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Latex sheath shopping HELP
Help out a latex sheath obsessed boy!!!

Having issues finding a sheath with enough room on the balls. I really need something with a deeper sheath for my balls to fit into so it's not so tight and I can put a ball stretcher on top. ;)

I've seen a rew on xtube but can't seem to find them online. :(
Any links for me???
(And yes, I checked twist my rubber arm)

Here's one of my sheath pics to really inspire you!!!!

[Image: tumblr_nsq8gh41Fp1tlltj4o3_540.jpg]
Hm... Interesting question. On eBay and Alibaba I saw only sheaths with very little space for balls indeed. I do not use stretchers, but I would like to have the ability to use a piece of cord/rope/rubber to keep the balls "apart" from the rest of the "package".

And I'm looking for narrow short sheaths (also with a piss tube), that are smaller than my fully erected cock.
Have you checked this out??
I love it, but a shame it doesn't seem to come in a size for an erect cock. Sad
In particular, the balls are already partially split by the sheath.
It's also got ur Piss tube covered...

[Image: penis-sheath-tube-flange-1.jpg]
Yes, these are the sheath I've got. The problem is - it's very difficult to make the stay in place. I used to use tight latex shorts with a cock ring, but they dissolved a couple of years ago. And these sheaths are pricy and do not last. Found them on eBay as well, but not yet on Alibaba.
#5 have a few to choose from
Might find something there?
Ahhh...good suggestion, but sadly not finding what I'm after there. In fact, their sheath selection is not so extensive... Sad