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MJ-SB02 2007
Hi to all,

Taken a while to find the time to write down more of my experiences and longer to find the time to upload :oops:

But, for those who are interested, here's another real experience from my SelfBondage adventures this year.

This was a simple session started on the spur of the moment after an early morning (03:00!) trip to the bathroom.

I felt in the mood for some fun and wanted to attempt to fall asleep and then wake up in bondage.

I quickly dressed in my zentai suit (very sexy in itself Big Grin ) and then used lockable cuffs on wrists and ankles, plus a lockable collar around my neck.

Aware that, if I was to sleep, some movement would be required, I used the chains to lock ankle cuffs with approx 10cm of slack and used second chain to link them to a chain fastened around my waist, so that I couldn’t quite stretch my legs fully out.

The chain then continued up to my collar causing me to bow my head slightly – not too tight, I didn’t want to strangle myself or hurt my neck in any way Confusedhock:

Now I needed to ensure that everything else was to hand and easy to use - for anyone who hasn’t worn a full zentai suit before, BEWARE! Your vision is much very reduced, even in good light, and I was about to switch off the lights in a dark room.

Before plunging the room into darkness, I threw the keys to the padlocks down the stairs – no easy escape that way! Wink

I now used a combination d-link lock to fasten my wrist cuffs together and another to fasten the first to the collar around my neck – both d-licks also passed through the chain between my waist and collar). This ensured that although I had some movement of my hands I couldn’t ‘relieve’ myself in any way. Also I was now prevented from reaching any of the light switches in the room (remember bent legs, bowed head and hands locked to neck)

I’d also spun the combinations – there are 3 tumblers, which gives 1000 combinations on either link, but without light to see by and hampered by the lycra of the zentai suit (slippery and little feel to my finger tips) I couldn’t have even begun to try an escape that way!

Now all I could do was lie down, get comfortable and try not to be so turned on that I couldn’t sleep! Lol

I’d figured out that I would have enough light to see (and so release myself) by around 08:00 – which would mean I would be bound for at least 4 hours and if I feel asleep possibly much longer.

It was actually quite hard (ahem!) to relax and try to sleep, you try it some time, maybe it’s easier for ladies – any like to offer their experiences?

Eventually I must have dropped off because at around 09:00 (I did say it was difficult to see through a lycra hood Wink ) I woke up, in a foetal position, to sunlight streaming though the curtains.

I can honestly say that it is a most satisfying way to greet the day – helplessly bound and very turned on! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Freedom came eventually – 10 minutes fumbling with the combinations and another few minutes to crawl with bound legs down the stairs to the final keys.

I was very stiff (Err! :oops: ) when I finished releasing myself - please note that this wouldn't be a good scene for anyone who suffers from cramps, poor circultaion or bad joints.

I wished I could have tried a tighter bondage, but am still not sure about the safety aspects - any comments?

Also I really want to try something more complex with multiple layers of zentai and or pantyhose encasement - I'm sure that could be great fun.

Happy selfbondaging

> I can honestly say that it is a most satisfying way to greet the day – helplessly bound and very turned on! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Can't agree more here! This is quite an experience to wake up bound! You don't understand, what's going on, then you suddenly realize, that you're (inescapably) bound, it immediately turns you on, then you have to work really hard to recall HOW you are bound, then you understand that you MUST go to a toilet, but you can't ... Oh, my .... What a fun!!!

> I wished I could have tried a tighter bondage, but am still not sure about the safety aspects - any comments?

Only general precautions, I should say:

o- Try to sleep while wearing a hood and a gag unbound first. This is a good test if you can breath freely or the hood does not slide that way that it blocks the air way.

o- Try to sleep non-inescapably bound first. You can try multiple positions (hands bound behind your back, in front of you, above your head, hogtied, etc), but make sure that you can unbind yourself immediately if it's necessary. For example, I have problem falling asleep because my arms go numb if bound in the pantyhose singleglove.

o- All additional entertainments (like enema) should be tried in advance, of course.

> Taken a while to find the time to write down more of my experiences and longer to find the time to upload

Oh, join the club ... :-\

Thanks much!
Hi Ra!

Thanks as always for your reply - I know I can expect some help or suggestions and have massive respect for your efforts and experience Big Grin

Just a few thoughts:

gags - my favourite 'extra' in selfbondage, but for an all-night session I was concerned that my favourite gags (ballgag in head harness and a ring-gag) would prove too uncomfortable for anything over a couple of hours.
My best (and worst) experience was wearing a home made 60mm ballgag (springy but firm ball that was supposed to be a dog's toy, inside a pair of stockings that where tied behind my head and then under my chin). It filled my mouth so well and felt so damn sexy! But later that day (after a two hour series of sessions) my jaw hurt so much! :o :cry: That's why I brought a smaller gag for longer sessions, but I still get some aches - maybe that's all part of the game :?

Enema - oh my goodness! That would be a thing to try Confusedhock:
Though I doubt that I ever could be brave enough to give it a go :oops:

However.... I can imagine the scenario (isn't it always more exciting in your mind?): I could rig a delay on the enema for, say, 5 hours and a longer delay on the release (how brave would I be? A whole hour longer? :twisted: - Lol ) - just imagine the feeling of waking up to the unstoppable flow of an enema and then realising your are bound hand and foot with no immediate escape......


Damn... I might have to try it now! Lol

When (or if Sad ) I get a chance I will try something tighter, maybe with a simple knotted pair of pantyhose as a soft gag.

Thanks for the inspiration

there a suit on its way based on this session madjack. Rubber is my prefered material against my skin, but it does sound interesting Smile

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