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As much as I love 40's and 50's retro lingerie on women somehow it doesn't hit the spot for me when it comes to cross-dressing. This, for example, isn't a look I'd be interested in.

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It's odd as I do like 'full' retro outfits. I suspect it's something to do with the amount of bare skin on show in stereotypical 'cheesecake' pics.

I might start a new thread to explore this but it'll need some research and a lot of thought.

What did I turn up on my first search?
Must be a 'chop, mustn't it?

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... sub-forum for crossdressing (including drag acts, etc).

Perhaps oddly, I'm not particularly interested in drag per se. What I like is guys impersonating divas realistically without going over the top into charicature (as drag artistes so often do). With very, very few exceptions (Derrick Barry as Britney and Vnus D'Lite as Madonna come to mind) the whole Rupaul's Drag Race thing is a matter of complete indifference to me.

That said,  the idea of a man spending hours transforming into Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton or Cher and then walking out onto stage is a huge turn-on for me, I don't even have to especiallly like the original artist. I'm sure I've posted this before but Aaron Carty dressed as Beyonce  in a leotard and layered tights bumping and grinding with ggs  (genetic girls) while struggling to control his erection, now that is 'OMG!' material.

A particular favourite of mine is when a guy copies a star's outfit which shows a lot of bare skin but modifies it to have sheer nude nylon instead, Marilyn and Liza's costumes are particularly susceptible to this guilty pleasure. By the way, not to be confused with kigurumi suits which are generally another no-no for me - the idea is interesting  but I've yet to see a kig that fits satisfactorily.

As an example, here's Frankie Kein demonstrating what a difference a zip makes.

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From the front it's basically a fairly nondescript (albeit high-cut) swimsuit. add a sheer back and sleeves and OH WOW.

Incidentally: re 

Aaron Carty dressed as Beyonce...struggling to control his erection, 

In the interest of science I did my best tuck, dressed in Capezio bodytights, Danskin Ultra-Shimmery dance tights, professional high-lycra content Net-Skin  fishnets and a leotard then Googled 'Choreography Single Ladies'. I danced along and it took me all of about 45 seconds till I looked lke Aaron in his original video. 

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That is, I stayed tucked but the root of my penis pushed forward into an angular lump and my trapped erection was rubbing on its lycra confinement. It felt exquisite.  And that was without the having two ladies in identical costumes dancing along side me >.<  On stage, Aaron must be in heaven.

Needless to say, I've repeated the experience endlessly. Here'a a clip I recommend you practice to, I love the line 35 seconds in 'Get your heels on and let's dance'.

OK,  the lady demonstarting the steps has bare legs but as she's absolutely gorgeous, moves beautifully and has such magnificent recti femari I can forgive her that Wink  Especially as her 'oh. oh. oh!'s are so hot ( and she's intercut with the nyloned and fish-netted Queen B herself anyway.

I think we need a sub-forum for crossdressing (including drag acts, etc)

Until we do , here's Courtney Act in THAT catsuit,, If anything, even hotter than the original as it's worn over a corset Wink

Though, I preferred the flare-legged version.

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'I'm not that innocent'.

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Anybody know who this is? I'd love to find more of her...

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