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Electronic selfbondage and chastity box
Electronic selfbondage and chastity box

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Leotards as straitjackets and opinions on RougeRealgar
Got lazy. Here's more of their photos:
If you ever try on these leotard straitjackets, if you could, send pics and vids. I'd say it's worth it.  😉
When your girlfriend wants to wear leotards, but you wanna restrain her...

The poor ladies are stuck in at least two leotards, and there's no escaping their predicament. Their faces are certainly sexy, though.

 image_2023-07-19_201135262.png     image_2023-07-19_201315852.png     image_2023-07-19_201324680.png   
Love how you can barely see the sleeves. 

I find armless latex straitjackets to be alluring, but honestly, not as much compared to improvising straitjackets from actual leotards. Doing this really sells the idea of bedroom bondage, especially since it's quite DIY. (Or, well, do-with-partner)

And it's an odd combination of sexy and modest bondage, too.

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