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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
from €44.60

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MJ-SB02/2011 – Home alone: Tied to the bed, legs spread and vibrated
MJ-SB02/2011 – Home alone: Tied to the bed, legs spread and vibrated

The sun was shining, spring had arrived, I was home alone and the perfect opportunity for some fun was not to be missed.

Now, pay attention dear reader, this is big one with lots of text relating to my feelings as the session progressed. You may wish to simply skip to the photos, but if you do I think you will miss out on the true feeling of a great self-bondage session. The choice is yours, I will not force you to do anything you don’t want to – freedom of expression and choice is a right.

Enjoy it while you have it….

80den nude nylon/spandex bodysuit
Black Lycra body
2 pairs nude matt 40den pantyhose
1 pair tan 20den shiny pantyhose (my absolute favourites)
1 old pair nude sheer pantyhose (with arm holes at waist and crotch area removed)
7 Tan 15den knee-highs
High-heeled ankle boots
Digital timer
Large butt-plug (and lube!)
Ball for Gag
Ear plugs
Nipple clamps
Spreader bar, padded collars and shackles
4 ice cubes and a towel
…lots of rope!

The session:
After the previous night of fun with the enema and sleeping (eventually) encased from neck to toe in pantyhose I was yearning to have even more fun. It had been ages since I’d last tied myself to the bed, so with the warm sun streaming through the cream blinds of the bedroom I set about my self-bondage adventure.

Dressing came first; I’d still got my fabulous bodysuit on, but added my usual extras of condom and doubled over knee high to my cock (for me, this not only feels nice but also helps prevent easy stimulation and early orgasm… usually at least!). Next was my largest butt-plug, not as huge as some you see being inserted (my eyes water at some videos on the internet – I’m sure I’d split myself apart with the enormous objects that get stuffed into asses!), well lubricated, it slid pleasantly inside and created the first stirrings of arousal. The two pairs of nude pantyhose came next and finally I topped off my legs with the shiny tan pantyhose – these are my 100% favourites. Tan is my number one colour and the shine on these is exceptional, sadly I can’t recall the brand or where I purchased them and I’m starting to become desperate in seeking a replacement pair. They look and feel like 30-40denier and are not your typical 10/15den sheer/shiny pantyhose, plus they have a body-shaping feel to them.

Over the top went my black lycra body (it’s actually an old one the GF was throwing out after she’d lost weight. I like to think of it as recycling – it’s almost worn out, but still feels very sexy), I followed up by tightly lacing on my high-heeled boots and finally wrapping a padded collar around each ankle and buckling them in place. Maybe it’s a personal ‘kink’ but I like to be dressed (fully or partially) before I start setting up the paraphernalia of any self bondage session. I find something sexy about wearing pantyhose and lycra as I move around the house, sorting through ropes, gags, chains and such – the warm sunlight filtering through the bedroom blind added a sense of wellbeing to the whole scene.

My plan was to tie myself to the bed, legs spread as wide apart as I could manage, with an ice-cube release and the added thrill of a timed vibrator in an appropriate position. I had aeady sorted out the ice cubes (stored away from the sun and heat under the bed), set up the SRD, pre-programmed my digital timer for the massager and (fanfare or trumpets please) set up my video camera! I was using a home-made spreader bar to hold my legs apart, and used rope to secure it to the foot of the bed and preventing it from moving either upwards or side to side. A second rope was lopped 4 times around the middle of the bed, where my waist would be, to provide a binding point for later. Finally I fastened a leather wrist cuff to the centre of the wooden beam across the head of the bed; the d-ring of the cuff was to be the tether point for my wrists and I made certain that I couldn’t reach the buckles from my bound position.

The SRD was fixed to an eye in the middle of the spreader bar and a folded towel placed to capture the water from melting ice (I’d placed a plastic bag inside the folded towel to prevent any dampness seeping onto the mattress – it worked very well), I didn’t add the ice at this point, leaving it until the last moment. I now set about ensuring I had an alternative release that could be used in case of direst emergency (fire, burglary, GF coming home early!). I needed it to be available but at such a cost that I really wouldn’t use it unless I absolutely had to. What I devised used a rope tied to the cuff at the head of the bed (easily in reach of my bound wrists) that was then tied to a pair of very sharp scissors, which could be pulled up to my hand and used to cut the rope to my wrists. The ‘cost’ was that I tied a second rope to the same part of the scissors, ran it down through spreader bar eye my SRD was tied to and then back up be tied off on a short rope that joined a pair of clover nipple clamps (you might recall that I’ve used these before – the more you pull the harder they bite!) I know that I can pull them off, but it is really, really, painful to do so and not something you’d attempt unless very desperate to be free.

 A All ready to go.JPG   

I was nearly ready to start, so quickly made sure my pre-coiled wrist rope was in place, the ‘pull’ rope and the slip-noose from the SRD safely tucked behind the cuff on the head of the bed, knee-highs within easy reach, etc. Double checking that I’d not forgotten anything I loaded the ice cubes into my mini-laundry bag which formed the release to the SRD.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I never quite know how much ice to use – there are so many variables like temperature (the obvious one), the size of the ring you use to prevent the ice cube passing through (less obvious) and the pressure you can exert on the release mechanism when pulling at it. The set-up I use involves the ice release being part of the tether for the SRD (ice melts, SRD becomes unfastened and rope is freed), which means the pressure on the ice and its container is much greater then if it was simply going to drop some keys to the floor. On this occasion I initially used 2 cubes, but then changed my mind and increased the number to 4 – reasoning that I might be able to forcefully pull 2 cubes through the metal loop too easily and escape earlier than intended. That left me the task of when to set my digital timer to start, I reckoned that 20 minutes would be enough time to both bind myself and enjoy the tension of waiting for my first vibrations.

Now I was literally working against the clock – I had to complete my bondage and get settled before the first cycle of vibrations cut in or I would have failed in my plan.

First step was to complete the encasement of my head and neck; my new bodysuit covers much more of my chest and lower neck that the old catsuit did, but still leaves my upper neck and head exposed. My solution was the old trick of pulling a pair of pantyhose over my head, with a hole at the waist on each side for my arms to go through. Before staring the encasement I inserted my ear plugs – this is a addition that I’m using more and more in my SB sessions, there is something about shutting down (almost) another one of my senses and the way it enhances my feelings whilst bound. After rolling the top of my black body from my shoulders and down to my waist, I pushed my head into one of the pantyhose legs and I pulled the waist down across my chest. I’d pre-cut the crotch open and pulled the ‘open’ end of the remaining leg up and over my head to create a double layer of nylon on my head and 100% encasement of neck, shoulders and head. Very sexy, but also very damaging to pantyhose, as they seldom last more than a few session before they are too laddered to be of further use. I pulled the black body straps back up over my shoulders and smoothed it all into place to compete my costume.

Quickly climbing onto the bed I started to complete my bondage. I stretched my left leg to the end of the spreader bar and used the shackle to secure it in place by linking a d-ring on the collar around my ankle to an eye screwed into the end of the bar, and then repeated the process on my right ankle. Lying back on the bed I felt the first trembling of excitement flow through my body. Not wanting to lose the moment I checked once more that I’d not sat on anything I needed of knocked it off the bed (I’ve done both before!) ensuring my ropes where still where they needed to be. I took short rope and proceeded to very tightly cinch my waist down to the rope across the bed – by repeatedly crossing my stomach and pulling the rope under the bed rope I was able to tie myself tightly down, which I then increased by deliberately exhaling a much as I could and sucking my stomach in to allow for a final pass of the rope before securing it off. I was bound incredibly, but comfortably, tightly to the middle of the bed and my legs where helplessly spread and secured to the foot of the bed, leaving only my arms and head free. Now for the massager; I checked it was in ‘low’ mode, with the vibrating head tucked into the crotch of the black body holding it tightly, but comfortably against my cock and balls.

 B Checking all in place.JPG     C getting set.JPG     D first ankle.JPG     E stretching to secure.JPG   

The escape mechanism was my next task; taking deep breaths the calm myself I teased my nipples through the multiple fabrics covering them until they became erect and then carefully, very carefully, applied a clover clamp to each in turn. Done gently this does not hurt at all, possibly due to the multiple layers protecting them, and even an exploratory tug on each clamp, to ensure they would hold firmly, was no more than an added tease.

 G nipples and safety.JPG   

Now I added my gag, pulling the nylon over my mouth forwards to provide some slack I pushed in a large ball forcing nylon and ball behind my teeth, then pulled 2 knee-highs over my head to secure the ball in place – I know from experience that I can’t push the ball out from my mouth when my head is encased like this. A further 2 knee-highs went onto each arm, as always I pulled then up beyond my elbows to ensure that I both 100% encasement and also that they created the additional handicap of tight mittens around my fingers.

 H 100% encased.JPG   

I was finally ready to complete my self-bondage.

Slipping my left wrist through the pre-coiled rope I reached up to the leather cuff on the top bar of the bed and found the slip-noose I’d tied earlier and ensured it was pulled through the d-ring of the cuff. Slipping the noose over the coiled rope I pushed my second wrist through in the opposite direction to my first and twisted them into alignment. The coils pulled tight bringing that warm feeling of helplessness, but I wanted more so I started to work on the ‘pull’ rope form the SRD to tighten the noose and cinch the coils tighter still. The first meter of so was easy, but then I started to feel the noose tighten. As I kept pulling it tightened more and more, slowly pulling my wrists closer and closer to the to of the bed. Eventually I couldn’t, move the ‘pull rope’ any further and try as hard as I could there was no way my wrists could be freed from their cinched imprisonment. I was well a truly helpless.

 J now I\'m stuck.JPG     K so stuck note heel.JPG   

I had no idea of how long it had taken me to get into this position, I couldn’t see the clock through the layers of nylon covering my head and I had no idea of how long I would have to wait for the first vibrations to start. For reasons I still can’t fully describe I was almost trembling with excitement – just through the thrill of being so utterly bound and helpless. Strangely I wasn’t erect, but still felt very turned on… or maybe just very, very happy?

Time seemed to pass so slowly, as it sometimes does when I’m comfortably tied. I tested my bondage, trying to see what movement I could find. My legs where stretched between the ropes around my waist and the spreader bar lashed to the foot of the bed, only a slight flex could be achieved despite some strenuous effort of my part. My waist was almost fused to the mattress and I couldn’t lift my ass at all. Only my head and wrists had any movement worth describing. I tired again to pull my wrists tight up against the d-ring of the cuff, but the ‘pull rope’ wouldn’t move at all – looking at the video later I noticed it had twisted around and locked itself against the rope cinching my wrists (a long standing problem I thought I’d overcome).

 L trying to see the SRD.JPG   

Time to test my escape plan, just to confirm it could work if needed. I fumbled around through my encased fingers until I located the thinner rope attached to the scissors and started to pull them towards my bound wrists. They eventually bumped against my chest, but as they did so I felt the first pull against my clamped nipples. A further tug on the scissor rope delivered a much more intense pinching of both nipples informing me that this was the limit of movement without introducing significant risk of pain, so I stopped and relaxed back into my helplessness, satisfied that there was an escape but at a high price.

I let my mind drift as the sun’s warmth permeated through my encasing layers, occasionally testing the bondage of an ankle or my wrists, always finding them as helpless as before. Fantasies played out in my mind as I worked my jaw around the mouth filling ball that so efficiently gagged me, saliva slowly starting to dampen the nylon around my lips. I tried to work the well lubricated plug in my ass, using my sphincter muscles in an attempt to massage my prostrate with minimal success. My frustrations built as I realised only the massager would bring any real stimulation to my bound body.

Suddenly the massager started! I had deliberately selected the low setting as I knew it was less likely to induce an orgasm and created a deeper sensation around my cock and balls. The first cycle was only set for one minute and almost before I knew it, it had ended. That was so frustrating, and yet also just right. I hadn’t even become fully aroused and erect, but felt so stimulated. I knew the timer would take another 3 minutes before starting again and tried to calm myself as I waited, breathing alternately through my nose and then around the gag in my mouth. When you have to wait for something you can’t control, but desperately want (just like being a kid at Christmas) it always takes a lifetime for something to happen, and this session was no different.

At this point I should explain the cycles I’d programmed into the 8 options of the timer;

Pre-selected start time then 1 minute on – just to warm me up
3 minutes off then 1 on – meant to keep me interested
4 off then 1 on – the longer delay was to make the sensation more startling when it began
2 off then 1 on – a teaser, so quickly after the last cycle
2 off the 1 on – another teaser
4 off then 2 on – a long pause then a real treat
5 off then 1 on – a devilish long wait for more and then so little
1 off the 4 on – if I didn’t cum now I wouldn’t cum at all

As you can see I had devised well over 30mins of torment into my scenario

Eventually another minute of vibrations started and this time I was determined to gain more stimulation than before. But disaster (or maybe not…) struck. As I tried to thrust my hips upwards and rub my crotch against the massager head, it moved slightly and reduced the sensations even further! In synchronicity to the end of the cycle, I quite literally cried out through my gag in frustration. What had I done? Now there was almost no way I would achieve what I desperately craved. The long wait then short pulse of the next cycle confirmed my worst fears – the touch of the massager was still there but so faint that all it achieved was to drive me further towards the depths of frustration.
Knowing the two shorter off/on cycles where coming up I was determined to regain my desperately needed pleasure. During the first cycle I strained as hard as I could and twisted my knees inward to achieve a small victory of moving the massager head a little closer to where it needed to be – but the effort was exhausting and I could feel the dampness of sweat all over my encased body. Then I had an idea – the nipple clamps! I’d almost forgotten them as they lay attached to the slack string of my escape rope. Maybe if I tugged on the rope I could tease my nipples enough to gain the arousal needed to cum with the next vibration.

Cautiously I pulled the escape string through my nylon covered fingers until I once again felt the scissors bounce on my chest. Gently, gently, I pulled further, feeling the initial tingle and then firm pull as the clamps became taunt with the tightening rope. Yes, this would work. Tug, tug – I could feel my nipples respond and stiffen. I tugged a little more, delighting in the sensation. The massager stared again and I twisted my legs once again to gain that tiny extra pressure against my cock. It was working, but so slowly, I felt the expansion of my cock begin and worked my hips into a rhythm, I pulled tighter on the rope to my clamped nipples – it felt so good. I pulled more, tighter, feeling the sensation change as the clover mechanism began to bite down harder on my erect nipples. Yes, YES, I needed more – I pulled again. Ahhhh! It hurt so good – I understood the balance of pleasure and pain and drifted further over it. NO! The massager stopped, too soon, why so soon? I was beaten by the timer.

 M Good vibrations.JPG     N Testing my emergency release.JPG   

Exhausted by my futile efforts I relaxed back, but something had changed. The clamps were still tight, they hadn’t gone back to their gentle touch, but remained firmly gripping my nipples. I couldn’t understand it; the escape rope was slack in my hands so why had the clamps stayed tight? I was still aroused and so dismissed this as an irrelevance as I forced myself to remain focused on the long wait for the next cycle and its reward of two full minutes of vibration – that would be enough, I was sure of it.

But I was wrong, so very wrong. By the time that first long vibration cycle started I was drifting in sea of warmth and pleasure. I tried the same tricks as before, but couldn’t get as close as I had to orgasm and only managed to some-how pull the clamps tighter still. Eventually, even the final 4 minute cycle did nothing more than cause me to cramp up one of my legs as I struggled to gain that elusive extra contact of massager against my cock. I had beaten myself through my own devious design, all I could do now was to wait for the ice to melt and release me. I knew that my failure to cum would cost me – it was my rule for the weekend. I could only cum in bondage, with no cheating and a further price to pay if I couldn’t achieve it and had to resort to more mundane methods of orgasm.

The ice eventually released me after just over 1hr – I also kept the gag in until the nipple clamps had been removed…. err.. OUCH!

What went well?
I think almost everything – it was one of my most intense sessions ever. Maybe the sunlight helped a little, making the whole experience more ‘warm’ and ‘soft’ – sorry, but I can’t thing of other words to describe the sensations.

What could be improved?
The nipple clamps: I know that I enjoyed this session with them, but the way (as I discovered later) they tangled around another rope and stayed tighter could have been a real problem in two ways. Firstly I might have not enjoyed the sensation and had to pull the release rope (I guess that is one reason it was there for!), which I didn’t want to happen. Secondly, and more importantly they could have become really stuck and I’d have been trapped even if I wanted to be free (failure of the emergency release). So a little more thought is needed to avoid the risk in the future

Head and upper chest: I used a small orthopaedic pillow to rest my head on, which was incredibly comfortable, but during the middle stages of my session I really wanted my head and upper body to be fixed in place like my wrists, waist and legs. At the moment I can’t see a solution to all of these – my chest could be tied down, but I’m cautious about still being able to breathe freely. I could also use a collar around my neck to achieve something, but the breathing issue is even more important. Whatever ideas I come up with for my head all fail in tests; I can either easily slip out of the straps/ropes or they become uncomfortable after a short while which makes them unusable for longer sessions (I’ve tried using ropes as a combined gag/blindfold binding to a padded post, which really hold well, but can become painful after 10-15 minutes)

Massager/Vibrator: Hmmm… Was this actually very good or does it need improvement? I’m still not sure either way! Let me just say that in the perfect scenario the first 7 cycles would have tormented me to within a breath of orgasm and the final one would have delivered the ultimate climax.

Blindfold: I don’t regret not using one, but next time I will give it a go – just for the extra fun. Actually I would really like to try a hood, which, from experience always works that much better at depriving me of sight. I have a leather one, but it is not the best fit and breathing is hard, so I don’t like to use it in long serious sessions.

Adding something else to the scene. Usually, as I revel in my helplessness, I will start to fantasise about all the things that I could have, or had, done to me. Strangely, this session didn’t invoke those feelings. I am open to suggestions though….

So there is, illustrated with video captures, my second adventure into self-bondage – as always I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your comments, ideas or suggestions

Play safe


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 F positioning the massager.JPG     I wrist loop and cinch.JPG   

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