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MJ-SB02/2014 – Home alone 1: Balance or suffer
At long last I had some proper time ‘home alone’ and my immediate desire was to try a simple session that would get me back into the ‘self-bondage’ zone. Indeed I was so eager to get a session underway that I couldn’t be bothered to set up a video camera, so there are limited photos with this posting... sorry.Sad

70den closed crotch nylon long sleeved bodysuit with sheath
40den tights
12 knee-highs
Butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
Black Lycra body
Clover nipple clamps
Ring gag
Home-made cock vibrator
Digital timer

The session:
I decided to make this a ‘stay still or suffer’ predicament style session, using my clover nipple clamps as the ‘suffer’ element (if you aren’t familiar with these, they bite harder the more you pull against them) and a balanced position to challenge me to stay still. To add some more ‘spice’ to my session I added in my home-made ‘cock vibrator’ on a timer.

First order of the day was to get a plug in my ass, my new toys hadn’t yet arrived so my old faithful plug was lubricated and surprisingly easily pushed in. Next came some cock and ball bondage (if you don’t want to look I’ve hidden the photos behind the ‘spoiler’ tab) – this is something I do when I’m in an especially ‘sub’ mood and am looking for an extra dimension to my self-bondage (the nipple clamps are another give-away of my mood)

Previous experiments and experience meant I had a good idea of what to do, so using a long length (1.5m) of thin cord I swiftly circled the base of my cock and balls with several turns of the cord, then wrapping crosswise I repeated the action but only around my balls. The idea is not to have the cord too tight, but tight enough to feel the bondage and to make your balls stretch out from the base. Once bound, I pulled a condom over both cock and balls, which also helped hold the cord in place.

Show ContentHairy cock close up, you have been warned:

With the first phase of my cock bondage complete I dressed in the bodysuit, thrilling to the encasement it brings and the feeling of sliding my latex covered cock into the nylon sheath. The vibrator came next and I used a single knee-high to trap it against my cock, pulling it over then twisting it once around the base of cock and balls before repeating the layering of nylon a second time. The lead for the vibrator came out from the base of the double layer of knee-high nylon. Not satisfied with the tightness of the vibrator again my cock I used a third knee-high to bind everything together.

Show Contentanother cock close up:

Happy that all was well I added the thick opaque chocolate coloured tights, followed by my Lycra body. These two additional layers guaranteed that not only was the vibrator now held firmly in place against my already achingly erect cock, but also that gaining access to it would not be easy, especially when I added my bondage.
Next on where my ankle boots, swiftly followed by a knee-high over my head, my ball gag and two more knee-highs over my head to hold everything in place and leave only my hands free from any form of encasement.

I probably looked ungainly as the plug for my vibrator was dangling from between my legs and swinging around as I climbed onto the bed. Firstly I tied a short length of stretchy cord to the bead across the head of the bed, then I connected my vibrator (via a transformer in the plug – no mains voltage) to the digital timer I had pre-set for 1 or 2min cycles every 2, 3 or 4 minutes (randomly entered as I set the 10 programs). Finally I tied another length of rope to the foot of the bed, leaving the lose end near the centre.

With around 10min before the first ‘on’ cycle of the vibrator due to start I knelt in centre of the bed looking towards the head end. I used a long length of rope to bind and cinch each leg between ankle and thigh, with the end of the rope tied tightly around my waist. It was already difficult to hold my balance on the mattress, and I constantly had to correct myself to prevent tumbling forwards, backwards or even sideways.

The nipple clamps where applied next (even though two layers they still held firm) and then tied to the springy cord with all of the slack taken out (but not tight). After making sure I knew where all my remaining items where I used yet another two knee-highs to blindfold myself (not that I had good vision anyway). These knee-highs are very useful items – but I think they look ugly when worn as intended!
Working by touch I gathered the rope from the foot of the bed and tucked it upwards through the rope around my waist, tying a small loop in the end. Next I worked another two knee-highs up each arm, completing my nylon encasement. Finally and with some difficulty I found the coiled rope I used for binding my wrists, pushed each wrist though the loops from opposite directions and grasped the free end of the rope to the foot-board. Twisting my wrists so that both arms now pointed downwards (I’ll have to video this) I used the foot-board rope to cinch the coils together before finally slipping the end loop over my left wrist.

I was fully bound at last! Kneeling precariously on the bed any forwards movement caused my wrist bondage to pull tight and any backwards or sideways movement resulted in the clamps tugging and biting on my helpless nipples. Being unable to see added to the disorientation of my position and every slight movement on the springy mattress felt exaggerated as I struggled to maintain my upright position.

Suddenly the forgotten vibration clicked into life, buzzing against my bound and encased cock, re-igniting my erection. For a full minute I gasped and groaned through my gag, causing drool to dampen the nylon over my head. Then, just as I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm the timer clicked off! Sooo close and yet so far. Big Grin

The second cycle seemed to take an age to start (it was only 2mins) and I spent the time trying all sorts of ways to stimulate myself - bouncing up and down trying to work the plug in my ass was the best, not only did it feel good as I rode the plug, but it also caused the clamps to tug randomly on my aching nipples which drove me deeper into my self-bondage ‘sub-space’. When the cycle did cut in I was already wantonly lost to my own passions and the orgasm was upon me in a flash and despite ‘suffering’ another 2 cycles of the vibrator (not unpleasant, just not exciting) I had to admit defeat and un-tied myself.

What went well?
The vibrator – a Hands Free Orgasm (HFO) is something special for me, especially when I’m in self-bondage. My vibrator is actually an old cheap battery powered ‘hand and foot massager’ (Yeah, right – who where they trying to kid?). To convert it to my needs I simply used an old mobile phone charger which converts 240VAC to 3VDC. I was very careful and tested the conversion fully before use with 20mins solid ‘on’ to ensure no heat build-up or similar. I also only use the proper manufacture’s transformer (not cheap eBay ones – as I’ve got loads of the proper ones lying around it was great to find a use for one!). I used my usual digital timer to switch the power on/off (no longer then 2mins on and no longer than 5mins off after the start of the first programme – which still provides over 30mins of fun/torment on my timer)

Balancing on the bed or suffering – I’m not a masochist (nor a sadist for that matter – the BDSM tag isn’t really me, maybe just the B), but the combination of bondage, balance and consequences of anything more than tiny movements was great fun and very exciting.

What could be improved?
The HFO… or maybe not! Though I was desperate to cum, what I really wanted was to be brought to the brink 9 times and then to cum only on the 10th and final cycle. This is a real challenge to achieve and probably impossible in self-bondage play (you either cum too soon or not at all in my experiences). The one positive was discovering that I could tolerate additional cycles after my orgasm without discomfort (maybe if I’d stayed bound for longer I could have become aroused again?)

Too easy to escape – this session wasn’t a ‘real’ self-bondage one, where escape was impossible without some pre-set release or more challenging ‘suffering’. I could have used an ice release or even contrived a way that I had to really pull against the clamps to reach a knife/scissors to free myself… maybe next time

Video – it was only afterwards that I wished I’d taken the time to set up a video or two to capture my session. The still shots really only show one aspect of my bondage (and not very well at that) in hindsight I think it could have produced some fun images to share.

I really enjoyed what was a comparatively simple session and learnt some new things to try again later.

As always, play safe

Very nice setup.

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