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MJ-SB02/2010 Self Chair tied and vibrated
MJ-SB02/2010 Self Chair tied and vibrated


Leg Avenue long sleeved body stocking (Nude - Plus size)
Black Lycra body
5 pairs tan 20den pantyhose
3 Tan 15den knee-highs
High-heeled ankle boots
Large butt-plug (and lube!)
Ear plugs
Ring gag
High-backed Chair, with added ‘head-rest’
Mains powered massager
digital timer
Duct tape

The session:

For those who may have read about my first session of the year (MJ-SB01/2010) this took place immediately afterwards; I was still dressed and eager to have another go, but my self-bondage would have to take another form owing to the overheating of my vacuum cleaner earlier. Another factor was that I had, at last, some time to myself and wanted to make the most of it (even though it was only going to be two nights with no play during the day) – the time was nearly midnight and I needed something quick, simple and satisfying!

I still wanted to use the chair in some way and now wished to bring some stimulation into the scene (it was late and I wanted a final ‘release’ before going to bed, if you understand what I mean!). Having had some real success in the past by using a mains powered massager and the timer, I chose to include them in this scene.

The idea was to bind myself to the chair, with the massager strategically placed against my groin and the timer set for some fiendish on/off teasing, culminating in a long ‘on’ (hopefully long enough!).
I wasn’t planning for a totally helpless SB session, so no ice or timed release was going to be needed – just a complex untangling of knots and rope (and lots of will-power!).

Firstly my gag; I used an old pair of pantyhose stuffed into my mouth then held in place with the ring-gag. I also put a second, old, pair of pantyhose to one side for use later, with the duct tape.

The timer was set to come on after 15 minutes for 1 minute, then on/off again after that, at varying times over the next 45 minutes. I can programme 8 on/off cycles into this timer, usually allowing 3-5 minutes of ‘off’ time for every 1-2 minutes of ‘on’, with the last ‘on’ being around 3 minutes long. Experience has taught me that 1 minute is too short a time to achieve anything but frustration, 2 minutes bring me very close to orgasm (or beyond, if I have not encased myself in enough layers of de-sensitising nylon or am really turned on) and 3 minutes is normally just long enough to finish me off!

Ensuring the timer was plugged in and set (I’d given myself 15 minutes before the first cycle was to begin) and that all my additional bits and pieces where close to hand on a small stool I settled down onto the chair to complete my self-bondage.

As usual I tied my ankles first, but not in the usual manner. For those who can remember I posted a session where I’d tied myself to the swivel chair I use when on my PC and I’d commented on how intense the feeling was when I couldn’t touch the floor with my feet. Recalling this I had decided to try a similar style this time, with my booted feet tied ‘up’ away from the floor. To achieve this I looped 3 coils around my left ankle, then pulled it upwards and backwards until it was almost level with the chair seat (picture something close the a ‘frog-tie’) then I pulled the rope tightly across the top of my thighs and repeated the same bondage on my right ankle, finishing it all off with a repeated criss-crossing across my thighs and around my ankles. The effect was pleasing; with the rope not only lifting my feet from the floor, but also tying my thighs down to the chair seat – with the added bonus of pushing the almost forgotten butt-plug deeper inside of me.

Now I looked to secure the massager in place; I had planned to tie it onto my crotch, as I’d done in previous sessions, with rope, but a thought suddenly struck me and instead I pulled the crotch of my black Lycra body away, slipped the massager head into place and used the elasticity of the Lycra to hold it in place – nice!

In fact better than nice, almost perfect! Why hadn’t I though of this approach before? So simple, yet effective - so easy, so comfortable… so why hadn’t I done this before?

Almost a ‘Eureka!’ moment; its funny how you sometimes discover something that, in hindsight, appears so obvious. Hmmm!

Satisfied and feeling a little smug I moved on to finish my bondage. Firstly I pulled the remaining pantyhose over my head, with one leg inside the other creating a double layer of nylon – this pair was the pair used in my first session and, being laddered, where ideal for what I had planned.

Next I used another length of rope to secure my waist and upper torso to the chair back; nothing complicated, just lots of tight loops around my waist (I like this feeling – I always want to try a corset for the same reason…one day?) and then more criss-crossing across my chest and shoulders. This is always a struggle and once finished leaves you very dependant upon the location of any extra pieces to your session – as I aeady stated, mine sat on a small stool within very easy reach, but if I’d dropped any I either didn’t use them or had to untie myself to reach them.

Satisfied that I was comfortable and aware that time was passing (why do I never put a clock where I can see it? It really would help in these timed sessions) I progressed to the penultimate binding – my head.
Readers of some of my earlier posts will know that I enjoy the sensation of binding my head, both as a way to gag and also to blindfold myself in some sessions. This session I wanted to try out a suggestion Ra himself had made and use the duct tape over my nylon encased head. The wooden ‘head-rest’ was still tied to the chair, so, after making sure I knew where all my remaining ropes and knee-highs lay, I picked up the roll of duct tape and began. 3 turns around my mouth and the wooden head rest ensured I was more effectively gagged and unable to move my head more than a few centimetres. This was followed by another 3 turns across my eyes and forehead, taking away any movement at all and rendering me blind. I had thought that the two layers of nylon would allow my head to turn (with them slipping against each other) but this didn’t appear to be the case and I was very nicely fixed in position.
Finally I was ready to become truly (almost!) helpless.

Seeking out by touch and memory I felt and picked up the two pairs of knee-highs and pre-prepared ropes. After placing the ropes in my lap I pulled two knee-highs onto each arm, making sure I got them as far up above my elbows at I could. Next I tucked a short (approx 1m) length of soft rope under one of the ropes securing my waist to the chair, behind my back. The final rope had been pre-tied into a loop and coiled so that I could slip both wrists through the coils and if I then twisted them the coils became comfortably tight. Taking great care not to drop this coil, which would have been a disaster, I settled my arms behind both my back and the back of the chair. With both wrists through the coils I took the 1m length of rope and quickly looped it a four times over the coiled rope between my wrists, leaving both ends free.

I paused, letting my breathing settle, relaxing and focusing on the final stage of my bondage.

Ready to go; I twisted my wrists in their coils, working the rope until though tight it was still comfortable – then, using my nylon clad fingers, I wrestled the lose rope tight so that it cinched down on the twisted loop between my bound wrists. Once again, after satisfying myself that I was comfortable and not in danger of cutting off circulation to my hands, I very quickly began tying simple knot after knot with the free ends of the cinch rope. Each knot was pulled tight and I think I managed about 10 in all before I felt I was suitably stuck – freedom would take time, each knot had to be undone and the longer I stayed bound the harder that would become due to the inevitable loss of sensation in my fingers.

I was bound and going nowhere – sweet bliss!😊

With a combination of ear plugs, nylon and duct tape my hearing was almost nil, my sight was gone and my mouth stuffed with nylon, held open by a ring gag and then more nylon taped tightly over that only emitted the most muffled of sounds.

I was now at the mercy of the massager and that cruel cycle of the timer – freedom would only come through my own weakness of resolve.

As was usual I drifted into fantasy, wishing I had used something more demanding as my bondage, coupled with a true timed release. I daydreamed about Ra’s gag and forced liquid drinking – would I ever be brave enough to try it? In my fantasy I was brave; helpless and forced to gulp down a litre (or more?!) of some fluid – it was rigged so that until I drank it all my release would not come. Maybe some clever counterbalanced pulley system that only lowered keys or a knife once all the fluid was drained. My mind raced onto other fantasies, some with a timed enema (while seated – what a challenge!), others with my entire head wrapped over and over with tape and only a tube for breathing.

Almost rudely my dreams where interrupted by the massager bursting into life. I’d almost forgotten it was there, but now I couldn’t ignore it. I’d set the massaging device to low, it’s designed for treating muscular injuries with two settings, high/low, and a selection of rubber heads (soft rubber for this session – not hard, nor heated!), and I find the low setting best for this use (or mis-use?). Through trial and error I have found that 1 minute of stimulation is just about enough to bring me to a feeling of arousal without progressing too far, so when the vibrations stopped after my first torment the feeling was one of pleasant stimulation and enhanced eroticism.

I tried to recall exactly how I’d set the timer to run – was it another 4 minutes before a minute on, when was my first 2 minutes of pleasure to come?

Again, because the bondage was surprisingly comfortable, I drifted away into my fantasy daydreams. My mind replaced the butt-plug with my long silicon dildo, its length pushing far deeper inside me than I’d ever managed before (I thank Ra for creating this fantasy – he wrote once about using a really long soft dildo to give the feeling of being filled by an enema without the urgency to be free… ).

Once again I was brought back to the by the sudden intrusion of the massager, though this time my ardour was more controlled and the vibrations more soothing than stimulating. Though still turned on I was not going to cum any time soon and, surprisingly, this was a pleasant situation to find myself in. The combination of feeling sexy, safe, erotic, teasing and comfortable all in one (tightly bound) package left me happy and relaxed.

Three more cycles came and went (I later checked my programming, which went like this: 15mins off then on for 1min, off 5 - on 1, off 5 – on1, off 3 – on 1, off 4 on 1, off 4 on 2, off 3 on 2 and, finally, off 1 – on 3) before the first of the longer ‘on’ cycles began.

Now this might just be me and how I like to set up my self-bondage, but I do, sometimes, like to achieve orgasm right at the end of a session. Don’t think that I always do this, or that the frustration of not gaining any sexual release isn’t, on occasion, a good thing (read my forum posting of MJ-SB05/2009 for an extreme, but not un-typical, example of the ‘nice’ frustration I create for myself). This session was planned to be an orgasm concluded one, so when I first realised I was on a long ‘on’ cycle I began to work at gaining that level of arousal needed to cum.

I should say right here that I was feeling very self congratulatory for not attempting to free myself and the anticipated orgasm was a sort of reward for that.☺

All too soon the 2 minutes of pleasure ended, leaving me close but not yet close enough; the next 3 minutes felt soooo long that I thought I’d messed up the programming – but the vibrations eventually came again. The next 2 minutes proved just too much for me to hold out and I enjoyed an earlier than planned, but very intense orgasm as my cock spasmed against the twin vibrating heads of the massager. I vividly recall snorting through my nose, unable to breath through my gagged mouth and straining hard against the tape around my head, whilst at the same time lifting my buttocks from the chair seat with each spurting of my cum.☺😇

The final 3 minute cycle came very quickly afterwards and created an interesting sensation, close to ticklish, but not unpleasant, against my spent cock and was almost enough to rouse my interest again.

Eventually wishing to be free, I had to struggle briefly with my many knots, then untwist and disentangle the rope coils before I was partially free. Ripping the duct tape from my head ruined the pantyhose, but this was a small price to pay for a session of intense pleasure.

Once free and able to move around again I realised that I’d spent nearly a whole hour bound and tormented in that chair, whilst freedom was only a short wriggle away – this make me ponder once more the question of ‘why am I driven to undertake such complex and plainly weird (to most!) sessions? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I enjoy them very much indeed!

What went well?

The use of my Lycra body to hold the massager against my crotch was brilliantly simple, yet very effective.
The timer to switch on/off the massager was such a tease and yet such a climax at the end.
The comfortable bondage I achieved was a revelation, even with my head quite severely taped in place – I’m quite sure I could have managed another hour at least in that position.
Pantyhose and then tape over my head – this was an intense feeling and left me wanting to try it again.

What could be improved?

Could I add cycle shorts or pantyhose legs as a sort of single arm binder – it’d be difficult but if possible would add another dimension to my bondage.
I have also considered the possibilities of tilting the chair either backwards or forwards (hmm – seated but hanging face downwards tied to a chair…) , but this will need more safety work before I attempt it for real.
A ‘proper’ timed release would enforce my helplessness – even though this session really worked out well I was always aware that I could free myself at any time, which left a little ‘spice’ out of the mix. I’m thinking of either handcuffs (don’t like these as they feel harsh on my wrists) and ice cube key release or an SRD and ice cube in stocking/net release.
A longer session with multiple timers in series to prolong the tease or, if I’m very brave/foolish (delete as appropriate!), attempt a second climax – which is an exciting, even if not very realistic, prospect.
Enema – always looking at how to make this work in a session and never quite getting it right.
Forced drinking of fluid – this was a fantasy I enjoyed during my session and I’m now looking at trying something easy in the near future to see if I like the real thing. But what fluid should I try for a first time?
A full taping of my head is exciting but also scary and though a real 'turn-on' in my fantasy I am a little concerned about safety... mayve in an easier session?
Photos and video – once again the domestic turmoil put paid to sharing the visual images of my session, but I want to try this again and am determined to get some shots to share with you folks.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my retelling of a real session, play safe and have fun.


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