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MJ-SB01/2012 – New nylon bodysuits and an impromptu session
This was not planned to be a full session; with only a very short time alone I was only planning to take a few shots of my new bodysuits, but one thing led to another….


70den nylon bodysuit
20den sheer complete nylon bodysuit
High-heeled ankle boots
6 knee-highs

The session:

I had an hour of guaranteed ‘alone time’, not enough for a proper selfbondage session but long enough to take some photos of my latest purchases for the forum… or so I thought! Wink

The 70denier suit went on first, after I’d ensured there would be no accidental spillages by rolling a condom over my cock. This suit is similar to another I own with a cock sheath and long sleeves, but it has one significant difference – it is closed crotch. As posted elsewhere the open crotch on my old suit can be very useful (changing butt-plugs mid-session springs to mind) but also means I must wear at least one other pair of pantyhose to achieve the encasement I love so much. This new suit solves that problem and also feels much more erotic, there is an added element that whatever I start off with, be it ball bondage (more of that some other time) butt plug or dildo, that will have to stay until I’m finished or I’ll have to strip naked and start again.

I shall apologise in advance for the rather awful poses, simply put I’m no model and was rushing things. I was also using the timer on my camera, which gave me around 5 seconds to get into position after pressing the button (try this with multiple layers of nylon over your fingers and then covering 3-4m of floor to get into shot!). also, and I know Ra has views on this, I don’t shave my legs – in some ways I wish I could as I know it would feel sooooo sexy, but my GF loves my legs as they are and I love her too much to shave without her agreement.

Today was not intended to be a session, so no plugs or bondage was added as I dressed in the suit. With the camera set up I pulled two knee-highs over my head and a further two over each hand and arm, achieving near 100% encasement.

This shot makes it look like I’m 100% encased, but there is a small gap around my neck, between the knee-highs and the neck of the suit. It’s still very pleasant though!

Happy that I’d got the first suit on film I elected to pull the second full suit over the top of the first – again I was trying to get as much done as possible in the small window I had available.

Onto my full suit now; the knee-highs came off and I pulled on the second suit. For speed and also because of the sheer nature of the second suit’s nylon I chose to wear it over the first suit. I am still amazed as how strong the ‘elasticity’ of this suit is compared to the heavier denier of the first. It clings so tightly to your body and there is an incredibly sexy feeling as it slowly encases my body from my toes upwards. My cock was now triple encased in a condom sheath and two nylon ones, I’m sure that with the addition of a butt-plug I would have been more, maybe even painfully, erect.

After my first attempts and struggles to get the zipper closed on this suit I tried a different approach and found it much easier to pull my hands and arms into the arms, with fingers in their appropriate sheaths and then reach behind me to carefully zip myself inside the nylon cocoon. The zipper itself is very small and discreet, so unlike my zentai suit I can’t attach a cord to help with this process, but with my new approach it isn’t a big problem. Again I wasn’t planning anything more that taking a few quick photos at this point, I did however add my high heeled boots, almost as an afterthought, because they just felt right.

Horrible pose, but you can hopefully see how the encasement is wonderfully complete

As I walked back to my bag of goodies, intending to disrobe and tidy things away, I happened to glance at my ropes, lying in an inviting pile to one side of the bag. It had been such a long time since I last played and with the winter sun surprisingly warm through the curtained window I felt the urge to play come over me. I played with the rope for a few moments considering the options and wondering if I dare – in the end lust won out and I quickly worked out a simply selfbondage scene.
I wanted to get some more shots of this, so ruled out the idea of bound ankles or legs – I reckoned that I couldn’t possible cover the distance between camera and the ‘in-picture’ location with hops before the camera took it’s single shot.

The bondage I settled on was simple but effective; a noose in the rope went over my encased cock and balls, pulling tight to enhance my growing erection. The rope then looped up and around my neck, then once more around the base of my cock before passing between my legs. I then pulled it tightly up my back, passing it several times around my open mouth to for a simple gag. The final step was to secure the rope behind my head with a length hanging down my back with a long loop tied in it. My wrists went into a pre-prepared coil of rope, which I use frequently and is cut to the perfect length to form 4 coils/loops that I can squeeze my hands through and then twist to form a snug and secure binding. The twist I added was to form a sliding loop within the loop of rope down my back, then pass half the wrist rope through it. I could now slide my wrists into the wrist rope, from opposite directions, twist them to align them downwards and then pull further downwards to tighten the loop down my back as a sort of ‘cinch’ over the wrist coils.

    selfbondage from the side

    selfbondage from the back, showing wrists

As I said, the bondage was simple… but oh soooo sexy as I struggled in and out of it to get a few shots. Moving my wrists either pulled the gag deeper, tugged at my cock or both… NICE!Big Grin

All too soon I had to call time, quickly undressing and packing my toys away – though not after achieving a very satisfactory ‘finale’ to the session.Angel

What went well?
The two new suits are simply fabulous – making my personal desire for full encasement so easy to achieve. I particularly like the gloved hands in the full suit; they allow me to be fully encased but still able to manipulate ropes and such.

What could be improved?
More time to play – I desperately want to have some proper long duration sessions without time pressure on me. I especially want to try a night encased in the full bodysuit, even the thought of it I arousing me – and that’s without any form of bondage.
It’s got to be the addition of a butt-plug and more (much more) rope, plus a real session where escape is impossible until a release has been triggered. I’m getting so desperate for a proper session that it hurts…

I hope you enjoy my first adventure of 2012 as much as I did...

Play safe

(13 Feb 2012, 16:26 )madjack Wrote: I know Ra has views on this, I don’t shave my legs
He-he... ;-)

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