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Ideas for FAQ
Do you have any good candidates for FAQ?

For some reason, the most frequently asked question is "Are you male or female?" Big Grin

Some questions (e.g. rope bondage) are answered in the forum, so basically only links are needed.

Other candidates:

- copyright claims
- how and when "it" began
- wearing pantyhose in public
- statistics
Bascially where, when, why, how and their negations.

Some bit about the dangers of self-bondage.

Also some philosophical subjects would be interesting, such as "Are we all perverts and hellbound?" or "if my parents find out, will they lock me up in the looney bin?". Something about addiction and loss of reality would be nice too.

How about "Do you want to be male or female?" Big Grin
Mmmm... let me think...

Do you need to consult with psychiatrists, psychoanalytics and dentists before even thinking about self-bondage?
Do you need to tell your friends that you like bondage and enema while wearing women's clothes?

But seriously, there's lots of interesting frequently asked questions, however I'm not sure that we have proper answers. For example, about self-bondage, fetishism and kids. Bondage and trust, etc.
Let's get back to this. More ideas?

I have one personal question I was asked hundreds of times: are you male or female? Big Grin
Another one: I have a pair of laces and an old pizza, can you help me with self-bondage ideas/sessions?
- What is good and what is bad latex?
- Where do I get kinky clothing?
- Which pantyhose to wear?
- Is "42" really THE answer?
Not sure I know answers to all these questions Big Grin But they can be included indeed.

(11 Dec 2013, 12:32 )B1u3 Wrote: - Is "42" really THE answer?
Sometimes it is 69 Big Grin
Hehe, oh yes...

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