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Japanese hypnosis
Japan is a separate planet, so is Japanese hypnosis.
This should be a rather pure test. Not many of us speak Japanese. Let's see if anybody can trance to it and feel something. The content is supposed to be safe with no post-hypnotic effects.

Let's start with the 1st series:

1. Induction
2. Deepener and Body
2.5 Optional part
3. Awakener

.mp3   1.o‰ï‚¢`Ã–°.wav.mp3 (Size: 28.83 MB / Downloads: 27)

.mp3   2.[‰»`â’¸.wav.mp3 (Size: 58.59 MB / Downloads: 20)

.mp3   2,5.ŽË¸.wav.mp3 (Size: 3.86 MB / Downloads: 4)

.mp3   3.‰ðœ.wav.mp3 (Size: 4.82 MB / Downloads: 4)
It's like those japanese "erotic ASMR" videos on youtube.
But in this case it's a total package, and with some efforts to make it "hypno-like" Wink