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MJ-SB04 2008
I posted some of this last year, but can’t recall where – so I’m doing a proper post for the forum.

Long-sleeved Tan Opaque body stocking
2 Pairs of Tan 'control top' pantyhose (1 with gusset removed)
Knee-high/pop sock & condom
8 pairs of XXL Tan Pantyhose
Long silicon dildo
Head harness gag

Pantyhose encasement and self-bondage

My plan was to only use pantyhose as my encasement and bondage material, so I started of with the condom (OK, not pantyhose, but prevents making a ‘mess’:blush😊 and a knee-high over my cock, followed by the body stocking (it has an open crotch – wish it didn’t but that seems to be the only style you can get!). Now, with the aid of a surprisingly small amount of lube the dildo went in – it’s quite big, but even for a novice like me quite comfortable if I’m ‘in the mood’.

To hold the dildo in, I quickly pulled on the control top pantyhose: the first pair with the gusset removed to allow my cock through and the second over the top. I like this feeling of my cock trapped between layers of nylon, there is a sensation I get that excites me – for short sessions the layers are reduced (more stimulus) and for longer sessions increased (less stimulus – more frustration!). The extra elasticity in the control tops helps hold the dildo in place, quickly pushing it back inwards if I expelled it – very nice!

Next I take the XXL pantyhose and double up one pair (leg in leg), which goes over both my legs and is pulled up to my waist. These pantyhose where a great find in the local discount store, I think they were branded as ‘maternity’ tights, but I purchased two packs of four for the tiny sum of £2 – how I now wish I’d brought the entire stock!😕

The next pair went on with only one leg encasing my (bound) legs and the spare leg on the left-hand outside of my body. Because of the size of these pantyhose you can pull the waist quite high up your chest (and I’m over 185cm tall) so the empty leg is nearly in line with your arms - perfect. The third pair went on the same way to the right-hand side.

I had aeady prepared two pairs of the pantyhose, with one inside the other, for the next step. One leg of the double pair went over my head, with as much of the leg(s) pulled over as I could manage. Over the top of this went my head harness gag – as always I wanted a gag that couldn’t be easily removed. Only now did I put my left then right arms into the spare legs of the pantyhose encasing my legs and I pulled the waist band up over my shoulders on both sides.

Now for the tricky part; I pulled the pantyhose on my head so that they came down over my shoulders (another advantage of XXL as I have broad shoulders), making sure the spare leg(s) where in the centre of my back. Once my elbows were inside, I manoeuvred my arms behind my back and into the empty legs (Ra shows this in his ‘Pantyhose single glove’ technique). At this point the XXL size works both for and against you: on the plus side it makes the effort of getting your arms into the legs so much easier, as is the act of pulling the waist over your shoulders (if you’re like me). The down-side is that your arms aren’t trapped as well as a smaller size would do, so escape is ‘relatively’ easy.


At last, I’m totally encased in pantyhose and my arms and legs are bound. I rolled about on the bed for some time enjoying the wonderful sensation of restricting nylon all over my body. Then I discovered that with the right body position and some ‘internal’ muscle flexing I could achieve a frustrating degree of stimulation from the dildo in my ass – enough to tease, not enough to fulfil.

The release?

All too easy… manipulate your arms back up out of the leg(s) and you’re free.🤔

What went well?

The dildo was a revelation; I’d not tried this method before but will use it more often in the future. I do love the way a butt-plug ‘fits’ and stays in place, which is ideal for many of my sessions, but the way the dildo moved in and out was a new and exciting sensation that I must try again.

The XXL pantyhose are brilliant and I love the way I can use them to encase my body so well. I have even used them with one leg over both my legs and the other over my head and shoulders so that the crotch is across my belly and the waist almost meeting at my back (Yes – they are that big!)

I want to try a version of this for an all night session of encased bondage!

What could be improved?

The weakness with my plan was that it was all to easy to escape from and release my ‘tensions’ (ahem!), so I need a way to prevent this from happening – but still be able to (eventually) get free without destroying the pantyhose.

A better gagging arrangement would be great – maybe Ra’s pantyhose/condom hood gag? But I will need to be able to see what I’m doing and also be safe (don’t want to choke).

I am also on the look-out for lycra leggings to use in combination with my lycra zentai suit. I’d need some that would work on my legs and some for my head/shoulders/arms – in this case I would aeady be encased, so the lycra leggings are just for the self-bondage.

One thing that occurs to me is that this would really work well if two people where playing together – but this is about self-bondage so I’m stuck with what I can do by myself. 😉

Hope this inspires you all

This sounds pretty cool, Madjack. Can you think of a way to use a chinch noose and wrist coil to make it a bit tougher to release yourself?
Hi Doubleflash

This is the problem - because the pantyhose work like a single-glove/armbinder, you can't make a cinched loop around your wrists (both are in a single leg tube). I had wondered if I could try a variant using a loop of rope around my body and arms (at hight of my wrists), then cinching the rope between my back and wrists - thus fastening my arms to my body and tightening my wrists at the same time.

But... I'm not sure how to make it work safely (I've got to be able to get free!) or how to set it up in the first place!

You can make a small hole in the reinforced toe part of the single-glove and put the cinch-noose inside "the glove". The pull rope would go through the hole to anything you want.

To release you will need to get to the knife, get it inside "the glove" and cut the ropes. Or just cut through both "the glove" and the ropes.
Hmmm... I see what you're suggesting, but damage my precious pantyhose! EEEEKKKK!

I will consider the options 😊

(13 May 2009, 20:17 )madjack Wrote: Hmmm... I see what you're suggesting, but damage my precious pantyhose! EEEEKKKK!
Either buy cheap pantyhose for that purpose, or get the knife inside 😉 Actually, I'm not sure if it's possible to cut the rope inside the pantyhose and not to cut them. Never tried that.

Yeah, I also hate to damage my stuff. For the single-glove I would prefer to use the support type of pantyhose, and they are quite expensive.

(13 May 2009, 20:17 )madjack Wrote: I will consider the options 😊

And they are?
Hi all

I've just realised that I never posted any photos to go with this session - let me correct that at once!

I'm all encased with my head-harness gag on and the dildo deep in my ass:
Pulling the waist of the pantyhose that will form my 'single-leg pantyhose arm binder' down over my shoulders:
Wriggling my hands and arms into the leg (multiple legs inside one-another) behind my back:
Finally bound and helpless, with my arms in the single-leg pantyhose (can you see the end of my dildo through the nylon? It went in a lot deeper as I struggled!)

Hope you enjoy

Photos always help 😉
(05 Feb 2011, 01:13 )Like Ra Wrote: Photos always help 😉

Don't they just! 😁

Looking at my original post I'm now sure the photos where there, but must have been lost in one of the site 'crashes' - whatever the reason they're back now😎

The dilemma for me is the desire for better quality photos Vs the cost to purchase a camera that has software to do timed 'still' shots (like your own does Ra) Vs the time to do any SB at all!😟

A good camera can be used not only for self-bondage, right? 😉 I like Canon, for example, the latest Canon G12 (eBay) is a pretty decent "crossover" camera.

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