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Important to remember while do selfbondage.
I would like to remind you to remember that safety must be a priority one.
I have been doing selfbondage for a long time, I know very well that the best sessions are so called inescaple bondage sessions. where you really feel helpless until release methot are available. Handcuffs and chains are well suited for this. You cannot get free without keys.
But then the matter. I was doing a selfbondage session in the woods when a surprising situation struck me. The padlock on my wrist was broken in the middle of the session, and I didn't get it open anymore. Luckily, it was "just" a padlock in one hand, not anchorpoint lock, where I would have been locked in a tree. So I survived the situation with just a fright when I got a padlock across the side cutters.

So remember to always use backup release methods. You can never predict what can happen. Play Safe and enjoy selfbondage. 😊

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Now I would like to know if you have had any close-up situations?
(22 Jun 2019, 06:51 )jasapasa Wrote: Now I would like to know if you have had any close-up situations?

When I was a kid, around 9 years old, I wanted to be trapped in a cardboard box so I planned out a session that was a bit too effective.  I had a box that was just big enough for me to be in it in the fetal position with the opening to either of my sides.  I put the box on the edge of a living room chair's seat and put some cushions or pillows on the floor below it.  The idea was to hold the box flaps closed and shift my weight until I fell over onto the cushion, trapping me inside with my own weight since the other end of the box was taped normally.  My plan worked quite well.  I was certainly trapped and unfortunately didn't have the foresight enough to have brought a knife or scissors with me.  I kicked and kicked until the box eventually ripped.  Never did that again.

I prepared a visual aid with photoshop since I wasn't sure how clear my description was.

(22 Jun 2019, 06:45 )jasapasa Wrote: The padlock on my wrist was broken in the middle of the session

That's crazy, I have never seen a padlock do that before.  Hopefully you're the only person that happens to.  I don't do outdoor or any kind of off-site bondage, but I do use padlocks all the time as a means for anchoring myself to the bed.  If that happened to me, I'd be stuck until my girlfriend got home.
Never seen a padlock do that either! Must have had a defect in the barrel when manufactured surely. Scary though! Time for the old dremel to come out on that occasion.
This calls for a padlock check before each session. And it also calls for reasonable quality of the padlocks too, and perhaps some good oil every other year. I don#t know the proper wording, but there are padlocks with a cylinder and pins, and there are padlocks that work like the locks on many suitcases - a few washers to be displaces correctly by the key. I would never trust the second type, because a bit of dirt can block the mechanism.

My scariest experience was in the bathtub. I had a small plastic bathtub in the large bathtub and put it upside down over me, to play submarine. I enjoyed this (not really in a kinky way, I was a bit too young for that), until I noticed, that the water level went up. Not sure, if I tried immediately or a little later, but I was not able to lift the plastic bathtub. Then I panicked for a few seconds, until I got the idea to roll over with the entire plastic tub.

I had another scary moment during self-bondage, but that time, I was afraid of myself. I had chainlocked my neck to the bottom of a radiator and then hogtied myself, also with chains. The key to all padlocks was usually tied to one of my wrists, but this time, I only held it in my hand - on purpose, for extra sensation. I knew, that I would free myself rigth after coming, and so I got the idea to throw away the key. It was a weird struggle, reason against enthusiasm. Well, I did come before I could take a decision, and then routine took over. So, the original idea worked, but I would never try this again.
I too was bitten by the broken lock bug. Was getting ready for a session and I was testing the locks beforehand, as you should always do. This lock was acting a little funny and not turning smoothly, so I sprayed a bit of WD40 into it and continued working the lock to try and smooth things out. Something went wrong and the key stopped fitting in the lock. Now, strangely, inserting any bit of metal like a knife or screwdriver will open the lock. It sounds more useable now as nearly anything will open it, but that is just too broken to use.

The lock came with my CB6000 so imagine having that locked on when the lock failed.  Scare3 It did feel slightly cheap and not like the sturdier Masterclass type locks, so chalk this up to an inferior lock supplied by a company trying to save a couple pennies. Remember folks, always check those locks before using them.

On the left you'll see a normal looking lock, and on the right the broken lock of failure.
Yep, time to change ALL locks.
You got lucky on this one.
Better not take any chances.
I would recommend using only high-quality branded locks for selfbondage anyway. If you use china locks there is a very high risk that something will go wrong!
Interesting, China locks are as cheaply made as some of there bondage gear.
One good pull and Rippppp.
Well, there goes a hundred bucks down the tubes.