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Ice-locked pantyhose
Discussion at the BoundForum:
I tried this method last night and found myself helplessly bound for 2 and a half hours. I messed up on the hogtie but still couldn't free myself.(I'm such a newbie with hogties.*sigh*) I was even able to sleep a bit, and as I've heard you talk about it, it was quite fun to wake up bound and gagged.
Oh... Thanks Dea! You've just gave me a wonderful idea .... I will try to picture it when I have time.

In a nutshell - single-glove hogtie with pantyhose locked to each other using technique above.

Yeeehhaaaa!!!! 😉
Quote:I don't think the idea is new, but I haven't seen any photos/drawings yet.

It would have been nice to have been given the credit for this idea both here and on the Bound Forum.

(10 Jan 2012, 02:37 )Paulette the Tart Wrote: It would have been nice to have been given the credit for this idea

Not sure I understand what you mean here. As I said: "I don't think the idea is new, but I haven't seen any photos/drawings yet." The idea is pretty obvious and can simultaneously appear in many places, but I haven't seen any descriptions as well, hence I published mine. The photos were taken in Jan 2007.

My description pre-dated both this thread and the one on the Bound Forum by a year . . . . but, hey, it's no big deal.
(10 Jan 2012, 03:31 )Paulette the Tart Wrote: My description pre-dated both this thread

Yes, this is true. You message was posted in March 2007 in an old forum based on PHPBB2 , there is even a link in one of my answers to the old forum (just corrected it, since PHPBB2 was replaced with MyBB many years ago).

Just checked the months - funny enough, the date of your post and the date when I took my images are very close, indeed. So, we thought in sync 😉 The only differences are:

o- I used padlocks, you - knots
o- you - several loops, I - only one

Another interesting thing. Apparently, I haven't noticed your posts until October 2008 (most likely I was experimenting with software and the "new" messages were marked as "read", so I missed them.) Hence I responded the next day after stuart.t.woods posted his comment.
(10 Jan 2012, 03:57 )Like Ra Wrote: The only differences are:

o- I used padlocks, you - knots


(27 Mar 2007, 11:05 )Paulette the Tart Wrote: So - improved technique!!:- put an ice cube down each of the multiple legs and then lock each leg where you want it. In my case I can wrap the tights around the 4-poster upright as many times as I want and then padlock the cube in the toe back to the leg. Now there's no escape until one cube melts.

(10 Jan 2012, 04:02 )Paulette the Tart Wrote: Really?

I thought you added this paragraph later, and before you used this:

(27 Mar 2007, 11:05 )Paulette the Tart Wrote: Luckily I was using two of the uprights to my 4-poster and could reach the knots and untie one with my fingers

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