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MJ-SB02/2012 – Frustration is mounting
Ok, I’m getting desperate – this was a very short (for me) session and though great fun I was left feeling…. …disappointed… …desperate… …frustrated!

Another point worth making is that I'm so busy with 'real world' stuff (work, health, friends and family) that it has taken me over a month to post this session.... I need a break ☹

70den open crotch nylon bodysuit
20den sheer pantyhose
High-heeled ankle boots
8 knee-highs
Short spreader bar
2 shackles
Soft ball
Ring gag
3 collars with d-rings
Leather hood
Black lycra body

The session:

In theory I could have had a good few hours of ‘alone time’ but the reality of life meant that by the time I had finished all those little tasks that needed to be done and showered to remove the accumulated grime associated with them, I was both physically tired and also very short of playtime; but I was determined to try something… anything in fact! With time in short supply I didn’t set up the camera; it takes too long to get into the correct position and then the process of downloading, converting and capturing screen shots also requires a surprising amount of time and effort.
I quickly decided that simple would be best and that a chair-tie was a good option to go for. My condom cover cock was soon nestling in the nylon sheath of my bodysuit, but not before I’d bound both cack and balls in 1m of thin nylon cord – this is something I occasionally do in short sessions (it can become uncomfortable in a longer ones, because I like it nice and TIGHT!) and it did encourage my cock to stiffen even more.

Over the bodysuit went a pair of super shiny pantyhose, these are another recent purchase and came with an unintended bonus of a defect hole in the crotch which perfectly aligns with my cock - so guess what I did? Then I pulled on my trusty lycra body, which is looking very worn out now and due for replacement soon if I can find a suitably sexy one to purchase. I finished off my dressing by adding high-heeled boots, for that ‘super sexy’ look and feel.

I positioned the chair back against the bed, with all my ropes, gag, etc in easy reach. The spreader bar went across the chair seat close to the chair back so that when I was seated it couldn’t move forwards. I wrapped a collar around each booted ankle and attached a shackle to each of the d-rings; by sitting back in the chair I could (just about!) pull each booted ankle up to the corresponding eye at either end of the spreader bar and clip the shackle to the eye. This resulted in my legs being bent at the knee, backwards towards the bed and lifted from the floor to hang slightly spread away from my body. My next step was to use rope to bind my body tightly to the chair seat and back, this was a simple case of wrapping the rope around and across my torso and thighs with the occasional cinch to tighten everything up. I did add a small change to the bondage by introducing a second rope under my crotch with a looped ‘noose’ in the end through which I fed the coiled rope I would use to bind my wrists. I positioned this rope so that it was as tight as possible to my crotch and the chair seat.

As I was planning a short session without a forced delay to my release I wanted to add an element that, to be honest, is too intense for a longer session – the leather hood! This is a lace up style hood, without any eye, mouth or nose holes; which make it very erotic but at the same time quite scary to wear. I’ve never had a real scare with it, but fear that in a true self-bondage session where I can’t escape it might be too much for me to handle – breathing is restricted and the heat build-up noticeable. But this wasn’t a concern today and I was determined to ‘go for it!’

Firstly two knee-highs went over my head, and then I pushed a large soft ball into my mouth through the nylon, securing it in place by using my ring gag. A further two knee-highs followed over that to ensure there was no way the ball could be ejected form my mouth and finally the hood itself; I used the laces to tighten it as much as I could (disappointingly loose for something supposed to be ‘one size fits all’ and me having a big head!) and then added a collar around my neck and the hood to fix it even more securely in place. I was now blind and working by touch alone.

Groping behind me I located the final 4 knee-highs and rapidly pulled 2 over each hand and arm (up past my elbows) to complete my total encasement. All that was left was to find the wrist coils of rope between by spread thighs and push my encased hands through the loops – then a final tug upwards an I was bound.

After such a long time without any real play even this lightweight bondage (well, it was by my standards) felt wonderful. Trying to lift my bound wrists upwards was near impossible and pulled the rope under my ass nicely tight. I couldn’t see anything or make any sound other than muffled grunts. I tugged and tested at my bindings and revelled in the feelings I enjoy so much.

Eventually I succumbed to the temptation that lay so close to my bound hands and brought my short session to an appropriately climatic conclusion.😁☺

What went well?

Keeping my bondage simple and easy to escape from allowed me to indulge myself in other areas;
The hood was superb – with its closeness and constricting effect over my head and breathing, plus the isolation it created was very intense.
Being in a position with my feet lifted from the floor is always an incredible sensation, making me feel more helpless than the bondage alone.
Binding my balls and cock is an occasional treat I allow myself and a very big turn-on for me. This session was perfect for my limits as I can only take it for short sessions (no longer than 30mins) before it becomes more painful than erotic. Any tips?

What could be improved?
Silly, silly, me – I didn’t add a plug…again! ☺ It’s one of those things that when I start the session I think ‘no, not today’ and then when it’s too late I’m desperate for that feeling in my ass.
After experiencing the feeling of helplessness that having my feet lifted from the ground gave me I’ve got to get back into trying to solve the suspension problem – I need a safe and realistic solution that will allow me to have a much longer session with suspension involved. I still dream of a fully inverted self-bondage tie, but can I ever really do it safely?
And once more – I must get the camera out again!

As always - play safe

(29 Mar 2012, 13:59 )madjack Wrote: Silly, silly, me – I didn’t add a plug…again!

Where is that smile ... Dash2

Girl_hospital2 is in order Biggrin

In my case it all usually begins with a plug.

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