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Long-term effects from hypnosis and conditioning
11 years worth. identity issues are real. files work. their warnings are usually very much real.
Any file you have come across that does that
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
Can we have any more information what happened during and after those 11 years, please?
Indeed they are. I now crave cock all day and I didn't have this hunger before.
Inspired by me noticing how girly I walk whenever I wear panties and how I sit down to pee without realizing/thinking, the decade of hypno review thread (didn't want to hijack the thread), and also from reading a few chat logs I had forgotten... what are some changes, effects and conditioning that have affected and stayed with you after several years of hypnosis? 

Could be personal habits, activities you did, triggers that stayed with you, different ways of thinking about certain things, liking or disliking stuff, getting into a kink, etc...

It's actually kind of hard figuring out those things, some of them are very subtle, and some I've normalized enough without noticing, only realized the changes from photos or reading old chat logs.

For me I've noticed there's been a lot of subtle feminization and kink changes that definitely accelerated in the past 5 or so years, probably after Bambi came out. Bambi made something click in my head, took me really deep, installed a bunch of triggers and conditioning, and left me more susceptible to hypnosis in general <3 I was surprised how addicting and effective it was, made me like and enjoy some things I wasn't really into before, like bimbofication and IQ reduction, and also made me obsessed with other things, like sucking cock, feminizing myself, loving being mindless and obedient, etc.. <3 The feminization in it is somewhat vague tho, or like, very bimbo body focused? Not my thing, so I continued exploring and trying other files besides Bambi. 

So... recent things I've noticed/realized: 

Panties/clothes related 
(nothing too exciting, just hadn't realized how much I've normalized panties until recently)
  • I basically own almost no male underwear even tho I didn't throw it away, just stopped buying it.
  • Depends on mood, but wear panties almost exclusively 
  • Have to be in a particularly boyish mood to wear male underwear, which is not rare but doesn't feel like the default anymore.
  • Few people aside (eg. family), panties have started feeling normal enough to not mind people seeing me wearing them. Still excited when people see them tho <3
  • Could also be a side effect of feeling less inhibitions/shame? Really love exhibiting myself now (but still try not to be weird about it)
  • Intense desire to wear a bra and girly clothes and painting my nails all the time, but currently conflicts with daily life. Would love to be able to hide my bra under my daily clothes <3
  • I usually have more privacy at night to dress up. I noticed I start undressing and getting ready to wear feminine clothes without realizing <3
  • Completely obsessed with pink when it comes to girly stuff <3 Try to only wear pretty pink panties <3 (but definitely should try to get and/or use other cute girly colors)

Body related
  • Now absolutely love having a completely smooth body <3 Makes me feel very horny sensitive to anything touching me, and also puts me in a really submissive headspace.
  • But also shaving is such a chore and takes up a lot of time, so if not possible or feeling lazy, I just focus on my intimate areas <3
  • Had an intense feminization/hypno period not too long ago, and started laser hair removal sessions for most of my body. It's not permanent, but takes forever to come back after a session, and definitely slowed down hair growth. 
  • But before sessions I had aeady been shaving for a long time. Didn't start full body, just intimate/bikini areas, but slowly progressed overtime as I wanted to feminize myself more <3 
  • I don't remember what I looked like with hair in some areas, and I've gotten so used to it, that I feel itchy/uncomfortable if I don't shave it and grows a little bit.
  • More and more girly mannerisms, I don't really notice but people comment on them every now and then
  • Strong intense desire to feminize my body, specially grow breasts, but haven't been able to... fully commit? The boyish and the non-horny part of me stop me from using more effective methods, but there's been periods where I focus on a lot of body feminizing hypno <3
  • Obsession with having a completely impotent and incredibly tiny limp clitty. Wasn't a thing I wanted originally, but several kinks and ideas slowly evolved into this, mostly a combination of wanting to use hypnosis to cum on command without touching, slowly exploring and then fully becoming a completely submissive bottom, and all the feminization and slutty bimbo hypno that made me want to cum like a girl from playing with my ass and nipples only <3
  • Also actually made progress with my tiny limp clitty <3 Unsure if the results are from hypno/conditioning, gaining some weight, getting a bit older, or some other thing, probably a combination of those. 
  • I don't remember my exact size, but was probably somewhere around 5.5"/6" when hard. It's gone down to 3-3.5" max, mostly stays semi-hard if I'm playing with it, goes completely soft if I get distracted for a sec, and rarely gets actually hard. I haven't tried, but I don't think I could penetrate anyone now even if I tried, I would just go soft instantly <3
  • I also don't really remember how my clitty looked before anymore. Like, the original size/feeling is gone from my mind and only recently clicked when I saw some old photos I found. 
  • Rarely get hard anymore when horny. There's some sort of pressure sometimes, but feels like any minimal force restricting growing/movement is enough to keep it limp.
  • I've gotten so tiny, limp and soft when I'm not aroused, that anything slightly tight can make me look completely flat. Tight panties, pantyhose, leggings/yoga pants, nothing there <3 Sadly moving/feeling a tiny bit aroused brings back a little bump.
  • Haven't been able to achieve an HFO, either through hypno or ass/nipple play, but feels extremely pleasurable even trying. Nipples and breasts have slowly become more sensitive. Ass too, but there's more "setup" whenever I want to do it, so I end up playing with my nipples more often <3


  • Growing obsession to be permanently chastity cage locked, which probably started and fueled part of my limp clitty desire, but also contradicts it in some way? I haven't been able to find a cage for long-term tho, but I can wear for a few days at a time.
  • I love the feeling of being locked, it feels just right in my mind now for some reason. 
  • A desire to be buttplugged all the time, just always filled <3
  • Strong desire to fuck my ass with dildos, but usually requires more setup and cleanup so I don't do it often.
  • Also on HFOs, stroking and/or sucking on a dildo usually transfer the sensation and gets me really close to cumming, but still can't do it. Still feels really good.
  • Still not normalized enough because I'm not locked permanently, but now uninhibited enough to wear it in public <3 It's not feeling uncomfortable I forget about it sometimes.
  • Same for buttplugs but always aware of them <3

  • Aeady mentioned a lot of new or growing kink related desires and obsessions that I didn't have before <3
  • Slowly losing more inhibitions and shame, strong desire to be seen and/or exhibit myself
  • Realized how I've become really obedient and slutty in certain situations? Recently reconnected with someone I met at an event years ago but had barely interacted with them afterwards. Soon I was sending them nudes and then videos following their commands and other stuff. I want to think it happened because I felt somewhat safe and trusted them, but still surprised how I didn't think twice about what I was doing.
  • Same person kept using the word "cock", and it made me realize I completely stopped using the word "cock" to refer to my clitty, and how uncomfortable it felt calling it that <3 Made aroused because I fantasized about hypnosis to humiliate me into forcing me to only call it a clitty, regardless of situation. Somehow I'm halfway there <3
  • Strong desire to expose my panties and/or girly self to others
  • Some casual feminine habits/changes I've noticed: walking femininely when feeling girly and/or wearing panties (almost always now?), sitting down to pee out of habit, started using women deodorant, started using women body mists/spray, usually hide girl clothes/stuff but regular underwear drawer now has panties and other items, feel more comfortable in women clothes
  • Now almost zero control once I start feeling the tiniest bit girly horny, anywhere, anytime. I mostly work from home, and despite having housemates I do have some privacy and freedom throughout the day, so this devolves very quickly into losing complete focus and my horny mind telling me to do things, dressing up, playing with my clitty, listen to hypno, reinforce feminization habits with porn and other content, etc... (oh, I guess making this post happened this way).
  • Cumming usually gets me out of that cycle, but it seems I've also lost the ability to cum quickly, or at least something in my mind is holding me back? I can still cum prematurely... I think? But now I enter a weird cycle/mental state where I'm just playing with my clitty (or nipples/ass if I'm avoiding my clitty) and looking at porn/hypno/etc..., and I stay in that cycle until I find something new that's really hot and my mind decided to cum to that, or if "free" time is coming up and my mind decides I should cum. 
  • Playing with my clitty just keeps me horny and ready for when I find something, but I realized all the arousal has transferred to my mind? Sometimes playing with my clitty feels like nothing? I also very often unawarely stop stroking my clitty, so it goes from semi-hard to extremely soft and tiny. Actually difficult to start stroking again because it's so tiny when soft <3
  • I actually love this, makes my clitty feel more and more useless <3 But sometimes it's weird, like I have to do extra effort to force myself to cum, but not always?
  • Also refractory period is almost non-existent? Like, not even purging or taking long breaks from feminization stuff, that used to happen. At most most I'll put away toys/clothes, but usually I just close the horny browser window and try to go back to non-horny stuff, but if I feel the slightest arousal again a minute after I'm back to zero control <3
  • I tend to have periods of time where this desire is stronger and I'm very active towards feminization goals, daily hypno, dressing up as much as possible, focusing on ass and nipples exclusively, no clitty playing, or locked, etc. But sometimes this could get overwhelming, specially feeling increasingly horny with no release, or my SCM having more intense feminization ideas, so I would force myself to cum and stop, take a break for awhile. That doesn't happen anymore, I rarely reach that overwhelming level, and even if I do, I'm back to feeling girly and feminine and horny  in a few minutes. 
  • Related to those periods of time, depending on mood, used to frequent different sites and content, not always hypno or girly stuff. But now hypno is always present, even in the rare occasions when I'm feeling more boyish, it's mixed with other things but always there. And because hypnosis is also always there, sometimes I just go into a girly mood without thinking <3 Sometimes I see something that triggers/puts me back in that mood, sometimes I switch without realizing/out of habit, sometimes I just get bored and feeling girly is stronger <3
  • Arousal and orgasms don't really go together anymore necessarily.
  • I also recently noticed that my mind processes feminine bodies differently now, mostly just admiration/desire/jealousy (but like, in a good way). Specially certain body types or body features that either feel relatable or feels like something I would love to look like/have.
  • Unsure if it's because of hypno, but it's kind of hot how much I've forgotten of the things that have changed? Just like, through hypnosis and conditioning and habits, something new and horny starts feeling normal until you no longer notice and/or remember it ever being different <3 Hopefully at some point I forget how to play with my clitty at all, or even remember having it. Just ignore it completely <3
  • Memory play is still inconsistent, but I have very strong trance amnesia now, and can go really deep really quick if the induction is good. Still not good at forgetting on command outside of trance tho.
  • Used to think how I got into feminization was because I developed a thing for hypnosis/mind control very early on (from cartoon and other media?), just doing silly mindless horny stuff and having no control, which evolved into humiliation/embarrassment/loss of control, and once I found real hypnosis online and experimented with some files, expanded into light feminization because I thought it felt embarrassing? But also think it was just a way for me to explore, without realizing, my sexuality and gender <3 But it's still really hard to separate it from hypnosis and being horny, which makes a lot of things confusing.
  • I also realized that hypnosis and mind control by itself it's still a really strong source of arousal for me, just like the essence of having no control over my mind and body <3 Used to be horny-scared with certain files, CSS, SFW, FT, even BubbleInduction because of how strong and susceptible it left you... according to the comments. But after listening to Bambi, strong and possibly permanent changes to your body and mind, through hypnosis and brainwashing and conditioning, became really hot. But it's definitely still mostly just a hot idea, most of them require a lot of time and commitment to actually do something. 

Oops, I originally meant this to be short not a full list of my hypnosis journey. 

Mostly just recently noticed some feminine habits and that strong desire feeling when looking at feminine bodies and was curious about others experiences with hypnosis long term <3
Many of your observations are quite recognisable, even though I am not nearly as deep into hypnosis as you are.
I always thought I am rather poor at being hypnotised. Apparently it seems to do more than I am willing to admit to myself.
I my case I started with pantyhose and slowly added more things. The hypnosis came much later, but it seems to have a profound influence on my `clitty'.
Of course, it can also be a matter of age, because many men get that problem and that is what they invented viagra for.
I'm trying to be courageous, i actually have experienced a severe physical and mental reactions. Body keeps feminizing, even with anti-aromatase. cannot begin to understand. I want to tell my story but lately i have been seeking mental help and trying to put a halt on anything. 

I have always had somewhat of a dual personality, but this is like, on steroids. 

I had a feeling that i lost my personality a while ago, and only after listening to removal files, that haven't worked completely, do i feel like I can see that personality, but like, its like a plush toy in a claw arcade game, but its toward the bottom, pressed against the glass, with no way to be reached. 

Afraid i have lost reproductive capability w/o hormones. 

I have a whole list of files over the years. 

W/O listing all the files as i'm short on time today, I'll tell you that this is a combination of using various files by "the gods."

- Goddess Gracie
- Sarnoga
- Vive
- Nina Temptress
- Bambi
- Catgirl
- Thatonegurll/kasurademonwings
- some Kei
- the Librarian
- Samantha Bandler
- Isabella Valentine (b4 she stopped making fem files)
- a bunch of Randoms from WMM as well. 

I've been a junkie for this stuff, and am afraid of having potentially ruined my life. the effects were wonderful mentally, but it wasn't reality. If i'd not lived at home, i'd have likely changed genders long ago.
I think these threads can be merged:
it's been 20 years for me and still waiting 😋
it's cool, it worked for u
(19 Jul 2023, 13:02 )ranma82 Wrote: it's been 20 years for me and still waiting 😋
it's cool, it worked for u

It worked much more than I ever wanted. Some people put things in files that you don't want, and you don't know. You end up with pseudo schizophrenia/Dissociative Identity Disorder. It's almost like, Curse Female Takeover. Fantastic, and then deranged.

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