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I promise I'll be good
I've been dipping in and out of here for a while and have finally decided to become a member. 
I love pretty much anything that clings to the body as it's worn....lycra, rubber, latex and leather(all though it's not that right but has saved my ass when falling off motorbikes). 
My wife, has in the last year, started  to become more open about her fetishes and desires which has lead to me been able to tell her about mine. She's been giving me her old swimsuits and allows me to wear a good few of her other items. 
Its been great so far but after stumbling on here I think we may be playing with all sorts of different ideas. 
Lets see what happens.
Very welcome aboard!

(25 Apr 2017, 12:17 )shineytight Wrote: My wife, has in the last year, started  to become more open about her fetishes
Very interesting. It's generally considered that very few women have fetishes (in the same sense as men, I mean).
It's been at a slow pace that she has spoken about them, but it's better to talk about them than not at all. Also, it's very interesting to hear that she does have them.
What for fetishes has she got, if I may ask?

My wife is more about fur, wool, heels and a bit of nylons (and yes, jewels Big Grin ). And she does not "understand" latex at all (she's in fact slightly allergic to it).

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