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How to walk "like a girl" and how to walk in high heels
The subject of "feminine walking" definitely deserves a separate thread.
I've just stumbled across these two videos about the differences between masculine and feminine walking:

Masculine vs Feminine Walking Style and Body Mechanics with Todd Martin MD


Masculine vs Feminine Walking Style Part 2-Feminine Catwalk Mechanics with Todd Martin MD

That reminds me this:

Nice simple simulation, you can adjust the walking person's gender, weight and emotion.
(26 Apr 2022, 19:03 )Sofia_B Wrote: Nice simple simulation
For years I've been trying to reimplement this simulation on this site. Love it!
Today my wide and I walked almost 10km. During the whole 2 hours I've been trying to emulate the "feminine walking style" - I must say it's very addicting! And, I think, I got the basics of it. Fun!
I've video'd myself walking in heels and if I say so myself I'm pretty good at it... so long as it's in a straight line. I just can't do elegant turns ☹
(27 Apr 2022, 21:54 )Culmor Wrote: I've video'd myself walking in heels
Very important, indeed!

(27 Apr 2022, 21:54 )Culmor Wrote: I just can't do elegant turns
Same. And I can't strike a pose. To take a photo, my wife literally manually moves my arms, legs, shoulders, and the rest.
Quote:I just can't do elegant turns
I just can't balance, once I go past 10cm stilettos I go all wobbly on the turn. I look like Patsy Stone after a hard night on the Stolly/Bolly.
To clarify, I'm OK with platform shoes and heels so long as the difference between the heel and the top of the plaform isn't over about 10cm. I have 17.5cm heel Pleasers that are a piece of cake as they have 7.5cm platform soles.
But then I have 12.5cm heel 'pull-on' zipless rubber boots with no platform that I cramp while pulling on these days. I think I'm just growing old.



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