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Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Hypno-fetish art
Erotic hypnotransformations (animated):

 erotic_hypnosis-01.gif     erotic_hypnosis-02.gif     erotic_hypnosis-03.gif   
Couldn't resist - perfect image for this thread....

 tumblr_owzm6kOAwV1wbwr5co1_500.gif    - (animated) 'You are feeling girly, very girly. Forget any male thoughts, forget you had a cock, feel your breasts growing....'

(05 Oct 2017, 13:24 )madjack Wrote: perfect image for this thread
And not just for this one! It's just perfect 😉
Good illustrations to some of the scenarios above 😉

 hypno-sissy-01.png     hypno-sissy-02.png     hypno-sissy-03.png     hypno-shemale-04-pantyhose.jpg   
This is how it might work 😉

 hypno_feminization_01.jpg     futanari_change_machine.jpg     Hentai-Mind-Control-16.jpg   
 hypno_feminization_02.jpg    - you never know what your girlfriend has in her mind and is planning for your mind

 hypno_feminization_03_pink_swimsuit.png    - this is my favourite

 hypno-girl-07.gif     hypno-girl-06.gif     hypno-girl-05.gif   
I love how the male fembots’ cocks look so strapped and snugged. I wish I was the one who happened into this situation. It looks like being “converted” would feel very pleasurable...

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 9F316C29-E494-4B34-AC87-BDF0C3EE98A3.jpeg     8DD2FC16-E222-4FF8-97D9-69E87CF596CF.jpeg     A1CBC9FA-621D-491A-9EC8-5EB7FBAFEEFE.jpeg     32CBE556-B151-4984-BF32-197D4996E001.jpeg     52BDC4E9-7D29-482B-907C-9A2D9E10F8FE.jpeg     481169F7-C504-45D5-81EE-8228EF4E1C11.jpeg     FCE16CC1-C0D5-4171-9F76-38DF246FEADE.jpeg     B26EFCA0-F723-4BF6-964B-5253B689B6E5.jpeg     925E4EB8-ADB5-4F0F-B43C-9283EFFA144D.jpeg   

Just stumbled on this. Porny, but interesting. Haven’t looked around too much yet.

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 F6F27293-8AA0-495D-8102-9F0F530FEE39.png     63CD23E0-CD02-4AD9-902E-692AAFBB913B.jpeg   

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