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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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MJ-SB04 2007
Long-sleeved Opaque body stocking (tan)
4 pairs pantyhose (tan)
3 ‘knee-highs’
Black Lycra body
High-heeled boots
Head-harness gag
Ice-cubes and SRD
Emergency release
Butt plug
Lots of rope!

The session:
I’d had the house to myself for nearly a week and had done some pretty amazing sessions aeady (see my earlier posts), however I wanted this session to be bigger and better. Even after days of self-bondage fun I still couldn’t wait to get myself helplessly bound, so as soon as I was plugged, dressed (my particular thing is multiple layers of pantyhose – I’d also encased my cock in nylon using the knee-high as described in other posts) and booted, I started to apply my bondage. I must admit to a failure for 100% coverage (sorry Ra! 😯ops: ) – I’d left my hands free to do the knotting and also a small area of my chest was missing that lovely layer of fabric.

I began my bondage at my booted ankles which where firmly lashed together, and then further ropes above and below my knees. I added a final rope around my upper thighs, cinching it tight and then drawing the free end (going from front to back) up to the small of my back and then wrapped the remaining rope tightly around my waist. This meant that a rope was now tight across the butt plug, holding it in place (not that it was required with all those layers of nylon and the lycra body) and my waist corseted in rope – nice! 😁

I had chosen the bed for the session location, but had added a twist! I’d rolled the duvet into a long sausage and set it on the very edge of one side of the bed (all my gear was set up or laid close to hand). Sitting on the edge of the bed my bum was balancing on the top of the rolled duvet, it would be very easy to over-balance backwards and fall crosswise onto the bed – which was all part of my plan. I used more rope to secure my tied ankles to the edge of the bed, holding my balance a little more – but not much. Next I applied a pair of pantyhose, one leg inside the other, pulled down over my head which I followed with the harness gag.

My next step was to ‘activate’ my emergency escape method. In deference to Ra’s forum and website rules, all I will say is that I would have the option to move backwards and free myself, but at a cost! Once set-up, the emergency escape made it essential to maintain my balance on the rolled duvet - If I tipped backwards… well, lets just say ‘not good’! :evil:

I should really describe the SRD and ice-cube timer: this was a fairly simple set-up - a couple of ice-cubes inside the laundry bag prevented it pulling through a single ring I had attached to the SRD. The tie cord of the laundry bag was secured to a fixing away from the bed. This assembly held the SRD tightly until the ice melted and then released the whole SRD – allowing my freedom.

Before setting off on the final stage, I switched the video camera on to record my session.

For my delayed release I had set the SRD behind my back, with a rope noose and the tightening pull-cord close to hand. Pulling the two remaining knee-highs over each hand and over the long sleeves of the body-stocking completed my near total encasement (next time I will go for 100% 😁 ). I placed my wrists behind me, slid the rope noose up my left arm and forced both wrists through a rope that was pre-formed into a series of loops – just large enough for me to squeeze my wrists through and still be comfortable. Now I worked the noose back down over the left wrist so that it would cinch the wrist loops together when pulled tight. After pausing to check everything I could think about was OK (you all know this part! Did I lock the front door? Am I sure no-one is planning to visit? Are my safety devices in place? Is it warm enough to melt the ice before my partner comes home? And all the other last minute worries! Wink )

Finally ready, I hauled on the tightening rope of the SRD. After a few tugs I felt the noose begin to tighten, a few more and I was aeady getting that delicious feeling of being truly helpless. Even though the noose was now tight, cinching my wrists helplessly together, I still pulled the rope tighter and my wrists where now pulled backwards away from my body, not quite a Strappado – but close. 8)

Now I was truly stuck, with no escape until the ice melted or I paid the price of an early release. I had deliberately made my predicament worse by the need to remain balanced on the edge of the bed. The pull on my arms and wrists tried to tumble me backwards off the rolled duvet, but that would cause the emergency release to happen – not something I wanted to undergo! :twisted: I could use my bound legs as a lever to keep me upright (tying my ankles to the bed was a great help), but this was very exhausting. The best approach I found was to remain perfectly still and the balance held.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay still when you’re bound and turned on? :?:

I desperately wanted to writhe and stimulate myself. The rope holding my plug in was a real distraction, any movement caused it to push the butt-plug a little – and my breathing caused movement! I tried leaning forwards, which helped for a little time, but the rope pulling my wrists backwards became uncomfortable after a minute or two (my shoulders would start to ache) and I had to move backwards again, risking the overbalance and…. !

Always before my SB antics had a fairly easy escape route – maybe a long crawl, an awkward shuffle or fiddling with lots of rope and knots – I knew I could be free if I wanted to be. This session was different, freedom was possible – but at a cost I didn’t really want to pay (unless the house caught fire or something similarly awful happened). I wasn’t going to be free until that ice melted, I couldn’t fall asleep and let the time pass without falling over (not good!) so I had to stay alert and focused.

After around 20 minutes I tried tugging on the SRD hoping it would come free – nothing gave. I tried twisting and pulling my wrists free of the cinched loops – stuck solid. I even tried to alter my position to ease the balancing – no slack to move.

It was my ultimate SB experience so far! And, despite all the aches and effort, I was loving every moment of it! After around 45 minutes (I could just make out the LED of the bedside clock) I was even beginning to plan my next session – I could be fully encased, use more ice, rig a delayed enema…

Finally after just over an hour I felt the SRD noose rope become slack and my arms, through still bound, could relax against my back once more - howvere, I still wasn’t free! Even though the SRD had been released I had to struggle to free the noose cinch and avoid the dreaded over-balancing. I guess it took me a further 5 minutes of often frantic struggles to free my wrists and another 5 minutes to de-activate the emergency release and un-tie my legs (important safety note to self – what if there had been an really urgent need to be free?).

As you might imagine the final release was well deserved… 😁 Wink

The release:
Waiting for those ice cubes to melt sufficiently, to allow the laundry bag to pull through the small ring, which retained the SRD – highly recommended.

What went well?
Nearly all of it! I still get turned on watching the recording of myself!

What could be improved?
I really want to figure out a great way of using rope to bind my wrists, but for it not be too much of a struggle to free myself (the fine line between sexy and scary!) or maybe find something else (not keen on handcuffs) that can give me the same feelings.

I want to be fully encased in nylon/lycra (I was so close, yet so far!) – But I have to figure out how to see and feel my way into SB through the layers covering me.

Could I incorporate an enema as part of the release method? My idea is that I would be forced to start it as part of the initial release and then have ‘x’ minutes to fully free myself, as it emptied into my body (it took nearly 10 minutes in my session). Has anyone tried this – do you have any tips or ideas?

There! I hope you folks enjoyed another one of my sessions - I do have some screen shots from the video, but Ra would have to OK them before I would post (his site - his rules).

Have fun and stay safe!

madjack Wrote:I do have some screen shots from the video, but Ra would have to OK them before I would post (his site - his rules)
Just want to answer that first, before I carefully read the rest 😉
Actually, I decided that the forum will be a place with practically no limits and as less as possible censorship. While I prefer to see aesthetically perfect photos and drawings, I do understand that they practically do not exist, especially in this [self-bondage] area. So, please post the images.

And another point about publish[ed|ing] explicit materials . This is not related to the topic, though. I would call it a "Disclaimer". Some people do need "to let the steam go". But I noticed two major cases:

1- People who have just found the resource and who cannot hold themselves off letting the others know that they are also "in the theme" and they have something to show or to say. This is normal and after 5-10 posts the overheated sperm evaporates and they can "speak" normally.

2- Non-adequate people. I prefer to keep them off the resources I manage or moderate (I moderate several forums).

It does not matter how "perverted" me|you|they are. If nobody's hurt, everything is legal and within consent - I'm fine with it. I'm very tolerant to any "features" and "deviations". But let's be civil, polite and tolerant and use common sense 😉
Hi Ra

Thanks for your words, I hope my posting doesn't disappoint 😟

I've captured a few shots ('screen caps') from the video and edited them - because I'm shy and worry about people I might know seeing them 😯ops:

.... but then, why would they be looking on this website, and why would I be any more embarrased they they might be?

Hmmmm...... Wink

Anyway, here we go:
 SRD SB stuck.JPG    I've just pulled the SRD tight - now I'm stuck

 SRD SB don't fall.JPG    Trying not to fall over and pull on those ropes to the emergency release

 SRD SB overbalancing.JPG    Whoa there! nearly went that time!

For those that want to know these things; the clips (clover clamps adjusted to reduce their 'bite' but retain grip) aren't painful unless you pull them. The line (you can just see it coming toward the lens) was elasticated and attached to a heavy jar of fluid above the camera - freedom at the price of a new digital recorder and a very wet bedroom floor (only for use in real emergencies) :!: 😟

...and yes! I did try this out somewhere else to ensure I could pull the jar over if I had to ('ouch!' and 'yuk!' all in one go)

I'm working on how to either get a better screen cap picture resolution or some way to use my 8Mb digital still camera to produce clearer pictures. Also I will try to remember to capture some 'before' shots of my set-up and selected attire - such as Ra so very thoughtfully provides (my trouble is that I'm always in a rush to get started or only have a small amount of time for my fun... excuses, excuses! 😁 )

Hope you enjoy - will post more sessions soon (I have them nearly ready!)

Nicely done, MJ. The clover clamps are a delightfully devious touch. -DF
Hey thanks doubleflash - I 'enjoyed' them too!


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