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Japanese hypnosis
Japan is a separate planet, so is Japanese hypnosis.
This should be a rather pure test. Not many of us speak Japanese. Let's see if anybody can trance to it and feel something. The content is supposed to be safe with no post-hypnotic effects.

Let's start with the 1st series:

1. Induction
2. Deepener and Body
2.5 Optional part
3. Awakener

1.o‰ï‚¢`Ã–°.wav.mp3 (Size: 28.83 MB )

2.[‰»`â’¸.wav.mp3 (Size: 58.59 MB )

2,5.ŽË¸.wav.mp3 (Size: 3.86 MB )

3.‰ðœ.wav.mp3 (Size: 4.82 MB )
It's like those japanese "erotic ASMR" videos on youtube.
But in this case it's a total package, and with some efforts to make it "hypno-like" Wink
A bunch of links and a short tutorial for those interested (merged and copied from 8ch):


Japanese hypnosis recordings. There are actually quite a lot of these out there, if you know what to search for. There is both free stuff and stuff you have to pay for. The latter is usually found on DLsite.


Why not? Okay, for real. First, there's a lot of stuff out there, with nice variety. Second, the style differs from western hypnosis in some interesting ways. There usually aren't any post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers and the files are completely self-contained scenes, with awakeners that lift all suggestions that were given. Files are commonly written by a writer, who then has a doujin voice actress record it, although some of them also write their own files. This usually leads to good sound quality and an absence of common hypno domme tropes. For example, I can't remember a single file with financial components.

>But I don't know Japanese?

That will admittedly impair your enjoyment of these files a bit, but some people apparently still enjoyed listening without understanding much. You could just give it a try, if you can tolerate Japanese voices. If you are learning, you can even use these files for practice! Some include written scripts too.

>What are some common genres?

Well, the usual. Hypno sex, kinky hypno sex, female body transformations and so on. A common type of file that is less common in the west is sleep help hypnosis. Things involving cum eating are mostly absent.

>What are those RJ123456 numbers?

Those are DLsite IDs. You can quickly find the website describing the given file by adding it to the end of one of these addresses and putting ".html" after it. If you replace RJ with RE, you'll get the English version of the page. In the absence of an ID, googling for the file's name and circle name will usually turn up the source with a description. ??? Add ID.html here.



I believe the Synergism Duet (naughty twins hypnosis) file from here was what started the old thread. There are also some other files. Happy Inject is voiced by a male. To download from axfc, copy the password from the page after "DL pass:" to the input box, click the button, follow the "click here" link. If your download doesn't start, click "<this was supposed to be Japanese text but NFC ate it>". (dead and I haven't found any archives yet)

Masaki Phan's site with some free files. Check the links that don't lead to DLsite.

yanh runs a hypnosis (review) blog, but he also made some free files. The older ones are recorded using TTS, but the newer ones are voiced properly by voice actresses. A link to links.!y7QRVSLb!scEnNaRbjdzzspZC5yYd8A a bunch of files

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