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Inflatable Stocks - Do they exist?
Hi everyone,

First post here, and I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

I want to know if any of you deviants have seen these in the real world
 tA_qcu11psmea5CwSNFz2KbxUtw2CVUQ1kYNv4rkkhY.webp     tumblr_oa9z0ofKLc1uy4ukeo1_1280.webp     tumblr_oe8k3wEQgj1uy4ukeo1_540.webp     u26gazfx8wa91.webp   

I see these inflatable 'stocks' in a lot of these forced orgasm machines. I want ONE!

Cheers 😊
Got a picture??
I can see the picture now.
Not what I was Imagining.
(08 Sep 2022, 06:31 )Tinker D Wrote: I can see the picture now.
Not what I was Imagining.

Yeah, maybe not the best image though.

Imagine the devices that take your pressure in the hospital, inside of a large hollow circular metal piece.
Yes, those blood pressure machines.
Get 4 of them. An air compressor, set of timers and a set of valves…..
An idea ???
@MildlyIncompetent could you please upload the image into the forum? Hotlinking does not work.
They certainly exist but IMHO they aren't much fun, they're uncomfortable but not in a good way. 
Your mileage may vary. 
Maybe something like this?
I had something like this many years ago.
Came from Japan. Very interesting to wear.

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