clamps
Mains powered massager
Digital timer

Sorry - no pictures (again!) so a very looooong re-telling of my experience Blush

The session:
Let me be honest here; I was getting desperate for some SB fun and with the cancelation of my planned 3 days ‘home alone’ I was looking for any opportunity to play. So, when the chance for a guaranteed clear hour alone presented itself I jumped at the chance – even though it would be a quick session.

I’d aeady decided that any form of delayed release that involved waiting for ice to melt was not appropriate – too many risks and too short a time-frame if anything went wrong. So my release was going to be a simple struggle to undo knots and such. However, I did want to add ‘something’ to the session and decided that a little risk and discomfort would be nice to spice things up.

The butt-pug went in first – I must have been excited because even though it had been a long time (too long) the biggest plug I have slid in quite easily… nice!

Dressing was as usual with the addition of the Aristoc pantyhose as a ‘base layer’ – these have a small cotton gusset, which I have removed to allow my condom and knee-high covered cock and balls to pass through. This creates a more ‘encased’ feeling that I really enjoy, and also allows me more options with my SB set up if desired (binding of cock and/or balls is easier).

I had planned my bondage to involve kneeling in a half-ball tie position (ankles tied to thighs) and ‘forced’ to bend forwards, which would hopefully result in my wrists (bound behind my back) being cinched tighter. My bending forwards and the price for my release would be controlled by nipple clamps, which would be tied off to a fixed point in front of my body. The idea behind the whole scenario was that I could stay comfortably bound, leaning forward, for as long as I wished, but freedom would come at the price of sitting upright and pulling on my clamped nipples. Added to that, a massager/vibrator would switch on-off teasing me for half an hour or longer before I could finally cum and, inevitably after that, seek my freedom.

Everything was set up and near to hand with the addition of the mains massager, which was aeady plugged into the timer and set to start in 10 minutes. My programming on the timer was a sequence of short ‘on’ and longer ‘off’ that varied in frequency and would ‘tease’ me without bring me to climax, and then culminate in a set of longer ‘on’ and shorter ‘off’ settings that should result in a satisfying conclusion to the session. For anyone who might wish to try this for themselves, my usual timing settings (for an 8 cycle option timer) are as follows:

On 1min - off 5min, On 1min - off 5min, On 1min - off 5min, On 1min - off 5min, On 1min - off 5min, On 1min - off 1min, On 2min - off 1min, On 3min - off.

This allows for a minimum 38min from the start of the first vibration cycle to the end of the last. This was ideal for my planned short session, but is easily configurable for longer duration sessions if desired. Experience has taught me that 1min is just long enough to get me ‘interested’ but, usually, not take me over the edge.
The head of the massager was tucked inside the lycra body, so that it rested only against the shaft of my cock – which was the most comfortable location when I was kneeling.

Now I needed to get a move on and complete my bondage before the timer started its first cycle.

I lashed my ankles together with the rope; 3 times around, then diagonally down and around the instep of my boots, twice, and back up to be cinched tight. One of the reasons I love wearing these boots is because I can tie the entirety of my feet together so tightly – which adds to my feelings of helplessness and, to me, is very sexy indeed.

Kneeling in position, ass pushing down onto my heels, I used more rope to secure myself further. Wrapping another 3 full turns around both my ankles and thighs, I cinched these tightly together by passing the rope twice around the ankle to thigh rope and pulling (very!) tightly upwards between my ass cheeks (nicely stimulating me at the same time) and finally tying it off around my waist. Is it just me, or do others find the sensation of a tight waist rope quite pleasant? Something about the way the rope compresses my stomach causes a very enjoyable feeling to flow through my body – I often wonder about purchasing a waist corset to further explore this area, maybe in the future…

Pausing only to add a short length of rope, looped around my ankle cinch, with a slip-knot at one end, which was left tucked into the waist rope for safe keeping, I moved onwards towards my final bondage.

I experimented with my position; envisaging what may happen if I tipped sideways (I’d positioned myself well away from walls and furniture to avoid any risk of smashing my skull on something should I accidently topple over!) and how helpless I really was. Two things immediately struck me:
Firstly, that this was a very strict tie indeed. I had not really played around with this scenario before and the effects of binding both ankles together and then combining them with my thighs into a single immobile mass was startling to say the least – I really was helplessly stuck with very limited movement of my legs.
And secondly, I was very aware that if ever I did topple over to one side or the other I would, without the use of my hands and arms, be really stuck. Even in a hog-tie, or at least the ones I’ve managed to achieve, I have always been able to move my body across the bed/floor and quite quickly achieve either escape or stimulation (or both). If I had added a chest/upper arm rope and wrist bindings to the ankles/thigh bondage I would be very, very, helpless indeed – possibly with a real risk of becoming truly stuck. I recall experiencing a shiver of excitement at the thought…Biggrin

Speed was now of the utmost importance for the completion of my bondage. The clock was running on the first vibration cycle and I needed to be in position.

Checking all my remaining bits and pieces where easily within reach I pulled a knee-high down over my head, pushed the ball into my mouth (forcing the nylon inside) and then a second knee-high over that, securing the gag in place and encasing my head in nylon. Next I applied the nipple clamps. These are of the ‘clover’ type, whereby the harder you pull them the tighter they pinch closed. This is exactly what I wanted in order to create my predicament – so when I was bent forwards (head down) the clamps would be almost comfortable (through layers of nylon and lycra) and provide gentle stimulation, but when I sat upright they would pull tight against their retaining, slightly stretchy, cords (tied off well out of reach) and begin to bite. The stretchy cords are actually the ‘handles’ from two old carrier bags – isn’t recycling for sex toys fun? Self-bondage should be officially classed as environmentally friendly! 😇 ). They allowed movement without inflicting instant pain, but really pulled tight and hard if I moved too much.Scare3

I reached for a further 4 knee-highs and the final rope wrist coil, pulling 2 knee-highs over each hand and arm to add both a final encasement and to limit my finger movements (and, ultimately my chance of freedom)with in their nylon mittens.

Breathing deeply I calmed myself for the final stage; when ready, with the wrist coil held in one hand, I slowly sat more upright and the clamps started doing their thing, stinging me with a hard bite on each nipple. Hurriedly, wishing the discomfort to stop, I reached behind me and with my free hand grasped the slip-knot loop, then worked it free from the waist rope and slipped the loop up over my wrist, high up towards my elbow. Snorting through my nose and whimpering softly into the ball gag (I did yelp at one point as I twisted and tugged on one clamped nipple quite hard), I wriggled my wrists into the rope coils. This was in the manner of a box tie – wrists horizontal and each hand pointing towards the opposite elbow. Happy all was ok I then twisted my wrists to a vertical position, tightening the coils and trapping myself in a ‘figure of eight’ type bondage. I manipulated the slip-knot down my right arm and over the twisted rope between my wrists – now for the tricky bit.

With my bound wrists touching the heels of my boots I reached back until I found the free end of the slip-knot rope, which you may recall was looped around my ankle cinch rope. All the time I was doing this the clamps where, none too gently, reminding me of the price I had to pay to sit upright. With the free end in my nylon encased fingers I pulled and tugged it as tight as I could, causing the slip-knot to cinch around the wrist coil. When satisfied I couldn’t tighten it further I proceeded to loop the free end over the wrist rope, behind my waist rope and then tie it off using multiple hitch knots (I think 8 in total) before I could no longer tie any.

At last I could lean forward and relieve the bite of those clamps, but the effort pulled the wrist rope and its tether snug, trapping my bound wrists hard against my ass. I was in self bondage… at long last. Clapping

As always I revelled in the moment of helplessness. By my own hand I was nylon and lycra encased, my ass stuffed with silicon, my mouth gagged, my nipples clamped and tethered, and my body strictly bound in place. Oh how I wished I could have recorded the scene (the price for time alone was the use of our camera by the GF, though I doubt she would never have guessed what I’d have used it for had she left it at home), it felt incredibly sexy and even thinking about it now is causing me to become aroused.Secret2

Suddenly the massager started me from my day-dreams. Somewhat unexpectedly my earlier arousal had diminished and the first 1min cycle wasn’t enough to fully re-inflate my cock. In reality this was exactly what I wanted to happen – mild stimulation only, not too much, not just yet…

Whilst I knelt there (nearly) helplessly bound and gagged, waiting for my penultimate torment to continue in its next cycle, I began to fantasise.

My position almost demanded replacing the plug with a long dildo; I imagined that the constant pressure of my predicament would slowly, inexorably, force the dildo deeper and deeper into my helpless body. I daydreamed about my futile attempts to gain stimulation from the intruder in my ass, but being so tightly bound that all I felt was frustration.

Then I thought about how I could be forced to deep-throat a second dildo (I blame Ra for this fantasy – it all started when he painted such an erotic picture of his known experiences), the only way to gain respite from my clamps would be to bend forwards and swallow down the dildo, lessening the elastic tension that pinched and pulled on my nipples. I can’t deep throat like Ra (but am getting better), so I imagined how desperate I would become and how gagging on the dildo’s length would cause drool to drip from my mouth onto my nylon clad legs. My mind ran riot with images of finally being able to swallow the whole length of silicon, so deeply that I couldn’t breathe and had to endure the tug of the clamps whilst I gasped for breath – dark fantasy indeed!Diablo

Again I was interrupted by the powerful surge of the massager, more insistent this time due to my aroused state. So close this time that I had to distract myself with thoughts of an utterly non-sexual nature (mowing the lawn!) to prevent myself from climaxing. I wish I could set it for less than 1min ‘on’ – it’s about 5 seconds too long for 'safety'.

I knew there would be 5 minutes of respite, so somewhat perversely spent that time trying to turn myself off (more mowing the lawn, washing dishes, work – the latter did the trick… almost too well!)
Another minute of torment passed without incident – my almost flaccid cock refusing to respond. As I sat, virtually motionless, a further cycle was completed with the massager proving to be more of a ‘tickle’ than a stimulation (hmm… no surprise that work really does damper my ardour).
I was feeling so ‘un-sexy’ at that time that I began to notice a few developments in my self-bondage situation.

What I hadn’t expected was that the effect of bending forwards, to relieve the clamps on my nipples, increased the tension on my wrist ropes and pulled my shoulders backwards. Initially this had been exciting and brought a whole new sensation to my predicament – however, as time wore on the tension was more uncomfortable than pleasurable. I managed to alleviate it to a degree by sliding my lower arms outwards slightly, but this, in turn, became nearly as uncomfortable as my shoulders had been. (I’ve since tried this position, un-bound, in an attempt to figure out why it caused me a problem – my conclusion is that I hadn’t properly ‘warmed-up’ and stretched before I began… hopefully lesson learnt)

Finally I had to do something to ease the muscles and, drawing a deep breath, I slowly straightened my back into an upright position. My nipples must have become numb, because at first there was only a sensation of pulling (not unpleasant at all) as the elasticity in the cord connecting the clamps cushioned the tightening effects of my body movement. I was comfortable again and flexed my shoulders as much as I could to ease the tension within them. My wrists felt fine, even comfortable, and my legs also seemed to be ok with no indication of numbness or cramp, which had been a slight worry before I started.
With the discomfort in my shoulders removed I returned to my fantasising;

I envisaged myself bound in the same position, but with wrists padlocked in cuffs, not rope. A set-up of pulleys, weights and containers that had been arranged around me in such a manner that my freedom would only be achieved by sucking the fluid out of a container, that would allow my keys to descend into my waiting, bound, hands. However, there would be a double price to pay for my escape. The fluid would be something drinkable, but unpleasant (perversely I imagined a salty viscous mixture, emulating cum – a combination of ‘yuck’ and eroticism in my fantasy fuelled mind) and would be achieved through a hollow dildo or similar mouth filling plug. The descent of the keys would be balanced by an increased weight on my nipple clamps, combining the horrid taste with physical discomfort – sadistically driving me to swallow more quickly in order to be free from both cuffs and clamps. Next I replaced the idea of clamps with an enema release; somewhere, connected either to the descending keys or to the rising (as it emptied) liquid container would be an enema release mechanism. At a point well before I could reach the keys an enema would be released into my bound body. Once again I would be driven to drink the foul fluid as quickly as possible to gain my freedom.

The sudden re-starting of the massager was a very welcome interruption to my musings and, as it ran through yet another cycle, my arousal, aeady high, was further increased. I confess to desperately seeking stimulation to take me over the edge. I tried tugging on the cinch rope that was tied off around my waist, seeking to somehow manipulate the butt plug in my ass. When this failed I sought the only other stimulation of an erogenous zone within my control and almost desperately began to work on my tethered and clamped nipples. The numbness that had existed was replaced by a pulsing ache that, in my heightened state of sexual excitement was not unpleasant. I realised that I was sweating profusely with the effort of seeking stimulation whilst maintaining my balance – my efforts where almost frantic and my heels began to dig into my ass as I rhythmically moved my body back and forth. I was making soft grunting noises through the gag and drawing air noisily through my nylon covered nostrils; I was almost lost in a pre-orgasmic frenzy.

Too soon the timer cut power away from my electrical torment, leaving me on the brink… very nearly too far to stop. I halted my motion, not wishing to cum, not yet, not wanting to lose that erotic moment that exists between the height of arousal and physical climax. Now I didn’t want to cum, but was so close I might not be able to stop it. The ache in my clamped nipples helped, becoming less erotic and more painful as my lust slowly abated – my almost painful erection (un-noticed in my lust crazed moments), crushing itself against both its nylon prison and hard massage head, relaxing into a less solid state.

Ahh… I had lost count of the cycles – the massager kicked in once more, having only rested for the briefest of 60 seconds, now running on a longer cycle.

Amazingly, before I had even achieved full erection, I came – a long, shuddering, ejaculation, so intense and prolonged that I momentarily thought I might even be urinating… but, lost in the moment, I didn’t care.
Finally, with the massager still running, I was spent and exhausted.

As always, and I think this is true for both men and women, the immediate post orgasm period of warm delight was all to quickly replaced by cold reality. My nipples hurt like hell, my toes had been crunched up in their boots by my movements and cramp was threatening my legs – I had to be free, urgently.

I know the struggle to undo my bondage took some time, as the final cycle (too late to achieve its intended aim – but interestingly pleasant) had completed before I managed to free my bound hands, and I had to endure more nipple torture as I fiddled and struggled to undo so many knots around my wrists before I could finally unclamp my nipples and release my bound legs.

What went well?
The position was surprisingly comfortable for a short session - more work needed to see if longer sessions could be achieved.
I personally love the ‘stay bound or suffer’ element, which is a development in my SB that has only really come to the fore in the last few years.
The massager is a bonus that, for me at least, helps retain my sexual ‘interest’ during a session
My ultimate climax was one of the most intense I’ve ever experienced during a SB session (and it was all cum and nothing more when I checked), I think as result of the combination of plug and the position I was bound in, pushing it against my prostrate.
The ‘lots of knots’ approach to delaying freedom was effective, especially for a short session, when combined with the ‘stay bound or suffer’ scenario.

What could be improved?
Rope around my upper body – I absolutely wanted that extra bondage of my arms and chest as I was fantasising; but, looking back, I know I need to ensure my safety should I tumble sideways.
Forced drinking to be free is a ‘must try’ for me now – every time is think about it I get excited at the prospect and though I don’t have the equipment, nor an immediate opportunity, it will be attempted sooner rather than later. Plus it allows me to have a less painful release mechanism for days when I’m not in the ‘mood’ for that particular experience.
The massager and timer combination have raised an interesting option for the future and a longer SB session – right at the end of this session, as I struggled to free myself, the massager cut in for its final cycle. Despite my distraction, discomfort and recent climax, I did feel the initial stirring of renewed interest between my legs. Now I find myself wondering if, in much longer session (say 2-4hrs?), I might be able to use a daisy chain of timers (I have 4 – so the possibilities are extensive) to attempt a second orgasm (or more!) during a session – something I’ve never achieved. The more I ponder this, the more it appeals to me. One of my biggest problems with prolonged SB (apart from finding the time to do it!) is how to retain an element of excitement in what I’m doing. The thought of a series of ‘forced orgasms’ throughout a longer period of helplessness starts to excite me in a manner I’ve not experienced for some time. Instead of a predictable period of comfortable bondage, I could introduce a less controlled element. I think that I would need to be blindfolded/masked or in some way unable to know how much time has passed, making it impossible to predict when anything might happen. I would need to programme the timer/timers – this would take away some unpredictability, though not all. I would, obviously, know what I had programmed into the timer(s) and so could, if I remembered, know what cycle sequence I was in, but importantly not exactly when it would start. Interestingly my timers have a ‘random’ option, which I think invokes the programmed on-off cycles in an order different to the 1, 2, 3, - 8 they normally follow. If this works (and I’m not sure quite how it will with the programming I use) then I really would be at the mercy of the system! (I’ve got one on the desk in-front of me to test this out – I’m almost being scientific in my approach!). Now, the obvious question is not ‘would it work, but rather ‘will it work for me’ – will the sensations be pleasurable or become a torment? A worrying thought is that after an initial pleasurable cycle I might find myself literally stuck in another cycle or cycles of less desirable torment (tickling could be the least of it!) – Further (s)experimentation is required.

Well – there you go, another real session reported, more fun had and a great experience enjoyed.

I apologise again if my retelling is overlong and maybe, just a little, self indulgent – but I find relating my experiences to be both cathartic and fun, so please forgive me my brief moments of happiness if you will.

I hope this inspires or stimulates you – comments are as always most welcome

Have fun - Play safe

That needs to be read again and more thoroughly... Comments later 😉

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