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Introduction and my session 00
Hi everyone,

I'm Dan and I'm a newbie around here. However, I've been interested in selfbondage for a while. I'm a transgender girl and, while looking for information about selfbondage techniques, I found this site. I was inspired to complete a selfbondage session when I read about the pantyhose uni-glove technique here, so I prepared my first session (named 00 as it was just a test) which I want to share with you all:

The idea in this session was to be bounded/seated on the table so the anal-plug I was using wouldn't come out. My feet were somehow restrained by putting my two legs into a nylon stocking with open end:

sesion00-00.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-01.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-02.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-03.jpg thumbnail   

To make sure I remained seated, I used a pantyhose to tie myself to the table. As releasing mechanism, I used two ice cubes (one on each leg of the pantyhose) and a lock to keep them in place. Once tied to the table, I decided to get sexy and get ready for the uniglove:

sesion00-04.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-05.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-06.jpg thumbnail   

For the uni-glove I used a leggin, but cut one leg so my face was uncovered (for safety). In fact, the part that I cut was the same I used to tie my legs. Under these conditions, I forced myself into the uniglove. it wasn't easy, but eventually I became bondaged:

sesion00-07.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-08.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-09.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-10.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-11.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-12.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-13.jpg thumbnail   

At that point the feeling was amazing and scary at the same time. Even though I tried to get out of the uniglove, I just couldn't. In addition to that, I'm not strong enough to rip it off. Then, my only hope was to wait for the ice cubs to melt so I could stand and reach the scissors placed under the table. Still, while fighting to release myself, I was able to release my feet. That allowed me to slide over the table and take out the stocking from the table at one end. This gave me the chance to stand up, reach the scissors and free myself. It was a short session (about 15 minutes) but I think it was a good start... what do you think?

sesion00-14.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-15.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-16.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-17.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-18.jpg thumbnail    sesion00-19.jpg thumbnail   

I would like to try this session again with the following improvements:
  • Tie legs with a rope, so I can't free them, leaving me with the only option of the ice cubs melting
  • Pass the stocking through the middle of the table, so I can't not slide it out at one of the ends
  • Use a gag... I just couldn't find one in my local sex shop this time
  • Use a pantyhose instead of the leggin for the uni-glove, then it would be more difficult to take and use the scissors
Suggestions are accepted...


Well what can I say... I find your gusto for self bondage exhilarating...

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