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Is colour important?
Hi All

Is the colour of your pantyhose or stockings important to you?

This question keeps coming into my mind whenever I look at photos on this and other sites.

Why? Well, for me it is that some colours really don't 'do it' for me - in fact they can actually turn me off (or not turn me on, if you see what I mean) 😟

So I wondered if it was just me or if others had a thing for colours as well as the wonderful feel of nylon and lycra?

For the record (and I bet you could all guess this from my postings and pictures!), my favourite colours are:

Tan - 😁 this includes Toast and Nude
Black - which is simple enough 😊

And, risking upsetting a great number of people, my turn off's are:

White, Green and Pink

...and anything with stripes or a pattern :evil:

So there you go... I know it shouldn't really matter (especially if I'm blindfolded or wearing a hood) but I just can't get on with those other colours.

What do you think - am I in the minority (again!)?

Wow, what a subject!

OK, let's start with [my] childhood.

When I was 12-14yo I counted Nude (tan, skin-coloured), black and colour (blue, white, brown, etc) pantyhose I noticed on the streets. At that time my favourite were black and dark colours (especially brown, blue and violet). I don't remember if I liked white... Probably, if the pantyhose were thin and made out of nylon - yes. Actually I liked all nylon pantyhose/stockings, especially if worn with swimsuits/leotards. I don;t know where I got that image from, but that was my biggest fetish.

Then the aerobics hit our TV-screens. That was the first time I saw nude/tan SHINY pantyhose with leotards. Some years later lycra made it even worse and became addicted to shiny nude/tan pantyhose. Actually, shiny meant good enough for me 😉

When I was ~15-16 I was "sexually struck" with schoolgirls (from my school) wearing:

o- white pantyhose with thin blue horizontal stripes
o- sheer tan pantyhose with 7cm heels and short school uniforms
o- sheer black pantyhose with printed silver and gold flowers (oh my ... I almost fainted...)

Now I like (prefer)
o- nude/tan (sheer shiny)
o- dark blue (I absolutely love dark blue nylons!!!)
o- black (very sheer or fish-nets)
o- white (as long as they are VERY transparent)
o- with seams (regardless the colour)

Speaking of white and pink (funny that you mentioned them 😉 I remember two "views":
o- very transparent nylon knee-highs (hello school 😉
o- I can't say that I like pink, rather quite the contrary. But once I saw a kid (~9yo girl) wearing a jeans skirt and transparent (yes, the transparency is very important) nylon tights. And amazingly enough I found that very nice. (Note, I don't care who is wearing nylons - a kid, a girl, a man or a woman. I'm neither pedo- nor geronto- or zoophil, it's all about the clothes, the figure and the face, regardless the age or sex 😉

What turns me off is not the colour but the quality of the material or the person wearing it

Well, the colour is not very important to me, I like the variation of colours, this makes each colour interesting and also the patterned ones, I suspect there are enough variations to wear a different pair for every day of the year or more...

There's a challenge for someone...

Plus you can use layers 😉
violet,black,white or grey for me
only 2 b encased everyday and free
also i'm not gay so dont hit on me!!
is it wrong for a man to luv pantyhose
i think no!!
I'll wear any color do like the glossy look most. What I wear for the day depends on what I feel like. Now today it's my bright pink for pink can look hot here's a pic with a layered look. Men don't have to worry about color being most men wear under their pants like I do unless at home now women they have to match color to their outfit.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 blk mini pink tights & fence nets.JPG   
You know, I was wondering about my love for pantyhose.
My favorites are Suntan, coffee, black ( Gloss ). Sometimes Green will work.
But, seams, white, and snake patterns do nothing for me.

On a side note, I like shiny pantyhose, but I can't stand gloss black spray paint.

Another note, a friend of mine is a Voyer? I think that's how it's spelled, likes it when I wear my skirt with shiny coffee pantyhoes. In fact, he likes running his hands over them. It get a rise out of him, and we talked a lot about clothing and the packaging that females climb into.

Flat black, shiny suntan and shiny suntan.
I only like beige/taupe/white pantyhose if they're shiny / have a high Lycra weave (Danskin Ultra Shimmery for example). I also love patterned and back-seamed pantyhose.

My fave colors are:
1. Navy blue
2. Black
3. Any dark color (green, chocolate brown, purple, etc.)

I also love any pantyhose that are unusual and attract attention like these...
Who could have known that pantyhose could be so very important, three or four pairs at a time? I never imagined that I would rejoice at the pantyhose being laid out on the bed by wardrobe every morning. -Renee Zellweger
(31 Mar 2017, 19:10 )mysecretpantyhose Wrote: I also love any pantyhose that are unusual and attract attention like these...
There is a dedicated thread for such pantyhose: 😉
Colour's important.
Texture far more so.

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