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Life... don't ask me about it!
What a wretched last few months it’s been!

1st off – my personal PC was infected by a virus and needed a FULL re-build from scratch to fix!

For those who like to know these things it was a version of RAMNIT – a really nasty little blighter that attached itself to a corrupted McAfee programme that was meant to protect me (think it got through the firewall via a video download). Wasted a week trying to kill it (whilst it chewed up 100Gb of memory and crushed my CPU) and battling all the other crap it let into the OS.Dash2

If I ever find the little S##T who thought it would be fun to release this onto innocent internet users I will spend a considerable amount of time (i.e. the hours it took to repair the damage) expressing my displeasure on their body with a large, nail studded, club! Mad

All seems Ok now and have beefed up the protection once more… we will see…

Then the dreaded WORK became a near 100% of my life – all work and no play make Madjack a very sad bunny indeed. Two intense weeks of closing one project (OK, trying to!) and ramping up another left me utterly flat and exhausted.

At last I glimpsed a possible light at the end of the tunnel – a weekend of nearly being on my own. The girlfriend would be out for both days from 07:00 to 17:00 leaving me plenty of time for FUN.

However storm clouds were gathering; two weeks before the due date she started to feel ill and developed a serious chest infection. I was genuinely concerned and (not for the selfish reason of a weekend nearly home alone) rushed around trying to help her as best I could – ignoring the aches and pains I’d started to suffer (oh dear!)
Two days before the weekend she was pronounced fit and well, free to attend her seminar, but I was now fully down with a summer flu virus (yes – proper flu!).Bad

Not only wasn’t I in a fit state to attempt any SB (an awful cough and a streaming nose are not what you want if tied up, gagged and hooded!) I also simply had no energy to even think about it.

Another missed opportunity, but I was almost past caring! Flag_of_truce

Three weeks later and I’m almost over it, but I’ve lost weight (normally a good thing, but not this time) and feel unbelievably weak – no running or cycling for another week or two, even walking leaves me soaked in sweat and feeling like I’ve just run 10k in a PB, not walked slowly to the shops and back!

Trying to stay cheerful though – reading this forum helps, as does making my own contributions.

And… that real, long, truly home alone weekend is only 23 days away (not that I’m counting) and my excitement is building. I’m constantly looking on eBay, in the local superstores and stocking the fridge with ice-cubes (really must stop that – people will start to ask questions)

Maybe life isn’t so bad after all I_am_so_happy

Some parts of your story sound very familiar. At least everybody's back to her/his normal healthy state and everybody's got a job. 95% of success, I should say. And since you're in the proper mood, we all are looking forward for your usual eloquent stories about the last 5% ;-)

Actually, I've been struggling with my home server for days too and now well behind the projects. So, back to sleep deprivation and red eyes. But today I forced myself to stop, pulled on my running outfit (neoprene surf-suit and support tights - ) and trained in the park for an hour. Feeling better now.

Back to work...

...and just because there is a light at the end of the tunnel doesn't mean it isn't an oncoming train! Cray

Last night my GF mentioned, in passing, that her trip away was cancelled and we would be enjoying each others company for that much anticipated weekend alone.

I really hope she didn't notice that I was a little bit disappointed Sad

I do love her, but sometimes.... Dash1

Life goes on! I will prevail!! They will not defeat me!!!



(26 Aug 2010, 21:55 )madjack Wrote: Crazy

I love this smile Big Grin

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